Oscars Mustang Gets Engine Pulled And Frame Repaired! 

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In today's episode were pulling the 5.0 coyote engine and doing some backyard frame repairs. Download the eBay Motors app now! ebayvehicle.com/app/BisforBuild
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Jun 23, 2020




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SM DAREDEVIL 27 days ago
Any uk apps for buying cars?
Skinny Pete
Skinny Pete Month ago
I still say you should have done the fastback again just don't use the E word
Dean Scott
Dean Scott 8 months ago
O is for Oscar tshirt. Just sayin.
John Barron
John Barron 9 months ago
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 10 months ago
Why didn't you guys just drop the engine and trans with the sub frame?
Jessie Henkel
Jessie Henkel 10 months ago
It’s nice to hear more from Oscar !
Stone Heart
Stone Heart 10 months ago
Mustang Bilanot.
Jo Bambino
Jo Bambino 10 months ago
These engines comes out from the bottom with the transmission, harnesses and exhausts attached to it ... The whole powertrain is removed as one unit!
Justin 10 months ago
Only certain serial numbers were recalled you gotta check the numbers on the stands. My4 were good.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 10 months ago
This one reminds me when we do that with a big tree in the yard 😂 🤣
justin l
justin l 10 months ago
Usually I hook one side of the vehical to a tree or 2 then hook it to something to pull it I use a backhoe lmao pull out just a tad past where its supposed to be then whe you let tention off it itll go back a lil bit me and my dads done it maybe a couple times idk lol did it with my 07 2500
Chris Waters
Chris Waters 10 months ago
Out of curiosity why did you risk damaging the heads and not use some slings?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 10 months ago
Next time have oscar build a riser you can put in the reciever of the truck. Helping with the height you are pulling so your not always pulling at a downward angle...
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 10 months ago
Trop bien ta video comme tjrs
Thomas Andersen
Thomas Andersen 10 months ago
People always remove engines wrong. Hope that torque converter is okay. Should of stayed with gearbox
Lord Mephisto Lord Of Hatred
nice to hear oscors voice for a changehe useally is the quiet working men
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 10 months ago
So, dont do burnouts on this one. Mustangs love the ditch anyways...you added a +1 to their ability. I hope it all works. Speaking from the comfort of my armchair. Lol
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 months ago
Oscar has balls, to be laying under that Stang with jack stands sitting on dirt!
Nehal Gohel
Nehal Gohel 10 months ago
Didn't have to cheap out on the frame bending just because it was Oscar's.
xrmerkur 10 months ago
🐎Mustang anything for me 👀🏁
D D 10 months ago
Oscar is the man!
Rock girl
Rock girl 10 months ago
Daelin Hulse
Daelin Hulse 10 months ago
Stop being stingy and use a frame puller...
THEAWESOME DAD224 10 months ago
What happened to the Italian Yacht? I've been sooo patiently waiting for an update on it.
Jeff Mayo
Jeff Mayo 10 months ago
@14mins Oscar is like B is for bad idea
Enrique Ginies
Enrique Ginies 10 months ago
You should tied the back end of the mustang to a big tree or just a hook to the cimment of a house. We did it several times with my father and worked...
Robert Reese
Robert Reese 10 months ago
Old School B is for Biuld right here...
W19 ELY 10 months ago
In any other Western country this wouldn't be allowed back on the road
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 10 months ago
glad you guys were able to pull the frame out!
Peter Nusios
Peter Nusios 10 months ago
get also some strut tower brace to see fitment is correct now.
Jacob Phend
Jacob Phend 10 months ago
Next time have oscar build a riser you can put in the reciever of the truck. Helping with the height you are pulling so your not always pulling at a downward angle...
Jacob Phend
Jacob Phend 10 months ago
You could even make it adjustable
Nikolaos Iiodakis
Nikolaos Iiodakis 10 months ago
"Great Job Oscar" ;)
chris perry
chris perry 10 months ago
Oh I really need your white nos bottle that was on this video
Ali Asad
Ali Asad 10 months ago
So, dont do burnouts on this one. Mustangs love the ditch anyways...you added a +1 to their ability. I hope it all works. Speaking from the comfort of my armchair. Lol
Nitik Singhal
Nitik Singhal 10 months ago
I just love how the truck license plate is "Yee haw" 😂😂
Car Lover Photography
Car Lover Photography 10 months ago
Any updates on you italian yatch from a year ago?
Valentine Lynam
Valentine Lynam 10 months ago
Gentrit Mijalica
Gentrit Mijalica 10 months ago
Why you just don't get a new shop, a bigger one ???
Stefandi Citrajaya
Stefandi Citrajaya 10 months ago
imagine chrisfix is there. might be suprisingly fixed fast XD
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins 10 months ago
B is for building a bigger workshop haha I can't wait to see all the builds come together
Alan Here
Alan Here 10 months ago
Can't you use a jack in between the strut towers?
Racingb67 Race
Racingb67 Race 10 months ago
All the smart kids know that engine trans combo comes out the bottom but you do you! fun to watch sir Good job guys!!!
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 10 months ago
These builds are going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!
nick denton
nick denton 10 months ago
What ever happened to the 95 supra you bought?
Alan Salinas
Alan Salinas 10 months ago
Oscar can totally just build a pulling machine in just a few hours, my dad already built two in kind of a T, L shape in the garage without much welding experience and in a couple of days for him without many tools and a cheap welding machine from Harbor. My point is he already fixed like a dozen cars successfully and has even received offers for the second one. With you guys' skills and resources, you could go offboard with this approach but then it would take too much time. Something simple and quick I think by all means would do the trick, and the pulling motion would be sustained and way more controlled as you know (: Cheers! Enjoy your vids.
Tommi Vea
Tommi Vea 10 months ago
Suggestion: get a strut bar to confirm alignment of the two strut towers.
Chris Ligrano
Chris Ligrano 10 months ago
Awesome 👍
Juan Ignacio Graffigna
hey man you should never pull with a strap from the tow ball, It's not designed for that and thus it can break, it's seriously dangerous there are a lot of videos in the web
Eli McGuire
Eli McGuire 10 months ago
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 10 months ago
As a protest to the elanor BS, I will be putting your entire channel on auto play ever night before i go to bed.
Alec's Garden
Alec's Garden 10 months ago
What ever happened to that yacht from 11 months ago
boobbutthole 10 months ago
I live in the same area you should electric swap my 1988 nissan 300zx or I have a 1uz
Count murcielago
Count murcielago 10 months ago
If the truck don’t work get a bigger one (I think we’re gonna need a bigger truck)
Kody Maldonado
Kody Maldonado 10 months ago
What happened to the boat and the Supra? Please respond
BC Stargazer
BC Stargazer 10 months ago
Yes we know the jack stands we're about to use are recalled - "Yeah"
Thanh Beach
Thanh Beach 10 months ago
So where is that Supra you were supposed to receive in March?
Richard Cartier
Richard Cartier 10 months ago
hey after watching the "Frame Repair" I though you might like to check out this US-first (I don't have a need for it but I certainly would build it before using a strap and a truck), not that I wasn't entertained. us-first.info/player/video/qamLrH2XY4-coac.html
Daniel Boskovski
Daniel Boskovski 10 months ago
Why mustang project is stoped?
Tom Ballenger
Tom Ballenger 10 months ago
Noooooooooooooooooo.. Take it to the frame shop! (What could possibly go wrong pulling it with the truck? How much time do you have? Okay. Full disclosure. I have done exactly what they are planning to do. It did not turn out well.) Good luck guys!
John Randle
John Randle 10 months ago
Did you know you are safer in a crash in a auto car than a manual when you're car is impacted your feet leg will be vulnerable because you will be useing your legs to brake and the clutch to minimize the impact the problem is that it hits those parts leaving with damage to your legs and feet you need to have an automatic car because you will only risk one leg and even them you could if careful remove on impact be careful
GuysOnDuty 10 months ago
I thought the whole truckpulling ting was a joke at first...
Woolly Cars
Woolly Cars 10 months ago
Next episode: we are glad to welcome our sponsor the frame machine straps. They are brilliant for fixing cars and you too can save thousands of dollars by not buying a frame machine. Love the honesty of the channel and would love to see a video of the lambo again
chase weeks
chase weeks 10 months ago
A Come-Along, a truck, and a telephone pole. I've used those three things to straighten a frame before.
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 10 months ago
Good vlog Mr. Wig. Is here with awesome vlogs to Love from U.K.
M M 10 months ago
Glad to see Oscar doing more talking. anagram this car as - eLoaner - make it a rental.
Lee Booyse
Lee Booyse 10 months ago
DIY! B is for BUILD
Murad Nazih
Murad Nazih 10 months ago
Bro please change the intro music, it sounds like a new channel
Andrew Travers
Andrew Travers 10 months ago
More videos!!!
Joey Rebuilds
Joey Rebuilds 10 months ago
Great Job Guys!
RedBeardJoe 10 months ago
Just remember to only say nice things about eBay or their execs will unleash a campaign ofv terror on you... Like the 6 that were just recently arrested did to a husband and wife who are bloggers.
Emils Kurpnieks
Emils Kurpnieks 10 months ago
Oscar did a great job!
Branson Kariuki
Branson Kariuki 10 months ago
Hey @bisforbuild Does ebay work for east Africa?
Acesulfam K
Acesulfam K 10 months ago
Plasma cutter for Oscar
KiGrind 10 months ago
Next time you might try using wood cribbing/block under the frame to keep the suspension from compressing and give you more leverage and stability to pull.
Cody 10 months ago
Hold my beer I'm going to fix this shit 👍
MiHiHemi 10 months ago
Sorry guys...bugging outa here. Too many commercials lately.
Mike 10 months ago
You guys need some of those manual frame pullers that those dudes in China on FB use.
Nui Tofiga
Nui Tofiga 10 months ago
Oh snap... make sure that money hungry hag who lost her shiz over the other mustang doesnt see this.
FreeQ 10 months ago
B is for Balls
Jason Molloy
Jason Molloy 10 months ago
You should call this car Helleanor
Kostas Sarakinos
Kostas Sarakinos 10 months ago
Oscar didn’t really like that idea lol you could tell..and I understand why... 😜
Gleaning The Scriptures
Usman Haider
Usman Haider 10 months ago
This is extremely sketchy and weird I love it
AutoMotivate 10 months ago
That was the best
John Doe
John Doe 10 months ago
Loved the ending to this vid 👍 #YeeHaw
AutoMotivate 10 months ago
lmao, "lets pull shit with my truck!"
co durone
co durone 10 months ago
I want oscar to be my mate
JASON DIXON 10 months ago
Hopefully Chris gets a bigger shop soon, Would love to see all the cars in my one place.
AutoMotivate 10 months ago
agreed, maybe get himself a warehouse somewhere
Paladynn 10 months ago
Me watching Oscar take more and more body off 👁👄👁
AMLagonda 10 months ago
Do we really need an automotive lesson? I find it annoying.
AutoMotivate 10 months ago
The more you know, the better
CoolioAlert 10 months ago
He called the flywheel the flex plate
Terry Fisher
Terry Fisher 10 months ago
Frame Doctor... 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Fix or Fab
Fix or Fab 10 months ago
buy oscar a plasma cutter
auto mech
auto mech 10 months ago
Just like old times
Golden Boi
Golden Boi 10 months ago
Chris: my build is .000001" off. let me fix this Also Chris: lets yank Oscars car around on the ground with my truck
All2skitzd 10 months ago
Always use chains to pull, straps make it a lot more work
PennyTheAbarth 10 months ago
15:00 argument started
Dan Can Do
Dan Can Do 10 months ago
I used a big come along to the hitch that way I had a bit more control. Pretty cool it worked
john smith
john smith 10 months ago
Chris quite being cheap and spend some youtube money and get Oscar a plasma cutter.
joshua boon
joshua boon 10 months ago
Take it this ones not being called Eleanor?
Ryan Stampke
Ryan Stampke 10 months ago
was waiting for that yellow strap to snap. You should be pulling with chains
AutoMotivate 10 months ago
Tommy Sutton
Tommy Sutton 10 months ago
every action has an equal and opposite reaction! Crash in = Bend Crash Out = Straight
Zach Sylvester
Zach Sylvester 10 months ago
"Make those bang bangs..." HA! Your descriptions while teaching are hilarious.