Parts are in!! And We Bring the Huracan Back to Life!! 

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In today's episode we're unboxing a ton of our new parts for the Huracan, and hacking into the electrical system with the hopes of bringing it back to life, as well as finishing our rear engine mounts.
Huge thanks to the sponsors of the build.
If you need oil head to motul.com
If you're looking for fuel systems or parts go to www.deatschwerks.com/
If you need an ECU / Engine management head over to haltech.com
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Jun 24, 2019




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Guru Rob
Guru Rob 23 days ago
sooo sickkkk 👍
Anthony’s Automotive
Very expensive clock
Rodney Harris
Rodney Harris 7 months ago
Yeah it's called anti seize just put it on the alinamin and on the steel and it prevents galvanic corrosion
FGIALC Gorge 10 months ago
Tf is a doptinflonger?
EpicHeelToe Year ago
Fra-gee-lay. Must be Italian!
331YAP Year ago
Here you can find a diagram of wires in the vehicle www.emanualonline.com/Cars/Lamborghini/Gallardo.htm
Scott Puru
Scott Puru Year ago
Oscar is the best
Check'n Games
Check'n Games Year ago
Love the build and it would be great to do it but I swear they wouldn't allow you to put it on the road in Australia. The modifications to the main frame (especially the cut'n'shunt) are illegal as far as I know. You might be able to get an engineers certificate for the join but then you cut a whole section out of the front for the transmision. Pretty sure you need to keep full integrity to the main frame. No idea about America though. Good luck.
Ryan MacEwen
Ryan MacEwen Year ago
Yeah, better use aluminum studs for the aluminum heads and block. LOL! Galvanitic corrosion.. Do these folks even look under a hood? or a car?
Xander du Plessis
He keeps saying "and all that fun stuff"
Jerald Lifsey
Jerald Lifsey Year ago
26:20 the motor mounts were going to get painted, right?
Milo Aho
Milo Aho Year ago
The corrosion thing is ridiculous. Aluminum wheels are bolted to steel hubs all of the time. I know that they can seize but who cares
Manon Largesse
You HAVE TO meet with Cleetus and make a vid togetter to show and compare with Leroyyyyyyy!!!
olsonspeed Year ago
O is for Oscar, the man has the skills.
Macek Tlustý
Macek Tlustý Year ago
proč jsi do toho nasral zrovna tenhle motor ? je něčím výjimečný ?
Me Me
Me Me Year ago
Tavarish ?????
bigmunny waltdaddyice
Oscar is the Mutha Flipping Man!
Julius Roberts
What about the galvanized corrosion factor?
Tank Life Plus!
I just can’t get into this build
Panic Farts
Panic Farts Year ago
props for making the content... but you have no idea what you are doing.
Will i am
Will i am Year ago
Chevrolet cobalt has a great A/C setup it's Electric.
Watt U Say
Watt U Say Year ago
Every car builder needs a guy like Oscar!!!
Mohit Surtani
Mohit Surtani Year ago
I have a feeling tuning fork will cameo soon
rage5606 Year ago
Im here for the insanity...
Haikal Hilmi
Haikal Hilmi Year ago
Music at 25:12 ?
Jose Cervantes
What type of ls engine is in the car?
R. T.
R. T. Year ago
Can't wait to see this running and driving and scare this shit out of lambo owners LOL 🤣
The Prices
The Prices Year ago
What a waste of time and money......shit.
Kostas Sarakinos
Buy a electric compressor of AliExpress!! So you can mount it at the front !!
BoostAddict Year ago
If you find the right person with a VAG-Com, they should be able to bypass the TCM check in the ECU. It'll just completely ignore the lack of a TCM if you disable that in the software.
BoostAddict Year ago
just don't run A/C lol, that's what windows are for. They go down and air go wooosh
Tenright77 Year ago
Dude, You really know where your towel is... I was hearing the Eagles Screem by the end of this video.
TRuly ExPliCiT
Shoulda gone Aluminum block but hey this is still super cool
Mohammad Husnain
He has, follow his Instagram, Texas speed have sourced and built an aluminium block for him
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood Year ago
If you haven’t found an AC compressor, the CTS V one bolts to the bottom of the block on the passenger side. Very compact fitment.
RichieT5 Year ago
Freddie (Tavarish) is converting a Merc 500SL to manual so maybe fire him an email? He’s also a Lambo fan 😉
RichieT5 Year ago
That plug is a stereo plug for sure. Really awesome project
Stoked you got oscar on this build! The guys wields and fabrication are the best I've seen.
Randy Rasmussen
U should have Steve meade "smd CEO" make u a custom distribution block he has a US-first channel
Daniel Fadera
Daniel Fadera Year ago
No crush tube in the crossmember for the second part of the engine mount ?
jojo A
jojo A Year ago
Oscar got more screen time in 1 vid than Kyle has had in the past year
Phillip Year ago
Why are there no EPISODE tags on these videos?!? As a new viewer, its very frustrating trying to figure out which video to watch in what order.
bigkingmanoj Year ago
anyone here feels he should have done this build on a manual Gallardo or a gen1 R8, It would have been significantly more straightforward and interesting, as so many channels are rebuilding crazy powered huracan.
Alan Year ago
Dude i remember following your rocket bunny build! Your first one! And i kinda stopped following for a little.. coming back and seeing you buying lambos and just shy of 1M followers! Congratulations, you’re the man!!!🙏🏻
RJ Lamb
RJ Lamb Year ago
200+ MPH Half mile Car
Uroš Japundža
Where are you going to put the shifter?
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics Year ago
You should contact Eric @ Carbontastic for a steering wheel. I'm sure he would be keen to get involved !!
SiFO Year ago
oscar is the real MVP
lee nevin
lee nevin Year ago
Electric water pump sounds unreliable
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Year ago
Nice build Oscar!
Mario Funk
Mario Funk Year ago
Samcrac just talked about this company in Florida that codes ECUs and keys for exotics: www.ecudoctors.com/
Andy Authentic
If Oscar were my neighbor all my dreams would come true lol
E46Kyle Year ago
You should stain that Lamborghini box and make a wall hangar for the shop👌🏼
brad glasgow
brad glasgow Year ago
just throw all that factory wiring away. make a simple custom loom.
LOOL and I still didn't see any "gasket" between them when installed 27:01
Foo Bar
Foo Bar Year ago
What happened to Eric?
Tech A.P.
Tech A.P. Year ago
“Eliminating the GaLvaNeTiC cORoSiAn FacToR” Lmfao Chris troll level 100.
Blake Austin
Blake Austin Year ago
a lot of beer was consumed in the making of this video
ABKM Year ago
Impressive.. he knows what he’s doing..👍🏻
Nikoxion Year ago
Those engine mount gaskets are in dire need of speed holes!
David Williams
Doooood that's legit! 😉😂
Nikoxion Year ago
Recommend using small heat shrink tubing for deadheading the wires.
Psychotic Warhead
Key should be programmable if it's a fob
Garet Putman
Garet Putman Year ago
Wouldn't you want the water pump running constantly, like a mechanical pump does?
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Year ago
I love your channel your the real deal
FlyHacking Year ago
Are you sure about how you're gonna activate the water pump? If coolant isn't being pumped the entire time and just sits in one spot, I'm pretty sure it's just gonna overheat.
Nathaniel Figueroa
B is for Build "Squirt, squirt, air, air, bang, bang" shirts please Chris!
L Edd
L Edd Year ago
so I thought the new episode is coming out today.
this build is awesome !!!
Bryce Lyt
Bryce Lyt Year ago
Did we get an intro to Oscar?? He is very capable!
Green Mountain Suriving
killin it
andrew collins
Are u guys going to powder coat all the metal work. Have u picked a color scheme btw this build is bad ass
dudeitsroman Year ago
Hey Chris, how does an engine work? Squirt squirt air air bang bang. Lol. Same guy said this is the same guy who repairs Lamborghinis, nice.
Maniacal Moose
He should do merch with "squirt squirt air air bang bang" on it.
I know you already have parts....but when I had to put a manual and a clutch master cylinder in a non-manual (racing) car and dash space was zero, I built a pedal that allows the master cylinder to mount under the dash on the pedal assembly. I think there are aftermarket companies with this setup.
Raggar Svinet
Raggar Svinet Year ago
I have an idea for the next SEMA build. Mid-engined Supercharged Chevrolet Bel-Air Rat-Rod.
Darrill cameron
Enough with the piece that is GOONSQUADISH
niall elleray
niall elleray Year ago
Seeing Chris come from his back yard painting cars Jb welding blocks and making his dream work along side his old day job to the crazy builds he does today has been amazing. What a journey
Todd Higgins
Todd Higgins Year ago
Sand King
Sand King Year ago
Cant wait for this build
Todd Higgins
Todd Higgins Year ago
Restomod air for all your LS upgrade needs especially A/C and power steering for that build
Franz Franz
Franz Franz Year ago
I wish i had the Patience and Hard Work this guy Has! .
Oh Teck Xuan
Oh Teck Xuan Year ago
Body : Lamborghini Engine : LS Trans : Gallardo Manual Transmission
Corey Moyers
Corey Moyers Year ago
Why aren't you throwing some paint on those brackets?
Nikolas Giles
Nikolas Giles Year ago
Can anyone tell me where he got his hydraulic scissor lifts from? I can't find the episode where he says where he got them
pane357 Year ago
Hey man, if your thinking about carbon fiber for this sema build. Check out NRW (Nelson racing wheels) he is out of colorado. I'm telling you NOONE beats his work. Just give it a look if nothing else
Mike Ernst
Mike Ernst Year ago
1 video per week??? Really????
Ethan Macheras
Excited for all the parts! That Lambo box is huge and the black alternator looks awesome! Almost forgot about the Lambo going to a Manual, that's going to be sick! Learning something new everyday, didn't know there was a thing such as an electric waterpump, thats interesting! That intake manifold is badass!!! That electrical stuff looks like a nightmare! Engine mounts look on point! Ready for the next video!
Chom Cones
Chom Cones Year ago
please paint your turbos matte black, or heat resistant paint even? would look nice next to that throttle body poking out the hatch with the carbon?
Modfyd GARAGE Year ago
Honestly, it's not worth the headache to keep the stock ecu and dash display. It's going to be a nightmare to blend the stock ecu setup with the Haltech. Otherwise youll have to hack the nuetral saftey switch and deal with issues relating to anti-theft ignition issues. Id suggest retrofitting Haltech's digital dash display to the stock location. You'll have to wire the starter direct to a relay and then to the huracan switch. If you do want a key, you can use a universal FM transmitter key for protection that can be wired between. The factory BCM will function like normal through the mmi. And the piece at the steering wheel you're referring to is the clockspring. It transmits signals from each button to talk to the bcm for commands by use of (-) negative resistance.
Joseph Heaney Breen
in next video smash a lamborghini ( not sure why ) but do it
Kyle Chase
Kyle Chase Year ago
What ever happened to the guy who used to weld for him? The one that owned the BRZ before him.
CWC Year ago
I wish you the very best on this build but all that wiring scares the hell out of me. You dont need fire #2
Patrick Baitman
Turbos sticking out of the rear hatch? Not another clown car, please!
Brewbee Year ago
The "B" in "B is for Build" new logo! @ 6:26
Patrick Baitman
Make a coffee table out of that box! If you were a single fella, I'd say make it your bed's head board.
Matthew Branco
I wasn’t leaving the toilet for 30 minutes anyways....rad
David Year ago
Unsmudging lmfaoo
Why are ppl disliking this vid??
TheJohn636 Year ago
just a thought maybe you should sleeve the new crossmember so the motor mount bolts don't crush it.
Maarten van den berge
oxedation on the conectors is a commen thing to happen
ShakeyJake23 Year ago
LOVE that you mentioned Cleetus! Love B4B and CM channels
Dear Slim
Views 185K
Dear Slim
Views 185K