Painting the Huracan Frame and Building Carbon Fiber Doors 

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In today's episode we repaint the huracan engine bay/frame and then jump into building carbon fiber door skins. Huge thanks to our sponsor fibreglast.com for supporting us on our carbon fiber journeys.
And thanks to Wrapco PDX wrapcopdx.com follow them on insta/FB @wrapcoPDX , if you're in the portland area hit them up for all your wrapping/signage needs.
And if you're looking for my awesome turbine spraying system, head over to hvlp.com/ and look at their lines of turbine spraying systems.
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Oct 31, 2019




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Joao Alegrio
Joao Alegrio 5 months ago
Link for the part 2, please and they could have made the piece and glued it directly to the original and the difference would be a measly 2 or 3 millimeters
John Mellor
John Mellor 10 months ago
Why does everyone give them so much free shit?
Laszlo Attila
Laszlo Attila Year ago
Taking so much effort for making the doors only 100 grams lighter... If you are building a lightweight race car, why don't you throw out all the heavy electrical systems, like electric windows and electric lock, and make it manual.
Anastasios Pezos
That’s not how you take a door skin off
Olympus Tech
Olympus Tech Year ago
please buy the babe some work gloves you killing her hands :) cheers
James T
James T Year ago
Rubbing filler and cutting carbon fiber is not a great idea in a spray booth... you will always be fighting debris in your paint
Vableme Year ago
Music on 5:00 ?
T M Year ago
Door poppers are all good. Until, like every B is for Build car, the battery goes flat...
sweedish walrus
Love the videos. Is the yacht coming back?
C Cato
C Cato Year ago
That bug in the right corner in the water is funny as hell hahahahahaha wtf?!?! 5:37
hsensei Year ago
I hope you have a way to charge your battery with locked doors.
Toadwine Year ago
Uuugh sEmAcAR. And you are using a spray can... waste of our time
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Year ago
So much hate in the 98% of comments, he should do this he should do that. What I see is this: The main objective is to take the car to SEMA NOT RACING THE CAR AT SEMA..... so he is making a HUGE EFFORT to acomplish that in no time, after the show... im sure Chris will make things right.
Home Built By Jeff
A good tip for removing door skins quicker and easier is to just to grind all the way around the very outside edge (as in 90 degrees to the face of the skin) until you grind through the fold and the skin will then basically peel straight off.
David S
David S Year ago
Carspotter Year ago
The music at 13:19 brings back memories of the M5... who is still here?
Carspotter Year ago
The music at 13:19 brings back memories of the M5... who is still here?
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane Year ago
Me: *takes a shot everytime door is said* Also me: *thinking of that theme song in Underground 2*
Goodballa Year ago
*"Now Kyle is going to hack a perfectly good Huracan door apart with a grinder." *Paraphrasing
Goodballa Year ago
Oh, and we are excited about it...
krneki44 Year ago
The doors should've really been made full carbon. Just the outside panel is like 20% of work. and it's going to get wrapped. It feels le it's made like this just so you can say it's carbon :/
Hero Galvez
Hero Galvez Year ago
Am i the only one noticing the bug on the water going around the shop?
If it says 420 on the adhesive you know it's good stuff
French Rick
French Rick Year ago
The boat???????????
Rick Turk
Rick Turk Year ago
wish it was coming through Kingman AZ like all the other cars heading to SEMA
David Brooks
David Brooks Year ago
What booth is your car going to be in ?
Elga Kurniawan
Looks simple rear frame.. all can made it
Ethan Macheras
Frame and doors look awesome!
Fee_ Lo
Fee_ Lo Year ago
The deeper you get into this build the less sense it makes. I appreciate your skill but the concept is terrible. Maybe it’s all about cheap horsepower but this is becoming a weird custom kit car or something.
Matthias Year ago
Builds a 1500hp deathtrap, makes sure noone is getting out alive by removing doorhandles. Brutal :D
John Alm
John Alm Year ago
got a simpler tip for removing door skin , just grind edge of skin and the whole skin comes off as one piece , just grind lip til you see the skin and lip separate thats peened over into inside of door , thats how bodyshops do it
Toufiqur Rahman Toufique
Where is the next video? please update.
Garrett Underwood
People need to realize that he's an amateur rebuilding a totalled Lamborghini that had no rear or front end. Also, doing it in his garage. Pretty sure he's doing better than 99% of people talking crap could do. That being said, so much overspray...
Your girl is for the culture man💪🏾🤧 i fucks with the vibes bro😂💯
BionycWolf Year ago
So what happened to daily content lol
Alexander Shaw
You need to marry Chelsea (hope I got her name right) because any woman willing to get dirty with you is a keeper.
Eddie _
Eddie _ Year ago
I'm watching this episode again and telling myself that it's a new episode. Its excruciating waiting between episodes.
83Nipa83 Year ago
Waiting for new episode :(
Nick Wisniewski
It looks like hes got a screw in the tyre
Almost Serious
Sema goers will admire the work but will have no idea on how to appreciate all the work...
Tony Condor
Tony Condor Year ago
He’s gonna have a black Sparco steering wheel with two red buttons on it.
Charming nowhere to hide
Nobody: The insect in the bottom right corner of the screen when he was painting the engine bay: Drowns
cyr16 Year ago
I was getting worried that Chelsea was gone! Nice to see thats she's still kickin! So when is the wedding?
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts Year ago
Awesome build! Remember to have a hidden alternative way to open a door, or way into the car, for if and when an actuator, battery, or anything else fails that would keep you from getting in. You’re obviously mechanically inclined, so more than likely have that covered. This is just a friendly reminder
Charming nowhere to hide
All these bad comments about the car😒😒 seriously at least hope for the best
titochuz Year ago
Whats the material on Huracan doors? would it be just about the same weight to keep the doors instead of using painted fiber ?
Ashlee Danvers
Dudeeee how’s the gtr the other huracan n the boat dudeee update videos after sema plss ? And love the progress of this car it’s come a long way , when I first saw it I had so much doubt but it’s turned out better than I can imagine love the channel dude
Adam McGee
Adam McGee Year ago
Love telling someone about your work and then seeing you at the same time at BWW!!!
ryan brown
ryan brown Year ago
Do you think this car is gonna make it the sema
Edd Jordan
Edd Jordan Year ago
is carbon fiber lighter than fiber glass? i know its stronger.
Rey Baybay
Rey Baybay Year ago
Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?Did you finish it?
kbugay Year ago
I'm waiting for upload Chris!!!!!!
Elijah Richards
I hope that repaired door wasn’t aluminum on that back side
Jeremy Cornelle
Hot Girl Friend.. Put a Ring on it.....lol
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Year ago
Dude 44 on trending as I'm watching!
Benny Factr
Benny Factr Year ago
I don't understand the point of these carbon door skins. They don't save weight, they're being wrapped, and they take so much time.
Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald Year ago
The removal of the door skins made my teeth itch.
Fabian Delgado
Sema is in 2 days and the car doesn’t have its engine in yet
TAHL_ P Year ago
All these bad comments about the car😒😒 seriously at least hope for the best
Michel Adochim
You just ripped off a super expensive lambo door, and you are excited about it! OmG
Chris you have modded an electrically operated door latch release, not a door "popper" you will still need a handle of some sort to pull the door open I would think, not only that, I can't see your mod as being legal for obvious reasons
Dass auto
Dass auto Year ago
U better wash the engine bay
monkeyman 911
monkeyman 911 Year ago
What tires are those
Exsert worm
Exsert worm Year ago
I recommend you watch this video with the playback at 2
Avinash Sangle
B is being unable to go to sema
senior prospectus2016
What is the point of the door skins
Jeremy Kidd
Jeremy Kidd Year ago
Tavarish just shouted you out on his channel
Justin Fleming
From a Locksmith’s point of view... with shaved door handles, run some battery leads accessible underneath the car(or a nice hidden spot). In case, the doors are locked and the battery’s dies.
Daphne Arcilla
Put some carbon fiber to make it smooth not just black paint to cover the burned part.. carbon fiber overlay will make it more presentable.
Peter Grove
Peter Grove Year ago
As Rossini said "there is no greater inspiration than necessity". Five days to go!
The Webmaster
The Webmaster Year ago
Not sure those doors will pass safety inspection for a race track. Surely safety teams need a way to access the car in an emergency.
Dylan Willing
Dylan Willing Year ago
What happen to trivia nights man
Simon Moon
Simon Moon Year ago
How this car is gonna be done on time is beyond my imagination.
Could have tried Forged carbon looks much easier to do on edges!
SuperDave Dev
SuperDave Dev Year ago
Correct me if I am wrong but your green Lambo must be scrap yard junk after all of the strippings?
Str8Killin 843
Why no video Friday?!?
Erik Year ago
There is a saying a spanish that is "el huevon trabaja doble" u should of just covered everything 🤦‍♂️oh well whats done is done
Cameron Martin
B is for Give Oscar a Raise
steven thomas
steven thomas Year ago
Shoddy work
this vs leroy
Thomas Mulaku
Thomas Mulaku Year ago
bring Chelsea out more
jack napier
jack napier Year ago
u should of rhino lined it tbh
El Sueno
El Sueno Year ago
Hiiii Chelsea!!!!!
Ayden Bruce
Ayden Bruce Year ago
I love how he uses lamborghini wheels as beater wheels
fly.w4vy Year ago
I noticed the idea for the door locks didn't happen till you worked on the 2nd door and had already fitted the skin to the 1st frame so does that mean only 1 door will have working locks or did you retrofit to the 1st door afterwards?
Tim Braithwaite
Where is the next video
BlueDually4x4 Year ago
Depending on the track you will need a mechanical way for someone to open both doors from the outside, or you won't be racing it at a track at all. You will need a roll cage if its faster than 11.49 in the 1/4 mile. As well as a 5 point belt and full metal screw in valve stems. And now that I think about it, I would question if the turbo placement would pass tech inspection with only the headers holding them as usually turbos are mounted much closer to the engine so less pipe to flex.
Angelo Year ago
We better be getting some bad ass drag runs/videos after sema
James Whelan
James Whelan Year ago
loved the carbon fiber door build man!!!
Naman Taylor
Naman Taylor Year ago
B is for balling on a budget
Kurtz Garfield
I'm addicted...
kody braden
kody braden Year ago
so how much weight did you save from the door panels?
Kurt Sumthinorother
Watch redline racing in Australia. You would use cardboard behind the edges of the door. Use filler wax to radius to cardboard. Make mold onto the cardboard. You don't have tight bend over edge and have ton of room for flange for vac bag. Making inside door is real weight saver. Fill all holes with cardboard and wax radius. It's just as easy as outside.
Alan Spangler
Alan Spangler Year ago
If you take a grinder to the edge of the door, you can grind through and separate the door skin much easier
Holly shit you r number 35 on trending
Julian Stafford-Wood
So what happens when the door poppers fail? Loving the build and your approach
Tarek Z
Tarek Z Year ago
If you had a good door why bother making a CF skin for it? The damaged door makes sense. Am I missing something?
r6Lucky Year ago
Instant like!
Chris Greer
Chris Greer Year ago
This is a "racecar".... with stretched tires
Hope4NewDay Year ago
This video actually made it on the trending tab.
Robert H.
Robert H. Year ago
He'll regret the decision to shave those handles the very first time the battery dies.