Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan gets Shocks Installed and Weighed! 

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In today's episode we're installing shocks on the #jumpacan!
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Shoutout to our friends at Eastwood for hooking us up with the lathe, check them out here: www.eastwood.com/eastwood-mini-lathe.html
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Feb 9, 2021




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Terrell Holder
Terrell Holder 22 days ago
Soo sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sharon Raymond
Sharon Raymond 24 days ago
Driver would balance it out
Joseph 845fab
Joseph 845fab 28 days ago
That tubing 120 wall going to weigh a ton no
Chase Brumley
Chase Brumley Month ago
Lambuggy Jumpican
Laser Shark
Laser Shark 2 months ago
Imagine being the tax auditor who has to read his tax return and be like....... offroad Lamborghini??????
brycea0225 2 months ago
Dang, 3300lbs is about half what most of these “Prerunner” trucks weigh. This should be a fun rig
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 2 months ago
This is starting to look like an awesome baja buggy.
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 2 months ago
Yes i like Chris's idea as well.
Dominic Bustamante
Dominic Bustamante 2 months ago
It would look even better if you guys could retain some of the body parts and lights of the original car.
Jerry Kinyon
Jerry Kinyon 2 months ago
US-first channels getting free stuff bitch about social welfare. Oh course they would. Why do the well off NEED so much help?
James LaRoche
James LaRoche 2 months ago
@ 4:02 Sorry but "Stress Test Approved" Rating is reserved for only the frames that can support 3 Adult Bull Elephants having a threesome where one of the females is slightly jealous. Fact.
Mads Willum
Mads Willum 2 months ago
what engine are you running in it? the one that it came with?
Coby Thomson
Coby Thomson 2 months ago
why not yous a clear or tinted perspex so you can still see the tubular structure but still have body panels
bing rijper
bing rijper 2 months ago
How do you keep track of all your tools it super messy?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 2 months ago
Front end looks great and you should definitely do the carbon fiber and stance with shocks looks great!
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 2 months ago
Air ride shocks!!!!! Adjustable on the fly
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 2 months ago
Looks like the batmobile
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 2 months ago
This project looks great as well
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 2 months ago
Great work by the way, I was surprised you actually did the things I typed in the comment section when you asked for suggestions on that project, that was awesome
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson 2 months ago
Hey hows the v10 datsun ?
Benni Benassi
Benni Benassi 2 months ago
U guys have the sickest builds 🔥
Rowan Wills
Rowan Wills 2 months ago
coilover literally is a contraction of coil over shock
Dustin Lott
Dustin Lott 2 months ago
Did he account for the engine weight? I didn't see it on the list.
Combatspace 2 months ago
Jump-a-can? nah fam... its the HURT-A-CAN!
GHOST SQUAD 2 months ago
Hey, world economy is collapsing plagues have been maid and spread world wide, do you think those innovations and the way there revealed and the whole ora that surrounds this portrayal is going to help? Or just part of the fucking Bopping problems of these end of days? Revelations like? Think 1+1=2 then keep that ruler and measuring then the fucking rod. bops?
GHOST SQUAD 2 months ago
Can you explains how the camber stays 0 zero all the way threw that travel? What did you USE to accomplish? That, How long before everybody bop has it OMG!!!
Gedas Kilnusis
Gedas Kilnusis 2 months ago
Russians are making lambotruck bodykit. You should use it. It looks sick
Thom Visser
Thom Visser 2 months ago
How is the boat doing?
Blockpartyvintage 2 months ago
Your running out of good ideas and lol
Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman 2 months ago
The cove speaker is AMAZING!!! total game changer in the shop thank you for showing me that!!
Calvin Aleto
Calvin Aleto 2 months ago
you should put the diesel yacht engine (that isnt broken) instead of an LS
keven read
keven read 2 months ago
mate stop saying we.
ayden hart
ayden hart 2 months ago
Tell me you got money without telling me you got money
Daniel Gianstefani
Daniel Gianstefani 2 months ago
You really need to invest in better camera/Export process. 1440p/4k needed it's pixelated and bad compression on youtube at 1080p.
Pieter Steyn
Pieter Steyn 2 months ago
These guys also have a Lamborghini Aventador Off-Road "Lambotruck" Wheelers Builders on US-first???
Craig Reeve
Craig Reeve 2 months ago
Why use two scales per wheel?
Always Outdoors
Always Outdoors 2 months ago
I could not not click on this
HotRodder=Recycler 2 months ago
Seems little effort could of maintained the windshield.
Steverino 2 months ago
Your floor slab is probably a little uneven- if the floor is even a half inch lower on that corner then the vehicle will sit on the other 3 tires a lot more than that one. That one tire will still have weight on it from the suspension pushing down but not near as much as the other 3. (that's my guess, could be wrong!)
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
Cameron Lovell
Cameron Lovell 2 months ago
im curious, what 3d modeling software does your engineer use? asking for a friend
handalboy 2 months ago
I have a feeling this will break on the first jump. But can't wait to see what happens!
Etienne E
Etienne E 2 months ago
Think it is time to organize your shop :)
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison 2 months ago
LOVE what you do, I would like to get a update on the Boat if you can. I would think that removal of the 2nd engine should of been done by now too... I wish more people would do more videos in your way as you have a great style.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 2 months ago
You might want to add the rest of the engine, radiator and coolant too to that weight limit.
Ryan Buck
Ryan Buck 2 months ago
Weld the nut in place = cool feature. No need for the wrench = one less tool to look for/use = more time saved & time is money lol
JAMCastillo1 2 months ago
Dang, it will weigh less than my car 🤣
Pepe Lepew
Pepe Lepew 2 months ago
@Donutmedia brought me here after the "eronalE" loss. Subbed!
Landon Reger
Landon Reger 2 months ago
I just came across this and it is awesome
Alex Skinner
Alex Skinner 2 months ago
You have way more confidence in that tiny lathe than i would :D great to see that it worked!
Hunny 2 months ago
Haven't watched in a while, what happened with the homemade single seater car?
hate life
hate life 2 months ago
too bad you're supposed to tighten from the nut not the bolt, but who really cares
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 months ago
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 2 months ago
Hey Chris have you seen these lads before? us-first.info/player/video/lb15iqiDeq5jhoU.html
Acura RL
Acura RL 2 months ago
Do you need different springs in different corners if your wieght is different one side to other plus drivers wieght. Front left 200+lbs from right side. now add 200-250lbs for driver and your front drivers side 4-450+lbs more then front passenger side. May want heavier spring front left
Matthew Soto
Matthew Soto 2 months ago
Where is the boat?
D Per
D Per 2 months ago
PLEASE, PLEASE...Next time use a Tripod for the camera. Your excessive camera movement made this amazing video super annoying...and dizzying!
Jerry Kinyon
Jerry Kinyon 2 months ago
Why is it in every video I watch on US-first there are people with $250,000 shops getting free stuff plus having people DONATE on Patron to them? Having a business is really tough I guess that is what I hear. But why do all these businesses need so much help? Can't they get a loan at a bank? There is a certain group of people wanting to know how that is legal to make a profit with donations?
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 months ago
Hey Chris have you seen these lads before? us-first.info/player/video/lb15iqiDeq5jhoU.html
Eric Finch
Eric Finch 2 months ago
You might want to add the rest of the engine, radiator and coolant too to that weight limit.
Cobba02GAMING 2 months ago
is 20 gallons your full tank? you wont make it far offroad racing with that amount of fuel.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
Swap the scales to the other side and see if the weights change. Great video!
emilian kolvereid
emilian kolvereid 2 months ago
Why is it 68% off. I know I'm childish but I'm kinda angry rn.
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux 2 months ago
Also the cage brake aways are call interlocking tube clamps.
Tommy Madux
Tommy Madux 2 months ago
Stress test just by standing on it. Wtf? There is a lot more stress being applied while driving even more off road.
Guga 2 months ago
Add a big F Winch in that front. Leave it as a Mad Max Fury Road Vehicle... :D Nice work... came here after Nolan's video on Dunut Media... Just subscribed...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
There’s nothing about this build I don’t like. Looking forward to completion!
Riley Walker
Riley Walker 3 months ago
Besides the fact that the owner of LOCKED spells his name right, they're a badass brand, I'm hoping to be buying coilover from them here soon for my LT Sequoia build.
ayaxro 3 months ago
Please get real scales... its not like they're unattainable. I mean its not even funny
David Sykes
David Sykes 3 months ago
i want one
Bondovian 3 months ago
who else thinks this guy is a hack... never finishes anything. no organization, no planning and dirty ass garage! WTF... have some self respect dog!
Mighty power
Mighty power 3 months ago
How can purchase one of these vehicles for personal use 🤔
MasterMoto Tv
MasterMoto Tv 3 months ago
Awesome video!!!
Mx Idaho
Mx Idaho 3 months ago
Plead say this is going to sema
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Ask Sam if he thinks you need more suspension triangulation on the front end. Just saying.
Mr SerjyGorm
Mr SerjyGorm 3 months ago
I didn't mean to sound negative. But how can anyone trust the content coming through youtube now days since it's owned by corp. Listen. Look at the facts. Let me know what you guys thing because just like any spineless sucker goes.... Thell take any amount of money to make fake reviews about something that doesn't last or is so cheap that it isn't worth mentioning as a product. Hate me or not hate me that's my 2 cents I'm out
Joseph Gebre
Joseph Gebre 3 months ago
sorry guys, but I'm just gonna keep asking for welding slow-motions, maybe someday they'll come.
mark parris
mark parris 3 months ago
Twin Dash bar
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 3 months ago
Welding in a puffy jacket....bold move. Let’s see if it pays off...
Junior Gomez
Junior Gomez 3 months ago
I think you should get a bigger and nicer shop ...safety hazards
Ihsaan Mangera
Ihsaan Mangera 3 months ago
B is for Oscar
Joosh Allen
Joosh Allen 3 months ago
There’s nothing about this build I don’t like. Looking forward to completion!
Boat adventures
Boat adventures 3 months ago
boat,boat,boat,boat and uhhh boat?
Mark G
Mark G 3 months ago
Looks like there is a head on the shelf behind you over your right shoulder in the beginning of the video. Go take a look.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 months ago
Man all those tools all the money is this project and no skills no knowledge just another US-first hack wannabe famous
Broke Wrench
Broke Wrench 3 months ago
This is awesome, I'd been thinking about what something like this would cost if done with my eagle talon and hmmwv drivetrain. To see something even more extreme is inspiring. Subbed and watching
PMGaming101 3 months ago
at 10:10 if you run that bolt down your never getting that 12 point out
Chris Mcdonald
Chris Mcdonald 3 months ago
Can’t wait to see this monster hitting a jump and slinging dirt.mud and sand hehehehe. Like a kid in a candy shop
Vegas The Trucker
Vegas The Trucker 3 months ago
looks cool but the angle of them bump stops is concerning
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins 3 months ago
Lower dash bar?
Doitlikeidoit 3 months ago
u guys should have used thinner wall tubing, the whole thing looks soooo heavy (and awesome :D)
Greg Tennyson
Greg Tennyson 3 months ago
If you put a body on that it’d look cool to add fender vents like the Porsche GT2 or Mclaren 600lt
Angel Adriann Manalang
this is something youd see on fast and furious driven by shaw lol
Protouring Sierra
Protouring Sierra 3 months ago
Welding in a puffy jacket....bold move. Let’s see if it pays off...
Dean Probert
Dean Probert 3 months ago
That is heavy. How come it is so fat? What will it top out at finished?
Mathias Haas
Mathias Haas 3 months ago
taking a light chassis and make it heavy doesnt makes sense to me
ONE HIT VR 3 months ago
Rally lambo
Jason Albright
Jason Albright 3 months ago
Chris, Make sure you add weight of the driver too! Love it as always!
Jack Felts
Jack Felts 3 months ago
Not even Dubai has figured this out yet. Congrats boys!
Davis Reid
Davis Reid 3 months ago
I can’t be-lathe it!
DarkSquid77600 3 months ago
Yea yea this is cool but what about the custom single seater supercar?
pangrac1 3 months ago
You need plasma CNC cuter too.
djsonicc 3 months ago
Could pitch this idea to DC for Batman's next car.
GEEzyPvt105 3 months ago
This is beginning to look more like a bat mobile
Chris Gage
Chris Gage 3 months ago
I think it should be called the Dirtacan
Pablo Montoya
Pablo Montoya 3 months ago
all those lathe chips blasting into your truly bruh lol