Prepping the LS Swapped TT Huracan for First Startup! 

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In today's episode we are installing a remote oil filter, modifying the oil pan, installing upgraded coil packs, installing an oil catch can, running our turbo drain lines, and more!
Thanks to the guys at finishlinefactory.com use code 'bisforbuild' for 10% off at checkout!
Thanks to www.holley.com/brands/msd/ for hooking us up with new coil packs, relocation brackets, and cables.
Thanks to motionraceworks.com for letting us be the first to use their new billet oil catch can!
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Oct 14, 2019




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ice man
ice man 7 months ago
why is the engine sitting uncentered
Rick Babcock
Rick Babcock Year ago
so besides the junk yard motor and the burnt shell, what did you actually buy? lol must be nice
Pennsyltucky Counter Terrorism
There's 8 epidodes missing from the playlist for this build.
Hjalti Ásgeirsson
Hey Chris... This episode and some more are missing from the playlist for this build. Jumped from the water flow episode to the 1hour long final assembly for SEMA... :/ Please fix so that those of us binche watching these few months behind do not miss out ;)
Ewan Schultz
Ewan Schultz Year ago
I’m late to the party on this and no one will read this (😂😂) but what Chris says about the stresses that you go through once you get close to the end of a project is so true! I’m there right now feeling the pain of being so close to the finish. I’ll hold onto those words and hopefully use them to drive me on to finishing my project!
Jeoffrey Sanchez
Anybody remember watching DragonBall Z and right before the greatest fight you’ve ever seen is about to start, Booom “Next Time on DragonBall Z”
Chris Duncan
Chris Duncan Year ago
Really? A fram filter. I wouldnt use that on my kia
Western Kansas Family Farm
please tell me you didnt leave that junk ass fram cardboard filter on that beaut of an engine
Shon Fields
Shon Fields Year ago
Holy moly the ads that come on now are super annoying. Back in the old days you could watch this show and not have to see 8 ads. Boo! B is for B$.
BrainSoSmoof Year ago
Using a fram oil filter? lmao, you going to use Liberty Gold Plus oil to break it in?
KEVIN M Year ago
Oscar is a beast! 😂🤙🏻
Jordan Latta
Jordan Latta Year ago
I know that steam line was spewing water when it wasn't connected to the water tank, but you should still relocate it to the top of the reservoir...
FearlessMods Year ago
Couldn't agree more Chris...same feeling I got in the last month/final runup to doing my first garage paint job!!
Paul Noecker
Paul Noecker Year ago
Fram filters are garbage!
Nick McCammon
Nick McCammon Year ago
xsnrgy05 Year ago
Hey, I would be adding an idler to the alternator belt. The "free length" of the belt between the A/C compressor and the alternator is quite a distance and you have the belt very close to the crank damper, I'm dam sure it will rub against itself at this point under acceleration - all belts I have seen with a long free length flop around quite a lot when you snap the throttle on / off.
ZENKING S14 Year ago
Ive been on my build for 3 years now. Engine is in the car and have about 90% of the parts for it, but its 1 of those things that i just never seem to get time to finish it or make an excuse to not work on it lol. Thank you for the speaking the truth behind a build, i thought it was just me that feels that way
Victor Tavano
Victor Tavano Year ago
Get rid of that fram filter it’s junk get a wicks filter!
KLASIKS Year ago
goodluck brother
wesley bilodeau
Mr E.W.
Mr E.W. Year ago
And where is the boost controller/wastegate or is this max boost and blow the block to oblivion
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
Gonna miss that V10 symphony
Matt Nicholas
Matt Nicholas Year ago
Reminds me of my Caterham 7 build... I had the motor out so many times I had it down to about 20 minutes..
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Year ago
You really know how to destroy someone's hopes and dreams : This takes it to a hole nother level.
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
It's crazy how everything is simple but at the same time insane how everything is complex... if you know what I mean. Congratulations you are really close!
bonesintube Year ago
Why are there photos of the completed build online but not on this channel yet?
i3enI Year ago
Why is the oil filter placed away from the engine?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Year ago
Not going to lie, title is a bit click baitey considering you don't actually run the engine. Maybe final prep for 1st start etc would be better title.
TheJimboBryan Year ago
Anyone recognize the song Playing at 22:00?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Year ago
When he says Oscar My mind shows me Stradmans Puppy
El Sueno
El Sueno Year ago
U guys will be pros of mounting and removing this LS before ya know it.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Year ago
fckkked..clickbait...i unscirbed after hearing ur excused..i betray all my long patriotic emotions for this channel....fckkked
Vladimir Molitvenik
Hit it out of the park with that pep talk, very encouraging. Thanks
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Year ago
gagbabg erwer
gagbabg erwer Year ago
Getting all that oil out of the system for oilchanges is going to be quite a pain by the looks of things.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Year ago
of the finished product.
Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray Year ago
harvo351 Year ago
Dude, you have featured in the Automotive side of our main paper here in NZ !! . . . Nice to know your vision and skills are appreciated world wide !! Car looks awesome . . . Cheers
Todd Stuckey
Todd Stuckey Year ago
#Truly at 14:50
My911 Year ago
Unbelievable. It looks amazing.
Artur bk1
Artur bk1 Year ago
It's crazy how everything is simple but at the same time insane how everything is complex... if you know what I mean. Congratulations you are really close!
Digvijay Patil
Gonna miss that V10 symphony
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Year ago
All those expensive parts and you use a Fram oil filter 😂😂
Digvijay Patil
When he says Oscar My mind shows me Stradmans Puppy
Dudeth85 Year ago
Not going to lie, title is a bit click baitey considering you don't actually run the engine. Maybe final prep for 1st start etc would be better title.
I've Never Done This Before
What happened to uploading the second part of this video the next day??
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Year ago
Shit dude i was so hipped after you install the cooler and pipes, seing all that put together gave me chills, and in not even a fan of V8's lol
Bobby Barraza
Bobby Barraza Year ago
Za Kulha
Za Kulha Year ago
fckkked..clickbait...i unscirbed after hearing ur excused..i betray all my long patriotic emotions for this channel....fckkked
I sell high Quality rice
Is this World first Ls swapped huracan
TYM2FIND Year ago
You might want to rethink your oil filter choice for your one ki-gillion dollar motor! us-first.info/player/video/n7mDfYN3hm11e2g.html
ride all day everyday
please use a better quality oil filter than a fram
Jonny Polea
Jonny Polea Year ago
P.s. Love the build so far
Jonny Polea
Jonny Polea Year ago
@bisforbuild Chris, did you just tell us to "keep moving forward" haha kidding bud, loved the talk, we've all been there, definitely hit home, we also all need a wee nudge in the right direction sometimes.
J D Year ago
CLik bait better remove the first starup
Adam Farkas
Adam Farkas Year ago
So where is the second part???
brin3535 Year ago
Almost three days later and no part two. No way this car is ready in time for SEMA. Hope I'm wrong. Keep pushing guys.
Danny Gomez
Danny Gomez Year ago
Wastegates? Blow-off valve?
doliio volay
doliio volay Year ago
Love the words of wisdom in the middle of the build. Great advice!
George Guerrero
Shit dude i was so hipped after you install the cooler and pipes, seing all that put together gave me chills, and in not even a fan of V8's lol
Ruben Polanco
Ruben Polanco Year ago
The blue balls are real
Gilbert Franklin
Hey guys, what is this thing? Uh, looks like a ring gear... ... ... ... Ok, now, all together; "B" is for build - "R" is for ring gear. Or; Two steps forward, One step back! AAARGH!!
Bob Ellis
Bob Ellis Year ago
Hahaha OMG so close!
Justin Leonard
Just saw a headline mention of the build on MSNnow
kris gelinas
kris gelinas Year ago
V LM Year ago
Look into a dry sump system if you have oil pan clearance issues
Travis Pinder
Travis Pinder Year ago
You know b is for build is awesome when man posts a whole article on Google about the ls1 Huracan❤️
SupremeHippo Year ago
Bro where's the part 2 that was supposed to be the next day
Mike Genson
Mike Genson Year ago
sooo with the fitting that Oscar welded into the water tank below the rear window... drilled a hole and enlarged the hole with the debris falling... INTO the tank... if he put the tank on a saw horse and drilled from underneath the debris falls on the floor.... yes yes its aluminum scraps I get that, just something to think about for others reading and watching
Your story is out on GM Authority. gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/how-to-save-a-scorched-huracan-with-an-ls-engine-swap/
Zephairein Year ago
gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/how-to-save-a-scorched-huracan-with-an-ls-engine-swap/ 👌
World Race
World Race Year ago
Ne mi glumi Ludilo
FRAM: we'll drop 100K here for next build!
Cole Propst
Cole Propst Year ago
B is for build www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/youtuber-resurrects-burnt-lambo-hurac%C3%A1n-gives-it-1500-hp-ls-v8/ar-AAISUhk you guys made it into the news!
Tim C
Tim C Year ago
A( FRAM )OIL FILTER.... All that money on that motor and your trusting that filter? Come on man. Damnit man pull it together.
Uglyze0l0t Year ago
Just saw this article on my news feed, www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/youtuber-resurrects-burnt-lambo-hurac%C3%A1n-gives-it-1500-hp-ls-v8/ar-AAISUhk?li=BBnb4R5
Brad Vickers
Brad Vickers Year ago
I thought next vid would be out today??
Donald Simms
Donald Simms Year ago
You made it to my Google news thing! "US-firstr resurrects burnt Lambo Huracan, gives it 1500HP LS"
12footstroke Year ago
That som bitch gon be loud af ...I can’t wait to hear it.
Christian Augustin
Thank you for making the videos shorter. I really appreciated the end explanation. Thank you for not leaving us on a cliffhanger.
Rev. David Willerup
Is that pan gonna hold enough oil for this engine? I’ve been thinking about it since it was clearanced a dozen videos ago.
justin brown
justin brown Year ago
one of the turbo is higher than one
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Year ago
Did anyone else see that top gear BBC did a small story for the car. www.topgear.com/car-news/modified/someones-building-twin-turbo-ls-v8-lambo-huracan
Eliangel Martínez
Germain Year ago
Oscar is gonna, oscar did. Imma have oscar. This channel kind of sucks now. I think I might of heard oscar say one sentence the entire time he's been on. You'd think after x amount of years this guy would of learned how to tig weld by now.
Why didn't you guys make a dry sump oil system? It seems like with everything else you've done, it wouldn't have been all that much more work
Matt Roy
Matt Roy Year ago
Hmm waiting for part 2! Your killing me hahaha
F is for Fram-Cam
Toys4Life C5
Toys4Life C5 Year ago
Love the build!!! but, stock LS coils are perfectly fine. MSD coils do look better though.
gsppuffer Year ago
Why did he use water cooled turbos?
Mistarnova Year ago
still not sure why he talks about the engine being as low as it can be and doesn't use a dry sump system
Thomas Poole
Thomas Poole Year ago
facebook.com/282681245570/posts/10162826862105571?sfns=mo You’ve been featured in a post from “top gear “ (uk motoring tv show) 😊😊
Matthew Casey
Matthew Casey Year ago
Ok I'll bite where are you putting in the oil, aka oil neck filler?
Tinman518 Year ago
After that talk I’m over here like “YEAH! Imma go build some shit! Hold my beer”
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
favorite series so far.
Hayder_jz Year ago
B is for broke. FRAM oil filter really.
Eatongee Year ago
There is always one more bracket to make or modify, isn't there?
UA10i12 Year ago
"I really enjoy making these AN lines. Said no one ever." I'm sure you know Rob Dahm.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
ka ila bisi nembiak ari sarawak tu ngaga vlog baka akih tu. Good luck for B FOR BUILD. Arap ka ulih ngau SEMA
dan goheen
dan goheen Year ago
You spend all that money in time and you use a fram oil filter lol
Thomas Brasse
Thomas Brasse Year ago
Not a fram filter. They used to be my go-to, but they are crap. Get a NAPA gold filter or something that doesnt suck
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Year ago
Claudiu Gardelli
Why is Oscar always kneeling?
Chad M
Chad M Year ago
Do you think those oil lines/fittings will ever leak in front of your front left tire? Never used those lines/fittings before myself, but i know oil+rotating tire = bad.
Buggerlugz Year ago
Is it just me or is this build basically "Leroy the savage" in a Lambo Huracan?
John Munday
John Munday Year ago
Hiya. Top gear over here in England have just done a piece on your car and have just shown a picture of the finished car if I'm not mistaken. Which kinda suck because I only watch the build on your channel 😣😣😣😣
Enrique Reyes
Enrique Reyes Year ago
Everyone always is talking about “O is for Oscar” instead of “B is for Build” yes Oscar does a lot but he’s a part of the team it would be different I’d the channel name was “C is for Chris” it take a team effort to build that car!
Bjorn Harms
Bjorn Harms Year ago
Very cool! You should also give it a RC mod like i did with my remote controlled '06 Corvette c6!