Oscars Mustang Gets Lowered And Custom Wide Fender Flares! 

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In today's episode were lowering Oscar's Mustang down on new springs and struts, and then building custom widebody fender flares and installing the 2016 side skirt.
Thanks to maximummotorsports.com for the awesome struts, springs and camber plates.
Thanks www.nittotire.com/ for always supporting our builds with the best tires.
And thanks to gomobiletires.com/ for getting our tires on our wheels!
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Jul 9, 2020




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Scott Houston
Scott Houston 6 days ago
why didnt you guys just use a flare tool to flare the guards out? past the wheel?
Gerardo Alvarez
Gerardo Alvarez Month ago
Those fender flares are not it cheif
Edward Geiger
Edward Geiger 2 months ago
I know I'm way behind.. but you HAVE to keep the 5.0 badge off the finder! Turn it into a magnet or something. Customer give-away!
Loud Cheese
Loud Cheese 3 months ago
I hate the whole apocalypse theme but this could be a beautiful car, I would love to see it fully painted, I think it would be cooler that way even though apocalyptic things are cool and all. Just not for this car
Stangman12 3 months ago
It was looking good until you guys started hacking fenders and quarter panels,should of went with a set of rims that sit inwards and kept it classic looking,this is my favorite body style on 1st gen and fox bodies coupes are my cup of tea.
Ron Swanston
Ron Swanston 3 months ago
Really don't like the over fenders. It's your project though. I think most people would rather see an old mustang body on the new car.
Calvin Honeycutt
Calvin Honeycutt 3 months ago
Fender flares look like s-t
Jose De jesus
Jose De jesus 3 months ago
Why the wide body kit smh. Could of just kept it classic.
Jeremy Eckert
Jeremy Eckert 3 months ago
Slow down your talking my man. Almost want to listen to this in slow mo
Tractorhead 3 months ago
Please keep the notchback rear window, it’s way more retro and interesting. And yes those side skirts are Not Nice, not even bad in a good way, just naff.
Elliot Lunsford
Elliot Lunsford 3 months ago
How did the original car wreck? I'm curious
Jacob Roach
Jacob Roach 3 months ago
“We went with the cut this off option”.... not surprised at all
drc 086
drc 086 3 months ago
NF LTD 3 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
Blue Duck
Blue Duck 3 months ago
Lowered the car too much. Had you left stock suspension on, would have saved time.
Diamondtron7 3 months ago
The whole apocalypse car thing is over done and really tacky to me, I would've much rather seen a clean tasteful build. The flares totally ruin it.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 3 months ago
The front wheels kind of hug the rear of the fender cuttouts.
Tony Blackie
Tony Blackie 3 months ago
Gone too far with the flares. Stop!
Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant 3 months ago
This Build Looks Like Total Shit Vtuned’s is Gonna Look Way Better
The Guy
The Guy 3 months ago
You guys are koo koo. Would've been smarter to cut to fit the spacer than cut center hub that helps center the rotor.
mrkrojo 3 months ago
This is definitely the most advanced build ever done... in a forest.
oscar chavez
oscar chavez 3 months ago
hi gents I like the wheels
gibsondrummer 3 months ago
The whole thing looks like shit Maybe for a death race looka like
TylerM0103 3 months ago
I think that apocalypse cars are so underrated that seeing builds like this are so cool and inspiring to me
Peter Schade
Peter Schade 3 months ago
Never saw this kind of build before. Great fun! Use to big production shows like Overhaulin and Search and Restore.
Goyco Goyco
Goyco Goyco 3 months ago
I was with you guys until you welded those hideous fender flares
gary rendano
gary rendano 3 months ago
are those just mudflaps along the fenders? those are stupid
steve schrader
steve schrader 3 months ago
what happened to the videos of the othe mustang
ludger will gaster
ludger will gaster 3 months ago
Too low
ludger will gaster
ludger will gaster 3 months ago
But I like raised rear lowered front look..from 80s
Fred Maxwell
Fred Maxwell 3 months ago
I was just wondering weren't those dust covers you cut off so the wheel spacers would fit were for the front wheel bearings? That seems a little dangerous to me. I like the factory 2016 rims better then those others also. Not sure I would of lowered the car since a Mustang sits pretty low anyways.
Cosme Trujillo
Cosme Trujillo 3 months ago
Oscar is the brain The other guy bla bla bla only
Super5 4 months ago
U guys are making me cry, I honestly really wanted to see something badass and elegant, sexy and made to perfection, like the Eleonor u were making, everything seemed to be going great till the fenders and even worst the side skirt, that apocalypse thing is for an old scrap car not for a mustang with such huge potential for elegance.
Claude Roberts
Claude Roberts 4 months ago
Get rid of those PATUGLY fender flares and get a wide body kit!
matt bergseid
matt bergseid 4 months ago
don't take this personally, but you guys are butchers....
Bill Dysert
Bill Dysert 4 months ago
you had me till you put that fender winder ,,,looks like a old school bracket car from 1980s ,,,,which looked like crap ,,,,
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 4 months ago
Couldn't stand success. Should have done the traditional wide body mod.
Oscar Valdez
Oscar Valdez 4 months ago
Mustang frankestein
josh eller
josh eller 4 months ago
All that work just to half-ass the fenders. You can do better.
Build and Rebuild
Build and Rebuild 4 months ago
Your driveway at the shop looks like the forest floor. 😂🤣
Todd Williams
Todd Williams 4 months ago
Nasty flare job, rocker panel tie in..... Bleah
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 4 months ago
Wtf! 2 min a machine shop would have had the spacers made to fit!
DJet-mighty 4 months ago
You went to all the trouble of putting 60's style body on it and then you put a side skirt that looks like something off a new car. No, don't do it. Get narrower wheels or mill off what you can from the back of the rims so that it will fit. Or at least make it so the flares can be much smaller. No sheet metal flares please
Jo Daddy's Garage
Jo Daddy's Garage 4 months ago
Will this be run on a dirt track?
MollyAnnMill 4 months ago
B is for Bad idea! The fender flares and the wheels look terrible
Gary McCoy
Gary McCoy 4 months ago
Holy Crap! Are you serious? Ruined the car...
Matt D
Matt D 4 months ago
Why cut the HUB?!! I can CNC a billet hubcentric spacer for you guys.!
James Flynn
James Flynn 4 months ago
Yeah gotta agree...you go to all the trouble with the body,and the ride height...you ditch the bangin wheels then you totally ruin the look by slappin a couple of bits of old bits of steel over the wheels?...
Mr. D
Mr. D 4 months ago
K P 4 months ago
I like the fist wheel you tried.
Apollomidco 4 months ago
Where are the new videos, can only rewatch these so many times. Love the content want more.
Enesis 4 months ago
6 days no video and you done nothing on your own car........ boring. You are so good.... and so talented.. why the slow videos, delays and content... imagine if you did more and how many more subs you could have........ just want more from you, as you are so awesome... but argg!!
Jami Nesar
Jami Nesar 4 months ago
We need a 2020 garage update and also all the cars sold.
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall 4 months ago
Make the fenders flares longer to connect to the side skirt and the rears of the fender my dudes
Kaiden Hall
Kaiden Hall 4 months ago
Put long travel on a car for ur next build! I’d watch the shit outa that my dudes
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
those plastic universal flares would look way better than those stupid things
Sha Crayt
Sha Crayt 4 months ago
Where is the fast back? Serious question. Been away for a minute the
Larry Garcia
Larry Garcia 4 months ago
Wide body should have flared fenders nice a molded into the body not tacked on. The looks is werong.
Roderich Valdivie
Roderich Valdivie 4 months ago
The spacers are not dangerous???
SchecterOJ 4 months ago
what happened to the yacht? its summer time!! nice episode :)
Brandon Bild
Brandon Bild 4 months ago
I honestly would have rather seen the new stang fender flares instead of the tragedy that is these awful things
kenzo de neef
kenzo de neef 4 months ago
where is the boat build?
Top Gama
Top Gama 4 months ago
Not liking this
Pete Polyakov
Pete Polyakov 4 months ago
rear fender thar was made of newer piece of mustang was cool. those small "wider" arcs look like shit
Pete Polyakov
Pete Polyakov 4 months ago
front arc isn't centered to the wheel, hopefully they won't left it like this.
leteci tanjir
leteci tanjir 4 months ago
it is the ugliest car I ever have seen it is painful to see with that fender flares it never going to look like car pig is more beautiful
Taimoor Khan
Taimoor Khan 4 months ago
We are waiting for the new video on the Oscar's mustang...
Musawir Kasi
Musawir Kasi 4 months ago
Long time no update.. What happened.. are you sewed again? 😂
RyderHook22 4 months ago
With those flares and side skirt you ruined the whole car! Looks terrible, remove it!
Paul Gleeson
Paul Gleeson 4 months ago
Weren't we supposed to be 3 video a week
GRG AUTOMOTIVE 4 months ago
Sorry not picking on it i love the car as it is too it fits the apocalypse theme well im a huge mustang fan
GRG AUTOMOTIVE 4 months ago
Use front finder lowers to exstend the finders by the doors down to the side skirt in the front as well
GRG AUTOMOTIVE 4 months ago
Also you could use 67 coupe finders and quarters skins to try and extend the flarea on this one. Would help keep with the original body lines just accentuate them out a little. Have the rears come out to match the width of the side skirts you spaced out and use sheet metal to transition them to the original quarters
GRG AUTOMOTIVE 4 months ago
Would love to do this with a 69 fastback. Would help with the width issues as its easier to cut and to tge quarters and finders on them and keep the original look for the most part outside and would allow to run a stagered rim or lipped rim giving a nice musle car look
MrFabulousmanny 4 months ago
More content needs to be pushed out sooner, love this channel but I am losing interest!
STEEL ROCKS 4 months ago
thinking people thought maybe can-am mustang but no
Richard Denson
Richard Denson 4 months ago
😭😭😭 damn man this must be a joke
Tej Bergin
Tej Bergin 4 months ago
Those flares a ugly...do an RWB style
Steven Erik Krupsdahl Thoft Andersen
A company named Omaze is giving away a 67 Mustang “Eleanor”. Is it yours?
Ian Murchie
Ian Murchie 4 months ago
I like the look of this. I'm glad you decided to make it look more old school rather than new old. Your tying it all together nicely 😊🖒👊🍻
Paul Duquette
Paul Duquette 4 months ago
Everyone upvote this... I have to know is the car in the omaze ad your car??????
Chester Morningstar
Chester Morningstar 4 months ago
The orange and purple shock/springs with the pea soup green rims is interesting. Hmmm soup. After the side skirt was put in place, it doesnt look like you can open the door. Funny, for an apocalypse car, its lowered. Are the streets gonna be clean and free of debris after the apocalypse?
The Webmaster
The Webmaster 4 months ago
Knocking Piston
Knocking Piston 4 months ago
now when he gets copyright for the fenders :)
Carl J Morgan
Carl J Morgan 4 months ago
Oh man there's a better way to flair those fenders, On an old episode of TRUCKS when they built the Ford Ranger Kevin Tiets showed how to put flairs on a stock fender that would have looked way better! Love the concept your doing just seems you got lazy on the flairs!
Keanu Govender
Keanu Govender 4 months ago
Y dont you use the body pieces of the previous mustang build
DreadPirateRoberts 4 months ago
Why didn’t you make any more boat videos that is your most popular video.
Lo.0p 4 months ago
I hope to see in this car a crazy nice done roll cage would be cool for what those guy are looking for
mc neeger c
mc neeger c 4 months ago
still waiting for boat part 2...
thiago lopes
thiago lopes 4 months ago
do the fender like The Gambler 500 mercedes that you did a while ago
NotoriousBAY 4 months ago
this car reminds me of the mercedes benz koenig special
Dougie Savage
Dougie Savage 4 months ago
What happened to the yacht
D-jox Jochem Verlaat
This went bad real quick. Good luck guys.
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
”Ruined in 60 seconds”
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
Was really impressed with the solid build.... until this episode, what the hell? cutting the hubs? and the flares? nah guys, you need to rethink this one.
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 4 months ago
It would be cool to see rusty exhaust pipes run along the sills instead of the body kit but hey still looks cool
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison 4 months ago
Wheels do not need to register on a center hub to safely support the load of the car. It is the frictional force between the wheel and brake disc face that keeps the wheel in place, due to the force applied by the lug nuts. We drove cars without hub-centric wheels for about 100 years. Centering the wheel via the hub reduces wheel vibrations, but isn't a necessity for safety.
Bored00m 4 months ago
was excited for the build until this episode. I do not like the widebody fender add-ons or side skirt idea at all.
garry lawrie
garry lawrie 4 months ago
I've seen some cowboys in my time, but this takes the biscuit, what a POS
Colby Smith
Colby Smith 4 months ago
I was totally into this build but you guys took a hard left turn this episode first cutting the hubs only to use the stock wheels any way then those flairs 😳😳😳