Mounting Twin Turbos on the Huracan in the Most INSANE Way! 

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In todays episode we're mounting Garrett twin turbos!
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Aug 14, 2019




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john Evangelou
john Evangelou 22 days ago
What’s behind you isn’t important
john Evangelou
john Evangelou 22 days ago
Who needs visibility
Comfortably Numb
Holy crap that intro was hard work to watch
Iron Man
Iron Man Month ago
ChuckTay23 2 months ago
Keep the green lambo trash this one
Jorge Orona
Jorge Orona 4 months ago
You talk to much
Mohamed.R Ford
Mohamed.R Ford 6 months ago
Oscar is the conversation hat off man
August Nixon
August Nixon 8 months ago
Turbo placement kinda makes it look like a uterus not gonna lie
Mark Dowell
Mark Dowell 8 months ago
Awesome Mr B and Oscar..beautiful design..and what an impressive determination you have to achieve the final product....and love your quarters..nice!!
Tom Kitchen
Tom Kitchen 8 months ago
Oscar for President.
Xander du Plessis
Xander du Plessis 8 months ago
I wish he had just built his own body even tho he was on a time crunch, it would've been so much cooler
Nick 8 months ago
I love Cleetus, but he really started a fad with these high mounted turbos and they look really dumb. Roadkill did it once as a joke, guys. You weren't supposed to unironically like it...
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez 9 months ago
this series is starting to look like o is for oscar
Lauphaine Wilson
Lauphaine Wilson 9 months ago
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 10 months ago
B is for Butcher, my God can I have 33:57 minutes of my life back! You should be ashamed of yourselves
Olympus Tech
Olympus Tech 10 months ago
i have not seen your babe helpin on this project.hope on scooby she will help
Social Praxis_001
Social Praxis_001 10 months ago
Those first headers would have been perfect if you guys had added a manifold spacer to spray methanol or nitrous. That would have moved the headers about a half inch away from the covers. Great work though y'all, I was watching your show and street bandito to learn to make carbon fiber pieces for my poor man's Mustang, aka EcoBoost.
spyboylfn Year ago
B is for Build Drinking Game. Every time Chris says "Oscar", you take a drink. Then after this episode you die of alcohol poisoning.
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Year ago
Did Kyle "do a great job"?
KC Knows Best
KC Knows Best Year ago
Anyone knows the song at 19:10?
Macek Tlustý
Macek Tlustý Year ago
ta kratší poloosa je kvůli diferenciálu.. :) 👍
Check out g force axles
Syndicate441 Year ago
Dillon Bates
Dillon Bates Year ago
oscar is the damn GOAT dude.
TJ Year ago
Is there an oscar t shirt available?
Beecher Year ago
i have always wondered why no one made mirrored turbos i hate the asymmetry of non mirrored turbos!! considering the hoonicorn doesn't have mirrored turbos i figured they just weren't made! I guess i just didn't know about them or they are new. either way it's about time people started using them! awesome job on all your builds and even more awesome using mirrored turbos!! B is for Build for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ak assasin
ak assasin Year ago
What size are the turbos
Julius Roberts
Must be nice to have disposable income to do dream builds like these, while I am modding the heck out a R18 Honda Civic
Matt Belding
Matt Belding Year ago
Could you use bed liner paint on the chard firewall?
Jordan Year ago
The only person who should be mounting turbskis like that is Cleetus McFarland!
gcm747 Year ago
Why don’t you get Oscar to talk about the things Oscar is doing - since he’s always standing next to you anyway!
My Cool
My Cool Year ago
It be awesome if they made 180 headers an mounted the turbos behind the throttle body. Too bad they don't time with the sema crunch. With that much space above the transaxle he's got enough room for a trunk lol.
Montiericko Year ago
UUUUUMMMM thats why you fucking run filters facepalm.
KM92 Year ago
It just looks stupid, why would you mount the turbos backwards...
charles howlett
Build you own manifolds FCS!
Lebzito King
Lebzito King Year ago
A woodwork saying: ''Measure twice, cut once'' They fit, well done guys.
RealDriver Year ago
They look awesome bro excellent job.
Haha. What a dick.. youtube money isnt enough. Pay me monthly. I guess your sponsors suck bro. Dont take your users money bro. We really apprecite your channel with showing off cars 95% of the people watching will never buy. Its the joy we see in you that makes us subscribe. Cut that other greedy shit out. Take it from your sponsors. And give me a car. Dick lol. Jk love you guys. You could still give me a car.
Love that he is just going for it. Is some of it wasteful and questionable? Yes, but to try and fail is soooooo much better than to never try. Not only that, but hard work usually means, in the end you'll succeed anyway.
ッΛCE Year ago
A chasis mounted wing would look gnarly
Phil Collins
Phil Collins Year ago
Id Id
Id Id Year ago
The reason Italian cars are so sexy is the class looks not trailer trash I agree with WRXTIC S hide the T bo`s... use CAD dude.
G V Year ago
Maybe you should listen to your followers.. Their is an easier way to install the twin turbo.. I think you should ask some advice from the experts 🤔🤔😊
World’s Okayest Marine Grunt
Glad I could sponsor this video lol. My name is Garrett hahahaha
Eunos Senpai
Eunos Senpai Year ago
As much as I have no right to make Oscar change his mind, my opinion is why the LS?
Claudio Vargas
Having the turbo way so high from the Engine the heat can damage or stain body also lubrication for the turbo will be rich to cool the bearings?
Dj Stewart
Dj Stewart Year ago
I need to see the yacht
Larry Adams
Larry Adams Year ago
B is for bastardization! Way more money than brains.
Josh Dunne
Josh Dunne Year ago
C is for concerned........
Tzul H
Tzul H Year ago
Chris, sorry, i been watching your videos, and i thought i was subscribed, anyway i love your channel!!!
David Yarbrough
The A Team. Should be the B Team to go with the name of the channel.
G Berm
G Berm Year ago
Ya'll should of just bought demolition derby headers, would of saved you alot of time.
Sudden Dilemma
His build but personally just looks rice/tacky. Shame all that work put into this when it’s just going to look like a pipe mess over the top of a beautiful engine. I get that he is going for an over the top match car looking build. Good luck man hope you can pull it off.
Joel Stockton
Joel Stockton Year ago
Go gforce on the axles
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Year ago
Awesome vlog love it Congts..
KarasakasTV Year ago
Norbi T
Norbi T Year ago
U need Turbo Yoda to build the perfect exhaust manifold
Tom Glasson
Tom Glasson Year ago
'O' is for build? lol
R17Gordini Year ago
Mmmm, that placement of the turbo's where have i seen that before.
UnknownEvent Year ago
Show us some welding man.. u dont have to talk or play music all the time. just record some working stuff so we can learn.
Ceejay Lee
Ceejay Lee Year ago
you should of choose sheepey race turbos
hideous, B is for botched.
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Year ago
Oscar did an amazing job
Gustaf Hagstrand
The turbos needs brackets! Moutning them on the header like that is bad practice, they are going to break. Not a fan of the placement but hey its your car.
Zyzz Reborn
Zyzz Reborn Year ago
Isn’t the heat from those headers going to negatively impact those valve covers? They’re literally touching
David Williams
Jesus Christ I hope you blanked off the intake ports so that the iron filings from your grinding didn't go into your engine
AJ Year ago
The amount of work already in this car is insane, I’m fascinated to see this completed!
DJRuben GamingTV
Did you Think about flexpipes its gona flex and move
This video had a maga ad before. That shits too funny.
Chris Chow
Chris Chow Year ago
I would have turned those turbos around. Unless you want to go reverse really fast.
Jodi Rogers
Jodi Rogers Year ago
I have a feeling the next video is going to be insane
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza Year ago
Have you taken the street banditos hostage ?
Adrian Chavarria
the hate is strong in the comments, hope you can ignore them and press on with your theme/vision. Looking forward to seeing this done.
Ramon Fernandez-Caamano
I have to agree that the Turbo placement is awful. Should keep them in the engine bay, put a roof scoop for the intake, and keep the hot turbos from getting wet when using the car. Aside from making it look awesome with the turbos in the engine bay.
Petri Burger
Petri Burger Year ago
Yo bro.....patiently waiting for the next video...been 6 days....come nou man,burning to see progress. Following all the way from South Africa! 🤘😎🤟
Cristian Mares
God damn... Why have the turbo's out of the hatch? It looks like one of those diesel trucks. It just looks ugly.
I get the idea of turbos peeking out, but the manifolds just look horrid. Great fab work to make all those pieces fit, but it just makes no sense to not have nice fabricated manifolds. Too much of a focal point to be that rough
Chris Price
Chris Price Year ago
Kurt Seyffert
Kurt Seyffert Year ago
Discipline of Seclusion
everyone complaining about turbos .... in the beginning he said he wants to build something crazy different better than Tavarish...... ok he didn't say that but lets see if it fly's
Kit Daffyd
Kit Daffyd Year ago
Wouldn't you guys be the B team? lol
Bram Henry
Bram Henry Year ago
Have you guys gone ghost!? been a week since my last B fix
joel wikle
joel wikle Year ago
Maybe he is taking a week to update cause they ripped the ugly ass turbos out and did it right??? Maybe?
Elvin Terzic
Elvin Terzic Year ago
From 5 videos a week to 1 video. Would really love to see more then one a week...
Shawn ODonnell
I think they look fine where they are. Can't wait to see it in person at SEMA
Jon Ewen
Jon Ewen Year ago
Best Intro!
aa999xyz Year ago
please get it correct it is the b team and looking pretty good there guys!
reaperiz Year ago
this looks like shit
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis Year ago
What's going to hold or brace the turbos? I would hope you are going to brace them!
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis Year ago
Twin turbo'd Texas speed motor!!! WOW! It's going to be sick N fast!!!!
7:49 You know filters exist right? Also, the debris will fly over the turbo but then get sucked in anyway..
Your program is becoming so crap! So little to see any progress!
Suliman Casoojee
Shouldn't each header pipe between the manifold and the (4into1) joint carry the same volume of air? i.e. one pipe shouldn't be shorter than the other
Rene Romero
Rene Romero Year ago
More vids pls
Simey2wheels Year ago
Turbos will be sucking possibly negative pressure air, you may have trouble with consistent running?
zeke saxman
zeke saxman Year ago
Wait didn't you say this is for SEMA, which isn't until November? Why are you hack assing it if you still have 2 months to get this done? This build is annoying the shit out of me...
oscar l.
oscar l. Year ago
No Lamborghini engine? No thanks.
Steve M
Steve M Year ago
I hope you read the turbo comments
James Hanna
James Hanna Year ago
I fucking love this channel
Off Grid As
Off Grid As Year ago
Mate, every comment for a few videos now has screamed don't do this. I know it's your build and all that...but maybe this time you should just listen to those who supported you this far.
Heinz Kot
Heinz Kot Year ago
i wonder how much power is lost by this turbo"setup" ... and btw the LH-Turbo iss tilted