Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan gets Racing Seats and Harnesses Installed 

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In todays episode were installing some Cobreau Baja XRS seats and harnesses.
Check out Cobreau and their amazing line of seats here: corbeau.com/
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Apr 14, 2021




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Booze fort
Booze fort 9 days ago
Long time listener, first time caller... Go with sequential, thin led strip. Will look all kinds of better/cleaner. Also sequential leds are all over ebay. If they don't have exactly what you want, and nothing you can mod to work how you want, you can make them yourself. I have faith. Also, love your channel, thanks for doing what you do.
Stephane Collins
Stephane Collins 9 days ago
The seat name is pronounced as Core-bo. There is no R after the b.
Scott 9 days ago
Could you # your episodes.....peace!
Paul Wiseman
Paul Wiseman 10 days ago
Can you put the lights above the rear bar? Just a thought, could the put a scope over the top aerodynamics
Emilien VATZ
Emilien VATZ 10 days ago
Tail lights without housing please. It look bad ass
hanzo935 11 days ago
Put the tails upside down on the opposite sides, it will probably look badass, try it.
csorrows 13 days ago
I think the tail lights should be sequential LED strips. I'm sure Chris could figure it out. It would be best to have something less likely to get damaged and cheaper to replace or even source. Those aftermarket tails might not be available if you break one of them later on down the road. In offroad, simple is typically better.
Nightwlker771 13 days ago
You should invert the taillights
Luke Dummett
Luke Dummett 15 days ago
The sequential lights without the Corvette trim pieces hanging down.
lemster101 15 days ago
So much passive aggressiveness about the comments in this episode haha. Love it.
P Ce
P Ce 15 days ago
Where's the boat bro?
Ed AL-Barram
Ed AL-Barram 16 days ago
have you considered flipping sides with tail lights?!!! I mean, placing the right side light on the left side and the left side light on the right
Travis Fender
Travis Fender 16 days ago
Sequential turn lights are fairly useless on an off-road vehicle. Who are you signalling? Food for thought.
Nathan Jefson
Nathan Jefson 16 days ago
Wont you lose some suspension in the seat from those rails?
Charlie Skudder
Charlie Skudder 16 days ago
Definitely solo on the rear lights. Perhaps an LED bar along the middle somewhere? Perhaps in the middle along the top of the backside of the roof?
guido baiocchi
guido baiocchi 16 days ago
u guys should try putting the left tail light on the right side and the right side tail on the left side
ComePlayDying666 16 days ago
Yep do the led thing, I think that would look sweet
jak ockleston
jak ockleston 16 days ago
put the left on the right on the left and the pointy part will point down to the chassis
TheMule 16 days ago
You could run a custom light bar made with a simple custom PCB and an Arduino with some rgbw LEDs and write some code to make it sequential and also give more control options
Eric Finch
Eric Finch 16 days ago
cor-beau "cor-boh".... Swap the Sides for the lights. tho you might need to mod the wiring for the sequentials.
Oom Wat
Oom Wat 16 days ago
Turn those taillights upside down and swap sides ;)
Marc M
Marc M 16 days ago
Ritwiz Sharma
Ritwiz Sharma 17 days ago
Damn amazing work! I'd love to make some renders with this thing!
zhark bait
zhark bait 17 days ago
Look at wheelers builders on US-first? They have a cool rally lambo body kit they are building combine it with your badass rally huracan 😍
Josh Parks
Josh Parks 17 days ago
I like the tail lights without the surrounds, move to the inside and I think it would look awesome. Keeps with the Lamborghini style with the way they are designed. Also like everyone else said - the seats are pronounced Cor-Bow lol... when I first heard you say it I was like, whoa, what? Lol... all good though!!
Elias Arias
Elias Arias 17 days ago
You're about to get a bill in the mail for them seats homie!
Elias Arias
Elias Arias 17 days ago
Core-Bo man!
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon 17 days ago
Put the light on the opposite side
MistaParker 17 days ago
Led all the way
Petri de Pità
Petri de Pità 17 days ago
looking better and better every week. can't wait to hear that engine roaring.... about the seats. shouldn't you prononce Corbeau like corbow ? it's the French way...it means crow
Ravi Balliram
Ravi Balliram 17 days ago
You can do the dual led lights where you can also have sequential runing lights. You can fo a total of led brake lights and have a split with the indicator and reverse. But it can be done
Rebel Kline
Rebel Kline 17 days ago
it was cool when you built stuff that was relatable.
YakPaks truck
YakPaks truck 17 days ago
Who else had second hand embarrassment from the “cor-brayo”
Jacob Pittman
Jacob Pittman 17 days ago
Streetspeed has those tail lights
John Maldonado
John Maldonado 17 days ago
Lets all be honest this "off road huracan" looks like a mix between a huracan and the tumbler from dark knight
Craig Allan
Craig Allan 17 days ago
Have you seen wheeler builders they have built a Lamborghini truck as well
Brian Emond
Brian Emond 17 days ago
Try flip them over and switching sides
Peter Stergos
Peter Stergos 17 days ago
Go with the skinny tail light not vett ones
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 18 days ago
Corvette C8 lights?
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 18 days ago
What happened to the diy super car? Did it get finished?
hermen gonzalez
hermen gonzalez 18 days ago
L.e.d light with sequential turn signal.
2Moza 18 days ago
put the Taillight on top of the rear Bar or Move the Brake lights to the outside Turret ( Roof ) so will be high to see from all angles in dunes .
Jamal Daniels
Jamal Daniels 18 days ago
What happened to your supra that you was supposed to be building ????
Kyle Eubanks
Kyle Eubanks 18 days ago
Those tail lights are sick keep them
mitchum500 18 days ago
Khushy Boyd
Khushy Boyd 18 days ago
Tail lights
chase lankford
chase lankford 18 days ago
Im sure hes already said what software he uses to design but can anybody help me with finding the time stamp or the name of the software thank you
Graham Hart
Graham Hart 18 days ago
Tail lights with out the droopy ends looks good
steve armett
steve armett 18 days ago
Go over the top of the bar with those lights without the reverse lights and move the reverse lights to the middle of the car lower down that would look cool 👌
Joe Edmondson
Joe Edmondson 18 days ago
1: there’s no second R in corbeau. 2: the lights look better with the reverse lights off
Connie Ambershard
Connie Ambershard 18 days ago
I take it the boat and single seat supercar are never gonna get finished?
Skiridr22 18 days ago
Are you sure you can fit in those seats there’s no sliders
Orlando Medina
Orlando Medina 18 days ago
Am I like the only that’s noticed we all show him support and etc. but yet again has never done a giveaway to show gratitude for the support he’s gotten from all the subscribers. I think it’s time to give back Chris.
Danies Alex
Danies Alex 19 days ago
Flip the tail lights upside down
Revocatus Genes
Revocatus Genes 19 days ago
I came here after a long time back home.
Sean W
Sean W 19 days ago
I like them but without the reverse light
stephen francis
stephen francis 19 days ago
How is the boat doing
Eric White
Eric White 19 days ago
I like the c7 tail lights 👌👌👌👌
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 19 days ago
But where is full bucket seat certified for offroad race use? Non reclineable seat... Those the one u got looks like its more for casual street offroader
Justin Murphy
Justin Murphy 19 days ago
Could you run the lambo style lights reverse? Swap left and right so the additional piece runs down behind the motor? How difficult would it be to get the lights to illuminate in the opposite order?
Hey bro whatever happened to the boat
BigHairyMonkeyMan 19 days ago
you should name this car Eleanor
PcItalian 19 days ago
Before you showed the c7 tails, I thought it would be the best for this. They're very lambo styled but fit the LS powerplant
Anthonyk 19 days ago
Use the taillights without reverse lights
Antonio Grosos
Antonio Grosos 19 days ago
How about an LED stipe that goes from side to side like in the Cybertruck? Guess it would give it a more futuristic look?
Benny’s Garage
Benny’s Garage 19 days ago
switch the tail light of sides , the reverse light by the center of the car
Frank Buck
Frank Buck 19 days ago
I vote LED strip lights.
Co1eTrain84 19 days ago
those are Lamborghini C7 tails
Tim Kuiken
Tim Kuiken 19 days ago
Make a sequential one that is thin. I think would be dope.
David Rambarran
David Rambarran 19 days ago
Flip the light left to right and right to left
Clint Sykes
Clint Sykes 19 days ago
stockprerunner 19 days ago
I wouldn’t run a suspension seat off-road. i’ve heard way too many people breaking their back from jumping hard.
andy butler
andy butler 19 days ago
Move the lights on top. And maybe flip sides🤷‍♂️
Top Ten Tic Toks by Chris
Hey you should switch sides with the lights an amount them upside down
Denali Neidig
Denali Neidig 19 days ago
I’m not sure what your time frame looks like, but you could design a custom back housing and 3D print it for those current brakes, have it sit a little more flush with the top of the tube, but not extending above, bolt straight to it, and like “Prince” has said, flip left to right so that reverse light follows the “body line” better.
Shazam 19 days ago
will those seats be good enough for an offroad build?
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 19 days ago
You should see if Lamborghini is interested enough to help you design a body for it.
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 19 days ago
After your finished playing with this vehicle you aughta give it to the Lamborghini Factory Museum!
Playtime Picasso
Playtime Picasso 19 days ago
Corvette lights
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 19 days ago
Wanna see more on the Antique electric italian Yatchet
Tim datoolman
Tim datoolman 19 days ago
The LED light idea will look better I think if you can find a lense for them. At the least revere the position of the Vette tail lights from left to right. I don't think the Vette tail lights will be as durable.
Henness0666 19 days ago
Put the taillights on the opposite sides.
GnarledBacon 19 days ago
You could 3D print your own cool skinny lights with LEDs and program them to do cool things. Please don't make this thing look like a Corvette.
meestahwah 19 days ago
That triangle between the harness bars is the PERFECT spot to mount your flux capacitor!
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 19 days ago
If you were gonna use the tail lights, you could maybe try what Alex Choi did with his Huracan and flipped the taillights so the left would be right and right would be left so you might get a but more clearance 👍
adam hayward
adam hayward 19 days ago
Sit them ontop of that bar without the additional section. Then mould your steel sheet metal around it for your guards
Turbo Foxbody
Turbo Foxbody 19 days ago
Can you say the seat name again
ab vevo
ab vevo 20 days ago
Why do I get this feeling, this thing will break instantly when taking it off road. I mean a rzr has more ground clearance 😂🤦‍♂️
Veerla Krishna
Veerla Krishna 20 days ago
this rear light fits in a Chevy c7 corvette
tunerimports 20 days ago
Take that backup light off! You’re not going to use that weak light anyhow, add a pair of pod lights instead hiding down in the center
hitman050173 20 days ago
You could mount the taillightd on top of the tube an ghet your steel fender around it so its protected
patrick grace
patrick grace 20 days ago
I like the taillights. Bring them in closer to miss the tires
M/S STUDIOS 20 days ago
led strip light with defusion
Bevan Archer
Bevan Archer 20 days ago
Do the third option for racing.... Then circle back for street/looks after the race.
Cam Smith
Cam Smith 20 days ago
Sequential lights!
Rain Laanemets
Rain Laanemets 20 days ago
Nice job guys! The middle "triangle" between the harness bars would be a nice place for a lambo badge! ;) Something that's CNC cut out of steel plate. Would be a nice touch.
nigel pendrick
nigel pendrick 20 days ago
Tail lights look better without the reverse lights. Led strip would be awesome, can you take the guts out of the corvette lights to make them? Obviously pulling apart perfectly good, expensive tail lights is the sensible option!
John Doe
John Doe 20 days ago
Once you finished all the steel work you can probably remove all the unnecessary carbon fiber to reduce weight..... 😂
John Doe
John Doe 20 days ago
I really wanna know the overall weight once it's finished. That's all so beefy...