Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan gets Wheels, Tires, and Suspension All Mounted Up! 

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In today's episode were finishing out the welding and installation work on our custom long travel suspension kit and then mounting our new Konig Hypergram wheels to our Nitto Trail Grappler tires.
Check out Konig Wheels here: konigwheels.com/
Check out Nitto Tires here: www.nittotire.com/
And try Go Mobile Tires for at home tire service!: www.gomobiletires.com/
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Feb 1, 2021




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Everything car bro
Everything car bro 22 days ago
Do you think the breaking power would be enough for your offroadcan
Martin Cooper
Martin Cooper 27 days ago
biisforblur. cant even mention names, of well known companies and blurring isnt enough, but amazing work
Max Bruno
Max Bruno Month ago
* track, not "wheelbase"
Joker Ink and Custom Builds
"we might be able to get this thing street legal..." Man I envy americans on this! It would be impossible in my home country... we can barely change the handlebars on a motorcycle legally...
Dan Hard
Dan Hard Month ago
why didn't they just get a couple of cans of actual spray on undercoating?
Tyler Month ago
No bead locks?...... why...
димон шуняев
а машинаторы уже реплику делают))))
Роман Ложкин
Четкая тачка
Роман Левин
что-то типа наших МАШИНАТОРОВ)))
predatorstrikeforce 2 months ago
Military Humvees have 149" wheel base. Y'all are fine! Carry on, Gents...
James LaRoche
James LaRoche 2 months ago
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson 2 months ago
Guessing beadlock is for impact
justice peace
justice peace 2 months ago
Goods skills Oscar.
Karl Harris
Karl Harris 2 months ago
Wicked build. To help prevent galvanic corrosion, you should buy a roll of damp proof course membrane. Longer strips, hard wearing and cheaper.
Bet 223
Bet 223 2 months ago
It’s nice but have you seen ginger Billy’s truck? Our builds are on another level.
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 2 months ago
Very exciting and looks awesome!!!
Steven Schaming
Steven Schaming 2 months ago
Where are the bead locks!?!?
Scag Nagli
Scag Nagli 2 months ago
Can't wait to see it jump. Seems it be a bit thicc in the ass.
Mike Barton
Mike Barton 2 months ago
So right now the coolest off-road car is split between this and Matt's Cummins powered 4x4 dually Cuda he's having built.
bluesny08 2 months ago
I wish I could hit the thumbs down button a million times love these guy but this downright disrespectful.
brandon rodriguez
brandon rodriguez 2 months ago
This is definitely an ideal apocalypse vehicle. I mean damn its fast and I'm sure crawling the backroads and canyons with this thing would be a breeze.
JDM_ DREEZY8310 2 months ago
Real life bat mobile
cory dorsey
cory dorsey 3 months ago
Can u build me a car if i fund it?
Eric Rohloff
Eric Rohloff 3 months ago
Are those Exhaust ports covered? Grinder was throwing some major particles at them.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 months ago
I think you're going to regret not having beadlocks on there.
mark im
mark im 3 months ago
Makes me wonder how they are making the control arms without a jig for correct camber caster settings..oh well they can afford tires monthly
mark im
mark im 3 months ago
Jesus Christ a lambo off road car Lol..who wants to volunteer for the first ride
i wish i was famous I Love My Nissan's
Bro for real if u would throw some bigger wheels and tires on it u could drive upside-down
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 months ago
Where's the boat
trini Madness
trini Madness 3 months ago
Batman will be jealous😭😂🦇
Chris Koran
Chris Koran 3 months ago
I hadn't followed the channel in a couple years...man, your fab skills (welding) have skyrocketed!!! Great suspension build!
The Haze Of Our Lives
Out Fucking Standing!!!
Dusty Summit
Dusty Summit 3 months ago
You need a forged wheel. Just wait until you hit your first rock.
FFM0594 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure the idea with the gaskets is a non-starter unless you can somehow isolate the washers and bolts, too.
Kyle Lowrey
Kyle Lowrey 3 months ago
Think it would be better lifted. Like a foot higher..
F D 3 months ago
Listen guys... just stop. Don’t ruin that beautiful car and just give it to me.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 months ago
Bead locks and is that bump stop going to touch the front wheel? They look mighty close.
Michael Grennek
Michael Grennek 3 months ago
Since you used that gasket material, you will need to check your bolts later because it will shrink/squeeze.
American Off Grid
American Off Grid 3 months ago
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 3 months ago
what about the Red Store? AAP!!!!
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis 3 months ago
I'm a little late to the party but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he needs some beadlocks.
Biz Guzman
Biz Guzman 3 months ago
Get beede locks
Ev0ltion 3 months ago
I want to live in USA and work for a half baked poatato a day if in exenchage i could work on something like that :D
Robert Orellana
Robert Orellana 3 months ago
Just out of curiosity, what welding equipment are you using? Are you using gas with the welding? Thanks in advance.
Solomon Taylor
Solomon Taylor 3 months ago
Where's the boat
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 3 months ago
You're gonna wish you had just gotten beadlocks to begin with. There's a reason all those offroad racers run beadlock wheels, it's not just to be able to run a super low air pressure for rock crawling.
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 3 months ago
You aint lying about that one with only four letters in its name and only hires senior citizens. I don't think I've ever seen a person under 50 working at one of those stores.
Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud 3 months ago
Make a DeLorean V8 engine swap
darran bulmer
darran bulmer 3 months ago
What ever happened to the single seater project and the gtr?
Felipe Cristiano
Felipe Cristiano 3 months ago
It looks like a Nomad car from Cyberpunk.
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
What happened to this channel? What happened to the single seater super car?
Cavedog 3 months ago
17:58 your bump stop is way too close to that tire.
john james
john james 3 months ago
what about the Red Store? AAP!!!!
GoldenPants 3 months ago
man i cant wait for this to be done! not a fan of wheels sticking out super far but im sure with the body work its gonna look good. cant wait to see this beast rip it!
C Sanchez
C Sanchez 3 months ago
Hello, Chris, Oscar, Kyle, or whomever reads this from BisForBuild, I sent you a DM message on your IG about a possible trade for a Bridgeport milling machine; I didn't hear from you, and I wondered if you are interested? I'd rather deal with you since you know so much about Copart, and I like your channel. If not, I'll move on and trade it with someone else. Thanks, Christopher.
C Sanchez
C Sanchez 2 months ago
@Oscar O I sent you a DM on IG my account name on IG is Christophersz
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 months ago
@C Sanchez Chris messaged me about it so I will talk to him tomorrow and see what he’s thinking.
C Sanchez
C Sanchez 3 months ago
@Oscar O No, they haven't. I guess they aren't interested in a milling machine. It's too bad to I also wanted to see if maybe Chris would have been interested in a complete Olszewski Disneyland Main Street since he & Chelsea are such big Disney fans.
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 months ago
Did anyone get ahold of you yet.
The Rouge
The Rouge 3 months ago
This Huracan could make a hurricane when you cut it loose
Noah Jenkins
Noah Jenkins 3 months ago
Ö wtf is this
Rod H
Rod H 3 months ago
We need some “Good Job Oscar” merch.......
Tord Fuglstad
Tord Fuglstad 3 months ago
Haha good luck jumping that thing a bit sideways without beadlock..
Stephen Wiik
Stephen Wiik 3 months ago
When are we seeing more of the old stoff? Like the BRZ, 240z etz. This boat and Lambo stuff aint the same :(
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 months ago
“It’s never coming off again” said no off-roader ever.... 😜
xxshadowhunter1388xx Productions
Offroad lambo?
Brad patterson
Brad patterson 3 months ago
I love what you guys do.. but your getting to the point that you need decent sponsorship. Unless your mrs is happy to dig innto savings. Just saying as a married man. Your dam keen haha nice work
Brad patterson
Brad patterson 3 months ago
The best way to get a sponsor is to endorse thier product,, business 101... seriously. You go to the green an il go to the orrange one. Wtf. Obviously your quiet content with what you have or you got bank.
maK Tony
maK Tony 3 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/lb15iqiDeq5jhoU.html They are also building a offroad lambo. Have a look their project. They build it totally from zero. Of coz you both are doing different way. I love to watch both channel!
Mark Aldous
Mark Aldous 3 months ago
Great work as usual... As I was watching I said out loud, drill all the holes before painting!!
Andy J Can’t
Andy J Can’t 3 months ago
You’re going to wish you had some heavy duty beadlock wheels pretty quick man. Sure those wheels will take a hit going straight, but as soon as you hit it wrong or come down off balance those things are going to say NOPE!!! I’d go with something way beefier man.
hades 21301
hades 21301 3 months ago
First time the car gets jumped all the aluminium is going to bend
Todd Baker
Todd Baker 3 months ago
102" is the maximum width regardless of what it is. Unless its a Heavy Haul! your good. I work for a company that needs to know all these details.
Riley Best
Riley Best 3 months ago
man that is such an aw3esome build you guys kick ass love everyvideo keep um coming totaly jealous of what you guys do awesome work
HTXtremes2000 3 months ago
Working I a graziano swap with an LS as well, planning on going AWD with it. Sent you an email.
Starter Garage
Starter Garage 3 months ago
Looks awesome! You should talk to FluidFilmUsa for corrosion prevention instead of all the gasket maker
Hayden Conroy
Hayden Conroy 3 months ago
Don't build the body out to the wheels. Leave it exposed, it'll look like a full size RC buggy. 👍👍
Canadian Nomad
Canadian Nomad 3 months ago
Off road lambo all I see are $$$$$$$$$$$$💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
DiRTY D 3 months ago
How does this video only have as many views as a video I just watched which was uploaded yesterday?
Bob Rasay
Bob Rasay 3 months ago
This will look insane
Bob Rasay
Bob Rasay 3 months ago
@bocoy noiu waste of money and time? He is reviving a wrecked lambo, he is not wasting his time and money since he earns money by doing these videos
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Not that cool .. wast of money and time
Kev Toth
Kev Toth 3 months ago
you should have just powder coated wound have been better
Crash Overide
Crash Overide 3 months ago
You should rhino line it
Sheldon Gelderman
Sheldon Gelderman 3 months ago
Just curious as to why putting gaskets between everypart; is it for like vibrations or locking parts in place or something
Oscar O
Oscar O 3 months ago
Galvanic corrosion
TPHVICTIMS 3 months ago
B is for BRILLIANT. The FAB work is INSANE 👍🏻.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Thats look insane bro
Max Rudy
Max Rudy 3 months ago
Oh my God it's so cool holy crap next to the M5 Datsun this is the coolest build my God I'm so excited to see it finished
Mike Reese
Mike Reese 3 months ago
That ther sumthin fancy lol cant wait to see her move on her own
Jeremy Cotton
Jeremy Cotton 3 months ago
I want to paint this car!!!!
chris french
chris french 3 months ago
Man. Just man. So I’ll admit I’m a nerd. I watch gaming channels and sci-fi shorts. Despite working in a tire shop cars are neat. But cars haven’t been a thing for me. I’m super happy with mine. But then I saw a thumbnail. And then I watched a vid, then a second. Now I’m subscribed to the first ever car thing and this build. This build makes me tingle in ways I’ve never know. The lines, the gabbed parts. It’s just. Wow
VM 3 months ago
"Wheelers Builders" also building a off road lambo
George Cramer
George Cramer 3 months ago
your definitely gonna want more ride height
Lil Sterine
Lil Sterine 3 months ago
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Oscar is the man!!! This man deserves everything good he has coming his way
Casper Scholtz
Casper Scholtz 3 months ago
me seeing the title and thinking it was from fitment industries
totalpkgpainting 3 months ago
Off-Roading is a whole new animal. Far cry from a Mall-Rat. Bead Locks are designed to handle the forces of all terrain driving.
soulzdragon 3 months ago
Thats look insane bro
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Music sounds like a ripped off Five Finger Death Punch song. 😂
darren flint
darren flint 3 months ago
Not that cool .. wast of money and time
supersportimpalass 3 months ago
@8:22 "galvanitic corrosion" 😂
Floridiots 3 months ago
Oh my fuggin gawd this rules!!!
OKHMAN PAVEL 3 months ago
Jesus Christ is The Meaning For Life. If you agre reply: Amen!
Jordan Liske
Jordan Liske 3 months ago
The rail industry uses mastic to prevent galvanic corrosion. It's basically electrical tape but it comes in 8" wide rolls
Urged Patriot
Urged Patriot 3 months ago
It seems to me that gasket material left to the elements, would deteriorate, over time. Leaving loose connections everywhere you used them. Bad idea?
muffinmuncher98 3 months ago
I really want to see this thing compete In king of hammers!!!
Green Goat
Green Goat 3 months ago
Do a Ferrari next
Phil Goshen
Phil Goshen 3 months ago
I'm gonna guess where you got the GT500 Brake Package - surprised Kalicki let you keep it too.
times up
times up 3 months ago
You could run staun beadlocks on those wheels. Edit : guess staun went out of business and it's now Coyote.
Darren Lee
Darren Lee 3 months ago
Not many car channels with this much success without a bespoke brand new garage