New Intake and Water Cooled Exhaust for the Yacht Engines 

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Nov 19, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build 5 months ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/N_BisforBuild_ios ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/N_BisforBuild_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/N_BisforBuild_PC and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes Month ago
Where’s the rest of the story? I’m sure you haven’t paid for land storage of your boat all these months :)
Malmo Shagrass
Malmo Shagrass Month ago
@RV CRUZA never it must be over....
RV CRUZA 3 months ago
When are you going to post more videos of the boat videos?
runescapersonutube 5 months ago
Update on your single seat racecar?
Ducati Paso
Ducati Paso 5 months ago
@Mike EralA boat is hole in the water you toss money into...
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
That's a large water outlet keep it cool
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
Big t as long as it goes through can you make another outlet
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
Make a plate between the head and the manifold make a plate that way it won't interfer with the rockers
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
They have two types of oil pans three maybe might be cheaper to tow it home sorry
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
I love this boat it's going to be a one of was it worth it of course it going to be awsum
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 4 days ago
You might be able to spin the back of alt and rebolt
Scott Hoober
Scott Hoober 11 days ago
who makes your exhaust riser and what is the model number of those risers.
Warik Yacent
Warik Yacent 12 days ago
Boat is expensive...... B.O.A.T. = Bring On Another Thousand
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans 12 days ago
You can't beat the sound of 2 V8's starting with straight thro water cooled exhausts, it will be awesome!
Chris R
Chris R 16 days ago
Need to be working on this more!
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
Where the outlet on boat exhaust
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
Run the 02 sensor through the side in bottom
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
Can you build a closed system as well and run a small t for like a car and then then maybe run out of boat so you have two systems sounds nuts but you can do it how large is it is metal hose
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
Tow the boat back home with trailer or strap to another boat and pull it
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
You can always lower the trans bottom jackets
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
Run t and use one and then run two again in the back under boat show where the under water ports where are they what about the bottom ports this is a bad boat
jonathan murray
jonathan murray 17 days ago
You guys can make anything I no you can
douglee25 19 days ago
What's the status of the build?
jamie smith
jamie smith 20 days ago
Another update video pleeeeeeeeeeease
Barrett 22 days ago
Ready for more of this content🤘🏼
Rob From toledo
Rob From toledo 22 days ago
Hey waiting on an update to the boat.. Whats happening?
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 23 days ago
How about an update? Did you junk this project?
Barrett Wakefield
Barrett Wakefield 25 days ago
Those blue exhaust manifolds are called "risers"
Domenico Di Pasquale
Have you made a video of the install of the new engines yet really looking forward to see how it performs compared to the old power plant
Green Weenie
Green Weenie 26 days ago
boat update damnit
Detroit Danny
Detroit Danny 27 days ago
I need the link to the flywheel and the riser spacers with the o2 sensor hole. Can't seem to find them on ebay. Thanks. Love the build!
Upland Dave
Upland Dave Month ago
Oscar is the build! We this we that lol
blueeye113 Month ago
is a small update to much to ask for? whats the point to subscribe to this, if nothing happens!
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck Month ago
Haven't seen any more on the yacht in a while would you guys do by 2 clockwise rotating engines?
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha Month ago
Any update on the boat build ?
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers Month ago
remember this disaster of a project; pepperidge farm remembers.
Charles Kiehl
Charles Kiehl Month ago
You cannibalized the exhaust risers from the 903????? When you figure out what a cluster fudge this turns out to be you won't be able to overhaul the 903s and reinstall them because you'll be short a very expensive piece! That poor boat coulda had a life!
Old school KC Audit’s
Don’t forget what BOAT stands for. Break Out Another Thousand 😁
Art mosley3
Art mosley3 Month ago
Ya need plexiglass for engine covers, floor..
LowSlo 92
LowSlo 92 Month ago
Any updates ??
AustinSwill Month ago
George Kucy
George Kucy Month ago
what's the latest on this rebuild?
Tom Month ago
well given that there is no new video about this even 4 months later this either means its already filmed and not yet uploaded or the entire reason for the swap that it would take a few months to get the parts turned out to be also true for the LS swap.
Ashley Foxxx
Ashley Foxxx Month ago
When will get get more updates on the yacht build?
Ryan McCormick
Ryan McCormick Month ago
Ford's have 90° alternator output adapters, make that work!
Robert Frank
Robert Frank Month ago
i think the project is DEAD
Nol Velasco
Nol Velasco Month ago
whats the latest?
Prototheria 2 months ago
I'm not sure if anyone has told you, but replacing those 903's with LS engines in a boat is as retarded as replacing an LS engine with a Cummins 903 in a Camaro.
Mich Mull
Mich Mull 2 months ago
U should have taken a pair of used volvo penta tamd 74P EDC with 480 hp each at 1300 Nm torque each at 2600 rpm... not to expensive anymore and good for 35-40 knots easy. Greetings from Germany Dortmund M u l l
belledetector 2 months ago
B is for Boat.. Hows the LS swap coming along?
Rick McGinnis
Rick McGinnis 2 months ago
I can't find the rest , to see how it all works out?
Saadane Benghoula
Saadane Benghoula 2 months ago
did you LS swapped your yatch
Otto's Vlogs and More
Why would you use non performance manifolds
911justinout 2 months ago
Any new videos with the Italian Yacht ?
anden mcleod
anden mcleod 2 months ago
When is the next video for this boat coming?
rf project
rf project 2 months ago
I haven't watched the channel in a while. Was wondering if there any progress on this and not surprised to see little to no progress and a new build underway. Looks like tactical retreat to avoid the "I told you so".
shaun dix
shaun dix 2 months ago
When the next boat video
Average Floridian
Average Floridian 2 months ago
Nice tree. ;)
Malmo Shagrass
Malmo Shagrass 2 months ago
I guess the engines didn't work out.... nothing for months... hummm
halltrash88 fitz
halltrash88 fitz 2 months ago
That fitting should have been a tee on a taper . With all the money you are spending it should be perfect . Next time pay a union sheet metal worker to do it right .
belledetector 2 months ago
Any news....?
Andrei Mitran
Andrei Mitran 2 months ago
When is the next episode : (
Mick Kingston
Mick Kingston 2 months ago
Ide have put multiple fuel ex military Boat or truck engines in that run on any fuel !!
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 2 months ago
Next build, we replace a dump truck engine with one from a Geo Metro.
Jean-Pierre Declemy
Jean-Pierre Declemy 2 months ago
Nothing heard on this project for three months, how's it going?
Jean-Pierre Declemy
@Barry Pontbriand Tis often the way. But he has a fair bit of capital invested so I hope he gets his mojo going again.
Barry Pontbriand
Barry Pontbriand 17 days ago
It’s dead in the water, er I mean land. He took a beautiful boat and turned it into big pile of shit
Larkhill21 2 months ago
It was a month waiting for Cummings parts you said?
Bosanac Soprano
Bosanac Soprano 2 months ago
Update on the boat please ?????
Mr_Nachi 2 months ago
Cmon we need updates on these!!!!!!! More videos on the boat pls!!!!
Koman Ante
Koman Ante 2 months ago
3 months delay for next video. Would have been much faster and cheaper rebuilding original diesels , imho
doacarnage 2 months ago
Hey, Nice flippin boat, I'm jealous. This is not a critique but merely a suggestion. If it were me and while the engines are out I would super clean and repaint the engine compartment. I think it would really set off the look of those new engines. Looking forward to new "Yacht" vids. By the way, does it have a bilge pump? I didnt see any mention of that.
Tracy Doriot
Tracy Doriot 2 months ago
When are you going to stop screwing with the junk cars and get back after the boat project? The boat yard in Astoria has got to be eating you out of house and home!
RV CRUZA 3 months ago
When are you going to post more boat videos?
Mackie P
Mackie P 3 months ago
h5mind 3 months ago
Some things are very difficult and expensive, but worth doing. This project, on the other hand, is hard because it's not meant to be done.
Peter Horwood
Peter Horwood 3 months ago
What ever happened to your boat? It seems to have been forgotten about? Enjoyed the episodes that you showed.
Grant A
Grant A Month ago
4 months later still no boat videos :(
MJ Wagner
MJ Wagner 3 months ago
"there were tons of parts that we didn't even know we needed" B.O.A.T. = Break Out Another Thousand, looking forward to the next video!
John Gulley
John Gulley 3 months ago
Should have went to a jet drive when you were at it it's more torque but you lose top in
Andrew Matses
Andrew Matses 3 months ago
checking in to see if this goon did anything else to this boat. seeing he hasnt posted video prob realized it was a retarded idea lmao
Roy Young
Roy Young 3 months ago
have u done anymore work on the boat?
Mur OfNZ
Mur OfNZ 3 months ago
Mad, interesting and great entertainment.
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 3 months ago
In all the years I had my shop. Never once did anyone take out a diesel and put in gas, ever. Just dumb.
M Breckwoldt
M Breckwoldt 3 months ago
Great idea going with the LS motors. Good luck with the project. Those old Cummins diesels must weigh close to 1700 pounds each with everything on it.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 3 months ago
When’s the next Video?
Sea-Doo Sunday
Sea-Doo Sunday 4 months ago
“Removening?” 🤣
rwdplz1 4 months ago
This is going to end in tears, and they will be delicious.
Nebbia affaraccimiei
not sure what happened to this after 2 months??
Frank Lake
Frank Lake 4 months ago
not sure using a level on a boat is the way to go, your sitting on land, the level will be different when your floating
Michael Fischer
Michael Fischer 4 months ago
It looks like Oscar has commandeered that new Miller mask.
Ԁяєɰp904 4 months ago
David Holubetz
David Holubetz 4 months ago
Where can I get an Oscar ? Definitely the most useful tool in the shop :) Watching that dude work and weld is like putting aloe vera on a burn.
Aaron Van Wagner
Aaron Van Wagner 4 months ago
Yup those are fins for a water pump. Heat and/or age will do that.
Nate Clubine
Nate Clubine 4 months ago
What is Texas speed using for the rotating assembly? H-beams? What type of piston? Etc. And how are they deciding on ring sizes? I’ve heard ring sizing might be a bit different because of how the engine is run (constant RPM for long periods rather than a street car) Does the intake and I’m assuming port injection need to have specific coastguard approval? For fire regs? I’m interested in building a ford 460 stroker kit for 532cu in. Still about a square engine. Callies crank and h-beam rods and diamond pistons. Curious what Texas speed is using to handle the abuse of a marine application. Originally was considering Kaase p51 heads but probably just go with ported cast iron heads. No need for a China rail for intake manifold. Worried about overall height. Was considering Holley sniper efi but not sure how much I could tune it. No experience with it yet. Early stages. Looking for 650+ hp but will last 2000hr like a off the shelf marine gas.
Tim Roelant
Tim Roelant 4 months ago
I own a similar riva, (superamerica) with the same engine setup, im interested in the parts you might have from the engines you took out. Btw the “ worthless” elbow you are using for the repowering. Costs about 6000eur as a used spare part. Gas will work, but take in account the vt903 puts out approx 1000nm of torque at the flywheel, available at really low rpms. I upgraded our engines with vta660m parts as found in mil applications. It has no problem with 3200 rpm. Resulting in over 33 knots speed. Good luck with your adventure. Dont forget riva are designer boats!
Silentflyer02 4 months ago
Hey Brian, what's the status of the new engines?
Tom Christman
Tom Christman 4 months ago
Aluminum exhaust spacer in between two cast iron manifolds is NOT GOOD! You need an O2 spacer made also of cast iron.
watahyahknow 4 months ago
cant you rotate the alternator so the stuff on the bottom are at the top .....
peter jartved
peter jartved 4 months ago
Wishing prosperity & success for all of you at “B is For Build “ I enjoy your shows and I am amazed at the level knowledge & skill you all demonstrate Merry Christmas every body
Recon Tube
Recon Tube 4 months ago
Oscars worth his weight bin gold
Alicatt1 4 months ago
Good idea to put some non return flaps in your exhaust just in case the engine decides to suck instead of blow ;)
Dave H
Dave H 4 months ago
That looks like an awesome tree
404marc 4 months ago
the fabrication is amazing. however the idea that a gas engine(s) will have enough torque to move this boat is silly. cat, cummins, man, penta, should have called DeBoss garage.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 4 months ago
when do we see a new vid for the boat
Ken Anthony
Ken Anthony 4 months ago
Maybe already stated somewhere, need to get the paint off the zinc anodes - it prohibits the proper function (sacrificial anode!) Love this show and all the work you are putting into this rebuild - gonna be awesome!
Aron Seus
Aron Seus 4 months ago
Have you thought about converting the boat to 12 volt?