Oscars Mustang Gets Tube Framed - Will It Start?! 

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In today's episode oscars mustang gets a tube frame front end.
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Jun 25, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build 10 months ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/R_BisforBuild_iOS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/R_BisforBuild_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/R_BisforBuild_PC and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days
Shady Adel
Shady Adel 10 months ago
Where did the 67 mustang videos go ? What happened
cheerke 10 months ago
@hoodean I don't ;)
hoodean 10 months ago
@cheerke i cant believe you actually think he plays this game. it's called faking it for sponsors
MILE VOJVODA 10 months ago
That maf sensor must be mounted on plastic,metal tube give him some weird interference
cheerke 10 months ago
I just can't believe you play this game instead of building your car
steve 18 days ago
Can you register a car like this to be street legal?
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 6 months ago
I'm sure that the montages with the music are great, but Us blind people would appreciate some description of what you are doing.
Sil Vargas
Sil Vargas 7 months ago
Dean Scott
Dean Scott 8 months ago
If we can't get an O for Oscar tshirt, we need an 'Oscar did a great job' tshirt 🤣🤣
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Isaac Shehri
Isaac Shehri 9 months ago
No more metal supermarket?
Mean Mark
Mean Mark 9 months ago
Question. I’m about to be the owner of a 65 T-Bird. My 1st thoughts are to Coyote swap it. Any ideas on where I might be able to find a subframe for it? Help! Lol! Awesome videos by the way
Ben 9 months ago
Definitely enjoying Oscar having more "camera time"! He's doing a great job with the camera and talking through his build.
Micah Reinhart
Micah Reinhart 10 months ago
Last week I needed injectors to get home..... Only ones I had lying around were 270cc... The tune was for 140cc.... On my way to get new spark plugs now.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 10 months ago
What? No long-tube headers? lol.
metalguru triman
metalguru triman 10 months ago
Oscar, I like your work Sir great job
Marlene Sanchez
Marlene Sanchez 10 months ago
Wow. Oscar did an excellent job. Love it
Marlene Sanchez
Marlene Sanchez 10 months ago
Cardboards are the best create things.
J Nis1ger
J Nis1ger 10 months ago
Super pumped about this build! Thanks for bringing back a Mustang for those of us still depressed over the last one!
Peter Day
Peter Day 10 months ago
Oscar - part metal magician, part medicine man. The more destroyed the vehicle, the more creativity he unleashes. It has been very enjoyable watching you work, man.
Jamie D
Jamie D 10 months ago
Man, Oscar is unbelievably talented. It’s a little sad that Chris somewhat downplays the quality and ingenuity of Oscars work on camera. Evidently he is aware of the comments on this channel and the recognition Oscar receives from us.
Justin 10 months ago
Dude. Not torque wrench on that intake? Doomed to leak
Arthur Lovett
Arthur Lovett 10 months ago
Needs O2 Sensors to be hookup it read them through the computer.
John Rost
John Rost 10 months ago
Oscar is a mutha truckin beast!
WaterZone GT
WaterZone GT 10 months ago
B is for build is probably the only one I kept watching over the years I always got annoyed of other US-firstrs or they’d change so I’d stop watching, but b is for built has always Had something interesting to watch
Wayed K
Wayed K 10 months ago
when will somebody help you guys out and sponsor you with a cutter of some sort? I love how good you are with the angle grinder getting the different plates and what not cut out. how much time would you save when you simply get it out of a plasma cutter?
Renaud Latournerie
Renaud Latournerie 10 months ago
It's nice to see more of Oscar
Joe Pelanconi
Joe Pelanconi 10 months ago
Oscar needs to be on video more..............he seems to know his stuff....👍🏻
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 10 months ago
you should make your own GT500 retro like the last but just call it something else. i wanted to see i finished. such a cool build
Cnoevo Adventures
Cnoevo Adventures 10 months ago
great job oscar
HotRodder47 10 months ago
Love the sound of straight headers I'd say put on cutouts and run it like that
Zeno Watson
Zeno Watson 10 months ago
Bree Peng
Bree Peng 10 months ago
Your channel either dies a hero or lives long enough to be sponsored by raid shadow legends
Shady Adel
Shady Adel 10 months ago
Where did the 67 mustang videos go ? What happened
Leo V.
Leo V. 10 months ago
Holy crap, is that Oscar narrating? Love it!
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken 10 months ago
is that thing inspectable at this point? because your air bag sensor timing has to be way off now with that tube stuff... i never seen anyone do something like that and attempt to get it inspected... would be interesting to know.. wait a minute wtf am I thinking you're going to put 67 sheet metal on it... you can't even use those airbags anymore heh
p Johnson
p Johnson 10 months ago
Do you still have the Baja vet ?
Alfredo Mendoza
Alfredo Mendoza 10 months ago
Oscar knows what he is doing for sure. 👌
s dot remo
s dot remo 10 months ago
Jesus Oscar needs a glove sponsor!!! 💪💪💪😂😂😂
a Johnson
a Johnson 10 months ago
this will be so much better than that other shit car who will not be named
Ali Asad
Ali Asad 10 months ago
I am getting Divorced in the morning and i am loving the songs used in the time lapse videos. Literally dancing holding my cell phone. Track names anyone??? D for Divorce.
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay 10 months ago
If you didn't think oscar did a great job! In the burntacon hold his truly! Oscar is a freaking beast!!!
Bruce Reimer
Bruce Reimer 10 months ago
RazoE 10 months ago
Damn, Oscar's the man 😮
Fabio G.D
Fabio G.D 10 months ago
dude oscar is a freaking beast
Andrew Masters
Andrew Masters 10 months ago
Hey Chris, not sure how much experience you have with AC work, but you're going to want to vacuum out the entire system for 45 minutes to an hour before you put any refrigerant in. This is to get out any moisture as moisture in AC systems causes serious issues. You're also going to want to add some PAG oil since the whole condenser got replaced, probably not the whole amount required for the system, but some.
TyHoulihan 10 months ago
So did you re install the torque converter onto the trans before re installing the engine orrr
Genci0 10 months ago
Whata fuck happend with the Mustang Elenor... Atleast change color and call it fastback or B mustang or something. I want to see it out on the roads.
Terrall Putnam
Terrall Putnam 10 months ago
Oscar is a pro with CAD Cardboard Aided Design! Amazing work Oscar!!!
Rob Ardy
Rob Ardy 10 months ago
Oscar for prez 2020. He’s the hero we need.
andyb7766 10 months ago
All 3 of you should do a new build series Who can buy a salvage car build them for under 10k each then sell them at the end for as much as you can
bmkapec98 10 months ago
Out of all the automotive channels on US-first that have tried to get a Netflix series deal Chris and BIFB should be the ones their content is uncomparable
Paul Bacon Kustom Works
Wow you are rockin it. Great episode.
Daniel Alicea
Daniel Alicea 10 months ago
This comment is for Oscar directly, Dude i love wacthing you work, it's like, "this is how you do things the right way the first time, no problems later". wish more people had your work ethic.I really hope one day to be able to afford you to help work on my cars.
teamidris 10 months ago
Apocalypse? Looks at tube work . . . Nope :D *if it is way nicer than my race truck of 25 years it ain’t rat :o)
Daniel Carlson’s
Daniel Carlson’s 10 months ago
What happened to the boat?
Mr Macky
Mr Macky 10 months ago
Oscar is a fabricating machine. Awesome 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler 10 months ago
I really wanna see oscars car making big boy power
Five dots Dave
Five dots Dave 10 months ago
Oh no, you forgot the golden rule.....
Emile Brousseau-Vaillancourt
Oscar is the Mickey spec of this chanel! Amazing fab skills!
Josh Biller
Josh Biller 10 months ago
24:05 I can't believe this helped me get my WRX to start and idle after over a month of thinking it was a fueling issue 😂
Jeremy 10 months ago
I want to see Kyle’s car
Christopher Curtis
Christopher Curtis 10 months ago
Questions: Why not tube frame all the way to the firewall. That way you could use a Mustang II style suspension which you could find pretty cheap. ALSO...thoughts on an A/C delete?
Aloha YT
Aloha YT 10 months ago
Look at Oscar!! His a youtuber now! with his own dialogs and all!
Anthony Ralston
Anthony Ralston 10 months ago
Really like Oscar talking and explaining
Toby Treasure
Toby Treasure 10 months ago
B Is For Build needs more Oscar!
Razz Berry
Razz Berry 10 months ago
Sweet progress! Idea for a future build, take an old harley trike and put a body around it shaped like those tree air fresheners, LS swap it, then name it "Smell-Me-More"
Joaquim Tavares
Joaquim Tavares 10 months ago
music at 2:38? :)
IDtent33 10 months ago
how to get another mustang taken away by legal lmao
DoktoR VoLoX Guitars
DoktoR VoLoX Guitars 10 months ago
Oscar is the man! Really nice to ear him more, and work on his own project
Dm Details
Dm Details 10 months ago
If you need any cars detailed HMU Chris ;)
Dm Details
Dm Details 10 months ago
B is for build always doing the coolest projects
Sascha Fuchs
Sascha Fuchs 10 months ago
Oskar is finally on his own. Go Oskar! Part of the ship, part of the creeeww!!! :D
Dan Bell
Dan Bell 10 months ago
I really appreciate the explanations you give about what you are doing and how things work. I know nothing about engines and don't want to become a mechanic but some basics are always good. I enjoy watching the process and how you get to a finished project.
Paul Forsythe
Paul Forsythe 10 months ago
I love this channel.
DJ Warner
DJ Warner 10 months ago
The MAF sensor is calibrated to a certain diameter intake tube. Changing the diameter requires a MAF re calibration. Had the same problem when I swapped a 3.6L V6 into a Miata.
David McGuire
David McGuire 10 months ago
I like this episode I’ve missed hearing “Oscar did a great job”
Army_Grade_17 10 months ago
What song at 07:50??
Steve Kocinski
Steve Kocinski 10 months ago
I love Oscar's cheeky little face. These builds are awesome.
ChrisMeredith 10 months ago
dude, stop with the raid shit. get another sponsor
David Waldie
David Waldie 10 months ago
Great that Oscar is playing a bigger part in front of the camera. His fab skills are awesome.
Jacoparty 10 months ago
What's Oscars Chanel???
Alan Passmore
Alan Passmore 10 months ago
I think the only thing lacking in b is for build is a shop 🐕
Peter 10 months ago
If the engine swap timelaps had been 20 min with the sound of the rain on top, it would have been the ultimate relax-asmr-thing.
Purple Helmet
Purple Helmet 10 months ago
Fantastic work, pleasure to watch. Great to see and hear more of Oscar on the channel. Looking forward to seeing this one come together!
robert survis
robert survis 10 months ago
Oscar is a fabrication beast!! Lol 😂 love how he did All mounting point for factory looks even down to Ecu and fuse/relay box. Killer work man! Amazing content as always guys
Keith Spencer Sr.
Keith Spencer Sr. 10 months ago
Oscar’s the man, I need a friend like, so I have something to do daily, lol
Darryl Hayashi
Darryl Hayashi 10 months ago
Can someone get Oscar a plasma cutter!
Drew Seibert
Drew Seibert 10 months ago
Did Oscar just say “front bash bar”?? I like it 👍😆
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. 10 months ago
Good vlog you are awesome brother Mr. Wig. Is here to with good vlogs from U.K.
JBTYpr 10 months ago
You should get your driveway asphalted Chris! Better for your cars and if you have to work outside
plageran 10 months ago
Duct tape for the win lol
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 10 months ago
We are in "Oscar did a great job" season. LOL Chris, that really needs to be a shirt man... it does. Lol
Oscar Ordonez
Oscar Ordonez 10 months ago
Whenever you say Oscar it freaks me out. I feel like if you are either talking about me or to me😂
harley de beer
harley de beer 10 months ago
Oscars clever hands built that f#ckedstang in the dirt and in no time,really can’t wait to see this project get to the next stage! And what happened with the BM-trouble you?
Tom Myers
Tom Myers 10 months ago
I'm glad Oscar got to talk!
Dan _
Dan _ 10 months ago
Me: I've got some work to do, bro! US-first: laughs in Build, Goonz, Jay Leno, JRgo, Demuro, Hoovie, Scracc, uncle Rich, Bruce Wilson, Tussik, Garage54, and other folks doing great stuff for the world to see ..
The Gamer Lord
The Gamer Lord 10 months ago
I prefer the term branused for "new" used parts haha. Excellent work guys! I can't wait to see this one be done! I absolutely love the idea of body swapping a classic mustang onto a newer platform. I was heartbroken about what happened to the last project. This is going to be gorgeous once it's done!
SNK Drone
SNK Drone 10 months ago
You guys keep saying good things about oscar... this is why Chris makes him work outside
Urban Mods
Urban Mods 10 months ago
Oscar is a beast fabricator. Doing a dam good job on that tube frame
Justin Abby
Justin Abby 10 months ago
Should do some Enduro racing with these
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 10 months ago
I am amazed that Oscars hands aren't cut all to hell with all the metal work that he does! He never wears gloves!🤣
xrmerkur 10 months ago
🐎Mustang anything for me 👀🏁 Glad you guys got right back on the saddle
2oulK1ng 10 months ago
Raid----- Me: skip 1 min