My Cheap WRX STI Gets a new Paint Job and Goes Off-Roading in the Snow 

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In todays episode we re-clear coat and repaint parts of the Subaru WRX STI to give it a factory new finish and remove the crappy peeling clear coat. After that we got on an adventure in the snow and announce in the next episode, we will be doing a challenge with the guys in the shop, and the winner take the car! Subscribe because you wont want to miss that!
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Jan 13, 2020




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DerxGarage 4 months ago
anyone have any idea what he has into the car ?
Mic Tech
Mic Tech 9 months ago
11:11 that paint match is not this biz.. 🥺
TheCSHeckler 11 months ago
Chris, I've never been entirely sure that this car was completed properly, by which I mean the engine does'nt sound right and even though you flushed the fuel tank, the engine oil needed the same treatment. These things have a complicated tune and reliability problems at best. Take that car to a dyno!
technick 11 months ago
Sure you spent 3k on the car, but then you put in like 10k in man hours, if not more.
DJ K Year ago
Anybody noticed the time on the dashboard @12:55 was 420?
DS Rai
DS Rai Year ago
Even for 5k this is a bargain. So much car for next to nothing. I’ve never been into Japanese cars, but this is making me think twice. London, uk
Cynane Year ago
should put a subaru anime meme sticker on the back
James Year ago
Maybe you should have done the off-roading then the new paint job...
Michael Year ago
Where is that place where you are test driving the car? it's so nice and quiet and perfect for testing out a Subaru :)
Bladimir Avila
I need a car
Phill Wilson
Phill Wilson Year ago
Roof racks are very easy to pick the locks on like super easy or a small screwdriver easy
Mahatma Sloth
Mahatma Sloth Year ago
wasz misio
wasz misio Year ago
Po chuja ten spoiler? Latac bedziecie, dziecioly?
David ramos
David ramos Year ago
I’ve been looking for a Subaru this is the first time I’ve been so jealous man 😭😭
Timmer Year ago
With auction price, parts, and labor, how much did it cost?
KingHawryluk Year ago
What a beauty of a car. Good work man she looks awesome.
RC Modz Shop
RC Modz Shop Year ago
Love that STi.👌🔥
Rune Year ago
13:03 clock is at 420 nice
raptor2569 Year ago
Note: Subaru water based paint is SHHHHHIIIiiIIIIITTT!
Ryan S
Ryan S Year ago
Thank you for rebuilding something beautiful instead of letting it be thrown away. It looks good as new and as long as it puts a smile on your face who cares if it was in a flood. The first video I was thinking this is such a waste of time and money running all that oil through the motor but I must say your efforts paid off. Props to Subaru for making an awesome car.
Mark Macphee
Mark Macphee Year ago
Whatr would be your top tips for someone looking to paint their whole car? I have all the materials ready to go, but debating between using my father-in-law's shop and my detached shed. They have a larger space and larger compressors (inc. all the spray equipment) but would a smaller portable compressor still get the same required pressure etc? I've sanded down to the primer and I plan to reprimer and paint. Also using Hot Rod Flatz Kustom paint.
Doomzyy Year ago
Needs exhaust
Jim Giacoletto
All that wet sanding and you didn’t want to wet sand the factory headlights?
Steve Brown
Steve Brown Year ago
Get rid of the roof racks. The car will look so much better.
Yellow Bird
Yellow Bird Year ago
Why the roofrackes? Awesome car btw!
rhobinuddin Year ago
New paint done and then off roading? Wow
nismo w
nismo w Year ago
Why didnt you you just take the hood, the spoiler and mirror off? Save a lot of materials
Philip A Huggins
Intercooler vent is chipped on passenger side
Kyle Morris
Kyle Morris Year ago
Good to see this get a good second lease on life. Surprised you didnt remove the roof trim with it coming off so easy for paint.
Nik Porc
Nik Porc Year ago
Gets fresh clear coat, then takes it off road ROFL. car looks good though!
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane Year ago
its the AWD lol
LA6UOA Year ago
That's a lovely car!!
Nato Skato
Nato Skato Year ago
B is for build and nice give away, and super inspirational always wanted to do the same for a step son of mine. Anyway wish me luck and nice vids man I just came across them yesterday
Angela Oakes
Angela Oakes Year ago
This was hilarious. Congratulations Adrian!!!
Denny Goux
Denny Goux Year ago
How much was it to rebuild the Subaru
The SneakerGod
My dream car......
FPV Fear Panama
Try this drones... us-first.info/player/video/ptGdZ5aWj2qbh2g.html
dave Year ago
My 7 year old could spin that round ha ha ha 🤦‍♂️😂
Jamie Roberts
Jamie Roberts Year ago
Should of used scotch Brite and it wouldn’t go through the basecoat
Ravenous Year ago
"This is a budget build so repainting it wouldn't really fit the budget" "Hey guys we just got a new paint job for the WRX STI!" Bruh
Mrbob310 Year ago
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Year ago
Awesome vlog.
Shadowspeed X
Shadowspeed X Year ago
Please start a StoryFire channel so you can show all the stuff you can’t show on US-first
Ar. S.
Ar. S. Year ago
Please instal anti lag
AoP Альфа
what's that beat when he's doing the base coat ?
Angelo Year ago
has sand block, sands without it.....
Mundane Year ago
do you sell the cars you rebuild?
David Nutting
David Nutting Year ago
Have yall thought about ralley racing it
S TT Year ago
boat content pls ;)
loonattica Year ago
Your paint videos could use some additional info about the various types of paints and clears available to the home shop, especially regarding their toxicity. You have mentioned the importance of wearing a respirator, but some of those 2-part paints are deadly even if small amounts contact your bare skin.
thebigfut Year ago
Instead of buying DJI, look at Yuneec or Alcatel...
Lars Linder
Lars Linder Year ago
Nice work with the wrx sti, you guys need more speed to do a handbrake turn, and learn it where you have bigger space( It can be expensive if you overdoit in small places, been there, done that..) Wintertyres is something I recommend too. Thanks for a good show!
Paul Newman
Paul Newman Year ago
chip on the scoop and the roof rack stays 👀 but hey its your car ok👍
Riley Bischoff
Can we get a Yacht Update??
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley Year ago
The paint job is great
Troy N
Troy N Year ago
Could we maybe pick just one mod?
Silvio Dante
Silvio Dante Year ago
Glad to see you not sanding in the "paint booth".
RASMISMS Cool Year ago
Man how I would love to win this car it’s literally my dream car lol 😖
Nick Wisniewski
So glad Chris said "Someone else is going to own the STI" & not “someone else is going to HAVE the STI” 😜😂
AdsTrapatony Year ago
Use the clutch while using ebrake twats looool nice video
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Year ago
Gone down hill fast married go figure.
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Year ago
Your BREAKER BOX is in your paint booth! can you say KABOOM?!
Bob Shearer
Bob Shearer Year ago
looks good
Henry Klarman
Henry Klarman Year ago
my dream car
Scotty Chainsaw
There are drivers and there are builders.
Mr T
Mr T Year ago
Drone shots would have been better
Paul Levy
Paul Levy Year ago
That poor bumper.....
Mike Dowland
Mike Dowland Year ago
That car was made for those roads!😜
Martin Ranger
Martin Ranger Year ago
D is for drone🥶
Riki Clark
Riki Clark Year ago
I can see that you guys are having fun
Marc G
Marc G Year ago
anyone feels like the engine doesn't sound as much subaru as we know it?
MrAznRonin Year ago
Didn't you mention this STi came from Texas? Then it's def. got some overall sun spots/burned damage unless it was garage kept the whole time by the previous owner(s)...
C B Year ago
Subaru really got the styling right with this car. Boy is that one beautiful car and so distinctive too.
Brandon Ennis
Brandon Ennis Year ago
My lil sister could do a better hairpin turn than these nerds
MrJaiimez Year ago
Are these the Mexican snowy mountains?
Sneaky Foz
Sneaky Foz Year ago
Why wasn’t the hood scoop removed and painted separately for a better result? Half a dozen bolts is all that holds it there.
Kelvin Knudson
thats a little ripper!! Love it!
elconcret tv
elconcret tv Year ago
Waaooo just in my dreams
Dcstar5 Year ago
Why not just spray the entire hood
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill Year ago
I wonder who owns the apocalyptic G35 you used to own 👀
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes Year ago
damn dude.....looks good but how bout a full shield mask?........maybe a paint suit, you're eyes had to be burnin
meffy Year ago
Probably would have had better luck using a clutch kick and a good Scandinavian flick to get her rotating properly. I don't have much experience in dirt and mud, more in snow lol
Yazan Sawaged
Yazan Sawaged Year ago
What Happened to the boat
Brandon Year ago
Just turn traction control off and turn into it to rip a turn in the snow, no e-brake needed.
PR_Alex990 Year ago
I am ready for the challenge
Dee Duncker
Dee Duncker Year ago
This proves that money doesn’t buy happiness. i.e. buying an expensive Lamborghini to keep in the garage vs buying an cheap STI to rip in the snow and mud
Both cost money
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Year ago
Great repair paint job Chris, looks great! That footage at the end with the forest trails and snow looked like a rally stage!
Dale Halvorson
Chris: Use a block so you don't sand through your basecoat Also Chris: Doesn't use a block and sands through basecoat Looks way better with some fresh base anyway! Almost makes me like a Subaru. Can't wait for the engine rebuild.
RG Year ago
How to repair your clearcoat.. new paint job.
Dakota Dial
Dakota Dial Year ago
Next time you have a roof rack or something like that, try rerack brother. They helped me get keys for my yakima kit so I didn't have to drill out the cores.
Sandra Carter
Sandra Carter Year ago
Travis Hill
Travis Hill Year ago
My old Subaru had the ebrake on the front
Saionara4610 Year ago
Hello guys, someone knows song name at 9:17?:D
Paul Aspen
Paul Aspen Year ago
The lights turn off when you pull the hand brake lol
The Jetrooster
You need to get a Skydio drone so you don’t need to worry about your drone crashing.
Andy Ralph
Andy Ralph Year ago
That's awesome, some one will really enjoy that car
FormulaDriftMK2 records
Is it just coz I'm a stoned or did anyone else see the time on the dash
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen Year ago
1 tip: clutch fully pressed in during handbrake pull
Rev. David Willerup
I don’t even know what the competition will be, but my money’s on Chelsea.
Evans Banks
Evans Banks Year ago
Just give it to Oscar!