Mounting the Engine in my Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan 

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Dec 14, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build Month ago
Check out SimpliSafe’s holiday sale by visiting simplisafe.com/bisforbuild. Get 35% off their award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock--plus a free HD camera! It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.
Vincent Joly
Vincent Joly Month ago
@Ed Peri totally right! I’m like wtf, what’s with the clickbait title?!?! it’s not a Huracan if it’s a chevy motor in a Huracan frame!
Severin Vantaggio
Hello this is a very nice project 👌👍
One large locking filler cap in the top center, with two individual filler necks underneath, which are separately accessable.
Iordaniss Googlis
Check out the Lock picking layer, he has an update at simpkysafe. Also please put an industrial floor asap, so that you run your workshop clean, especially now that you don't have lifts. It's your health on the line
Toasted Orange
Toasted Orange Month ago
Hey! At the start of the video you say it's being retired. What would you sell something like that for?????? Edit: I live a 2hr bus ride from portland oregon 🙃🙃
Relaxation Medication
Shoulda put a Cummins in it.
PR K 21 day ago
I have a few comments. You plann on offloading this thing. You need to build everything more beefy as well as put the engine higher. If its too low you will smash the pan when that suspension bottoms out.
chaitanya Varma
chaitanya Varma 21 day ago
Good to see my guy grow, I subscribed when he got like 200 followers and i still enjoy what he does. 😄
Antti Kalpio
Antti Kalpio 23 days ago
Why don’t you cast a lightweight plastic mockup LS engine instead of using heavy real ones?
0310394783 23 days ago
No v10 why ? Is no lamborgini !
thrilled99 25 days ago
I like the craftmanship, although I am getting tired of all LS engines O.o
John Spanos
John Spanos 29 days ago
You guys deserve a lift. At least 36” quick jacks. 👍
Zulfaqar Zamree
Zulfaqar Zamree Month ago
J R Month ago
what about doing the hole anyways for maintenance reasons?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Month ago
Fabrication kings!
Who's your mate?
B is for Bang tidy 👌
Carl ahrens
Carl ahrens Month ago
You,r constantly talking about we but it should be Kyle and Oscar who are doing the job.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
i love his laugh
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
The iconic LS is being used once again
Paddy Boy
Paddy Boy Month ago
You might want to leave that A/C on and use it as an endless air system to pump tyres, run air lockers and so on. Great build mate. Cheers Pat🇦🇺
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
Oscar is DAMN Good! --> "O is for Oscar did a great job T-shirts"
Violet Rose
Violet Rose Month ago
"B is for broke" rear window banner when???
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
No way that’s $6 worth of levels, but if it is would you mind telling me where you got them?
Bruce Pierson
Bruce Pierson Month ago
Interesting project and once again, Oscar is the star performer with his high-tech welding.
bUd D Dove
bUd D Dove Month ago
You should name it after an iconic movie car.
kamoboko86 Month ago
Did you consider offsetting the engine a couple of inches to the passenger side to balance the weight of the vehicle? How will the weight distribution effect the angle of jumps?
Maurice Warfield
Anyone remember when this used to take 3 days?! Lol getting gooood guys!
James Weaver
James Weaver Month ago
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker Month ago
The engine mount flanges look like very thin metal? Are they the final cuts?
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker Month ago
I actually preferred the time lapse with the voice-over. 👍🇬🇧
etyres Month ago
Fantastic builds!
Christopher Jaentsch
I would gladly take that off-road corvette off your hands if you need it out of the way :)
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Awesome build!
Levi Allen
Levi Allen 21 day ago
Corvair build and the jumpacan are keeping me thoroughly entertained between projects
OMG Month ago
Hope you're not a libtard visiting California and all.
M_Gargantua Month ago
"We actually want to work with this exhaust" he says as the axels go through where the temporary exhaust collector is...
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Month ago
No way that’s $6 worth of levels, but if it is would you mind telling me where you got them?
Kenneth Brusoe
Kenneth Brusoe Month ago
The iconic LS is being used once again
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Month ago
Oscar is DAMN Good! --> "O is for Oscar did a great job T-shirts"
depressed man
depressed man Month ago
b is for oscar
Jack Mossman
Jack Mossman Month ago
What trans axle is gonna be run
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Month ago
I typed "b" into my search in youtube and this is what I got, I am not disappointed.
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett Month ago
Seeing all this fab work has me excited for the channel again 👌🏻
Kravli Month ago
You should really switch to metric system. Quarter inch.. it's so hard to calculate to cm. But I get it, you are used to inches 13:50
Gary McCoy
Gary McCoy Month ago
At some point one of the “Big Time” custom car builders ( like Foose ) will make Oscar an offer he can’t refuse....
demon killr
demon killr Month ago
Should have made it AWD that would have been sick
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker Month ago
TSP posted the engine I believe on Insta. 468 Tall deck LSX.
Brett Bellingar
Brett Bellingar Month ago
My favorite part was when they stood around staring at it for 20min
Kenny Kain
Kenny Kain Month ago
You should make the fire wall removable for quicker repairs.
Isay Suarez
Isay Suarez Month ago
Exactly what I was thinking. Finally found the comment 😅
Hahn Jaini
Hahn Jaini Month ago
Oscar my man 😃😃😃
Dark Storm
Dark Storm Month ago
Rip offroadvette
Yaliema Kickass
Yaliema Kickass Month ago
Bkwt build hurcan monster truck
immortal Month ago
You need one of those plasma cnc tables
mark osieko
mark osieko Month ago
This build looks like it will take for ever. You'd have more subs if you get committed to youtube✌
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Month ago
I could see a possible problem arising from bolting the front part of the engine mount through the seam of those 2 bars.
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Month ago
You could put a fuel cell in the frunk.
lord ofthenorth
lord ofthenorth Month ago
Dry sump oil system might be the way to go.
DRTCheap Drifting
Might need to flip the headers you may run into clearancing issue with the exhaust and axles down the line, best of luck cant wait to see what's how this turns out :)
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Month ago
Amazing video man
Brent Uchtman
Brent Uchtman Month ago
I'm no expert but I think there are other engines than LS?
K.H.S. Rat Rods
K.H.S. Rat Rods Month ago
You could use your AC compressor as an onboard air compressor.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Month ago
Really amazing
Gage Holt gamez
Gage Holt gamez Month ago
86 drift build would be dope
Mr. Fixit
Mr. Fixit Month ago
How much for what's left of the old car?
Richard Carpenter
Not to Late but.... Should it be "Jump"acan or a "LEAP"racane???? then you can paint it GREEN with Gold Trim
Flashlight005 Month ago
Could you please reduce the speed on the build stuff? Even when choosing 0.25 playback speed, it still looks too quick to really see how things are done.
Elite11 Gaming
Elite11 Gaming Month ago
I learn more in your videos than I do in school lol thx
Mustang Ja
Mustang Ja Month ago
Any chance you wanna sell that vette chassis?
Brock Johnson
Brock Johnson Month ago
You should use the stock engine.
rick fucci
rick fucci Month ago
Maybe an external tank above the engine. Less heat? Cage it?
Brad Degen
Brad Degen Month ago
Harmon fuel cells in riverside California can make a bladder if you make the aluminum skins for both sides, they can do pump in tank or you can do an inline Bosch pump depending on how much fuel the tsp 427 needs. But the bigger you can make the tanks the better because you probably get like 3 to 4 miles a gallon.
Always an LS. Stop it. Do something original. Sick and tired of the LS swaps. Just my Opinion. Not hateing just a thought
The Gearhead Lounge
I know they're a PITA to build, but a set of 180-degree or 8 into 1 headers would be awesome for this build. They'd PURELY be for looks and sound, but the exotic-sounding exhaust note would have people doing double takes wondering what's actually powering that beast!
Rob Loch ,jr
Rob Loch ,jr Month ago
NICE Job on those Motor Mounts Guys !!
Allen Cobb
Allen Cobb Month ago
What ever happened to your Eleanor build? I was kind of excited to see it get finished, but now I don't see any of the videos on your channel at all.
Jorge Month ago
Guys it’ll be awesome if the jumpacan were all wheel drive
Bengt Riise
Bengt Riise Month ago
That looks like a Huracan't right now!
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall Month ago
C6 corvettes have two triangular fuel tanks, check out matt fields FD C6 build he used a bladder tank I believe, not sure where he got it from though, but may be a nice bolt in part for this build Edit: Fields worked with Fuel Safe to get a custom cell made from the stock C6 tank.
TGbrickworks 2021
Question for Chris and anyone who knows the answer, but what design software do you use to show the vehicle frame and edit the chassis? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.
Nathaniel Langston
This might be the best build on US-first right now!!
nate mate
nate mate Month ago
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Month ago
As this is an offroader, won't lowering the alternator put it in the way of all the sand, dirt, water and mud???
Joshua Buckley
Joshua Buckley Month ago
Why not mount the fuel cell in the frunk to try and even out the weight and to make your life so much easier?
Goon Garage 321
Goon Garage 321 Month ago
Why not run a dry sump oil system
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Month ago
What happened to the Mercedes CLS coupe and do yo have any photos of it?
Goose Month ago
What happened to the boat?
Ian Murchie
Ian Murchie Month ago
terry lang
terry lang Month ago
I was wanting to know if you guys could help me out with something on my 97 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup the driver side portion of the bumper is pushed in and I don’t know how to pull it out so I could put the driver side headlight in
kaderade128711 Month ago
This guy takes LS swap everything to a whole new level
Where’s Wayne
Where’s Wayne Month ago
This week our toaster broke..... meet the worlds first LS Swapped toaster!!! Were borrowing the engine out to the burntican to mock fit while we wait for a purpose built engine!!
adriann charles
adriann charles Month ago
Great work guys
Toby Surmann
Toby Surmann Month ago
Moar BOAT!
Sydney 334
Sydney 334 Month ago
You need a Lift some time cause poor Oscar
Andrew Month ago
I may have missed a video about plans for this build but I was excited to see you deal with the headache of putting a Lamborghini engine back into this. Still excited to see the finished product.
TwamZ Month ago
Man you need to do a tour of the builds and have them actually finished. I follow all these builds for years and it seems like there's never an update on them after. Really thought I'd see SOMETHING at least with the z. Nothing even with the apocalypse cars... nothing with the lambo. I love this channel, but it would make it 100xs better to see these builds we follow for months, sometimes a year do something
no1_ pedro
no1_ pedro Month ago
I highly key want to see what you would something with a new nsx first manual
Jonanthony Anaya
What happened to the Supra from Japan? Asking for a friend
Willie Rule
Willie Rule Month ago
Man I would build your own fuel sales cuz you know sky's the limit then you know
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Month ago
Your going to need at least 50G of fuel cell. Also, that transmission is suspect. You will need a final drive ratio of over 5-1. Can you get a R&P that steep for it? Does it have a torque damper in the input shaft or is it a solid shaft?
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Month ago
Also those headers are occupying the same space as your axles. Flip them over for high mount and get all the heat out away from your trans.
Tom Busey
Tom Busey Month ago
Good stuff.
Kurt Andres
Kurt Andres Month ago
Oscar did a great job.
jordy cardenas
jordy cardenas Month ago
Can i have corvette shell
Scirocco1973 Month ago
And nobody is saying anything about the axles being in the same height as where his collectors from his exhaust end?
David A
David A Month ago
I dont know but Oscar seems to do most the work.... lol.. Like Oscar is Norm abrams and Chris is Bob Villa.
RyanMakesNoise Month ago
So uhhhh y’all are gonna throw the biggest blower you can find on the ls right?
TG aka Scream
TG aka Scream Month ago
You guys are freaking genius' Just love watching these videos. One of the many highlights of my day. Thanks
reed200200 Month ago
does anyone else think he should give the corvette to Cletus its like Leroy's crazy off-road brother
Fredrik Lokka
Fredrik Lokka Month ago
Can't wait to see this down the road jumping!
Andrew Melton
Andrew Melton Month ago
He did the LS swap!
Ben Naylor
Ben Naylor Month ago
just built 2 simple 15-gallon tanks they fuel pickups on the bottom T them together and use a fass fuel pump to draw and pump the fuel it will keep the fuel pressure you need and return the rest to the tanks because it returns its own extra fuel it wants to pump air into you pressure line we use them on diesel engines because air running thought the high pressure side can destroy you engines injectors and high pressure pump quckily
James B
James B Month ago
Weld the inside of the ebay mounts where they join to the engine too, look like they are only welded on the outside. Compared to the rest of the engine mount, those bits look weak.