Pulling the MASSIVE Diesel Engines From My 30yr Old Italian Yacht 

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In today's episode we're pulling engines!
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Oct 1, 2020




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B is for Build
B is for Build Month ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/Oc_BisforBuild_iOS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/Oc_BisforBuild_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/Oc_BisforBuild_PC and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle Month ago
Better not change the engines leave thems ones or your foolish
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle Month ago
Transcended Month ago
please do not ever advertise Chinese games raid shadow legends isnt
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona Month ago
Definitely time to get an airstream from coparts. I hope you never have to stay in such horrid accommodations again.
Akun duuni
Akun duuni Month ago
These boat videos made me subscribe. More please.
Johnny B
Johnny B 19 hours ago
Check this out, instagram.com/tv/CIDsSEDoy31/?igshid=hhajvaaiikip
jclements65 6 days ago
Look like 903 Cummins V8s. Easy to rebuild! Very popular in over the road trucks in the 1970s and 1980s.
David Bar
David Bar 8 days ago
Those props are what horror movies are made from.
oceanjockey100 11 days ago
Your attitude is remarkable. I didn't hear a single cuss word.
Miles Moore
Miles Moore 12 days ago
Was there a good reason for pulling the motors ? If there was I did catch it ?
James Allen
James Allen 16 days ago
Best way is to repair or place like for like. Might be out of your comfort zone but better in the long run for the boat and you.
David Taylor
David Taylor 17 days ago
I had the same yacht and repowered it with twin Yanmar 6LY-STE 6 cylinder engines, more power and a lot less weight. We had to add ballast to the stern to balance the boat but got much better performance and fuel efficiency. By the way the table was originally hydraulic and should not have been fixed to the floor. See more here and feel free to contact me if you need any advice, been there done that ! us-first.info/player/video/m5mXop2BhWtjfnE.html
ChristophInns 18 days ago
I'm impressed by handy these guys are. In addition to pulling the engines from this boat (something probably intended only for dealers), they also fixed that snapped axle on their truck. In a carpark. Although what were they doing to that poor truck to break the axle?
Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey 25 days ago
Rebuild both engines, replace prop seals, zincs, and you'll have an almost new boat.
47Banjoman 26 days ago
He just called his radar arch a "roof". Bet he calls the galley a kitchen. I'm not an "anal" boater but their are certain words you simply MUST learn to call yourself a boater. But by all means......carry on! I've been following the entire series and enjoying it.
JD2020 27 days ago
Man Oscar is the man!!!
ken newman
ken newman 27 days ago
The braces holding your boats prop shafts are struts holding strut bearings. Also the shaft packing gland inside the boat determines how tight they turn. Have fun
freebuilder007 29 days ago
When (and if) you pull the other one, leave the mounts on the engine, not in the boat. that way you can set the engine on the mounts, not on the pan.. You Might want to keep your eyes on the army surplus auction, a pair of navy overhauled marinized 903's just sold cheap.
mike summerside
mike summerside Month ago
+Old yes, Italiiaim maybe, yacht no mates yacht are wind driven .
Godfrey Schembri
Use a chain blocks between the engine and the crane. Reduce the risk of broken something because you can handle it more easily to put it in place again
Rainer Gimenez
Rainer Gimenez Month ago
I'm a mechanic and this boat setup is the worst I have ever seen. Just regular servicing looks to be labor intensive. I can't imagine what getting to the front of the engine must be like.
Gene Martin
Gene Martin Month ago
You have a problem with a blown engine. You are going to compound it greatly if you try to replace the Cummins with some weird non marine power plant. Pull BOTH engines and rebuild them. You said the boat was 30 years old. How many hours on the "good" engine. the time to do it is NOW while you are in there.
Riley Carelock
Riley Carelock Month ago
Who else kinda thinks it’s cool how both motors have zero mufflers or anything just turbo and a little bit of piping
Think turbines! Awesome sound too!
mike matayabas
mike matayabas Month ago
Why wouldn't you just bilge pump it right into a bucket outside the boat , and save man handle it out ?
irgski Month ago
Boy, if these guys didn’t have bad news they’d have no news at all!
Peter Chester
Peter Chester Month ago
I'm loving watching your boat videos I'm addicted
Peter Chester
Peter Chester Month ago
Question Why did you not transport the boat back to a yard near your home ? Surly in the long run it would have worked out much cheaper saving travel time and overnight costs
Edmund Dunn
Edmund Dunn Month ago
Ton of work, disappointment, and money....but you seem to be like hey another day in the boating world....a labor of love....I know been there.
Gregory Krawchuk
So you want to be a marine mechanic welcome to my world
Gregory Krawchuk
In a case like you you do a double pic lift the motor as hard as you can put planks under the motor And re Pick it
Gregory Krawchuk
I would recommend putting in a dripless shaft packing also Mark each coupler so you put it back on the same transmission
Sonni Petersen
Sonni Petersen Month ago
Why didn't you guys just sleep on the boat?
Greg Manning
Greg Manning Month ago
What about electric engines with diesel generators on board as well as batteries?
zakkrick Month ago
I hate boats, my friend had to fix his bass boat engine 10 different times. Spending 1000 each time, damn. Should bought a new boat but he bought a used Ranger bass boat for 18k from a professional bass angler.
demoCRAPS suck
demoCRAPS suck Month ago
If it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all.
Natty Bumpo
Natty Bumpo Month ago
This guy thinks changing these out for big blocks is a good idea. I bet he owns Crocs....
Daniel Kavanaugh
Having been around diesels most of my life I would rather have 3406's than 903's. For one thing 3406 can be programed for more power with a laptop. 903's are old no one uses them anymore. Heck Cummins also build 455 that can be set from around 150hp to 500 with a laptop and are less than half the size and weight
Vincent Dsnt
Vincent Dsnt Month ago
A refit from Diesel to Gas ??? Wait there's more in a Yacht!! Weight to torque ratio should be interesting.
Kailee Hoffman
Kailee Hoffman Month ago
What ever happened to being robbed for the eleanor total loss or in court still?
As a Marine diesel Mechanic this is pure entertainment.. Oya Those props and shafts are trashed
Gamers Life
Gamers Life Month ago
Matic Snoj
Matic Snoj Month ago
Hy man, I love your vids! I like your idea! What about changing your drives to, for surface drives. That would be awesome combo with LS.
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Month ago
The Engines are cummings, instead of doing something that someone with a brain would do, these guys are going to put in two Gas powered anchors from Texas speed. There’s a reason why boats like this come with Diesel engines.
Jim Geshay
Jim Geshay Month ago
How about turbines!!
Andy ́s Multikopter- Luftaufnahmen
why did you need to take the engines out. broken?
marksapollo Month ago
All I can think about watching this is... that’s going to be much more difficult to put back in! That is not an easy boat to work on.
stephen logan
stephen logan Month ago
you should build bigger rudders that will help with starring the boat at slow and high speed also better if you have to run on one engine
Ryan Sirko
Ryan Sirko Month ago
It still blows my kind that ford uses a 15mm nut to hold the axle on#junkassford
Gary Peatling
Gary Peatling Month ago
Not axle its drive shaft or half shaft
JIGA BACHI Month ago
DUMP those cumbersome wide ass V8 anchors and install some modern and narrow I-6's. Life will be much easier when it comes to doing any future engine repairs and moving around them.
Eat Magnum Revolver
For your next or any future video’s please invest in a vocabulary book…..you need one…BADLY!
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle Month ago
Put that engine in a car
BRI2K TV Month ago
Boat videos are boring. Can't wait for car stuff to start happening again
On The Menu Cooking with Roger and Gaby
Dude i been waiting for this video for so long what the hell lol.
GarThor Son of Odin
I'm trying to figure out what the point of this build is... I think I must have missed something... Is he restoring the boat? Is he rebuilding the engines so he can put them back in all fresh and shiny? Is he throwing those giant motors into something else ridiculous?
Mike Meazell
Mike Meazell Month ago
Should have rented a reach lift instead of a forklift
Rob MacKay
Rob MacKay Month ago
B is for Breakdown on the roadtrip
Boatingtube Month ago
great job guys, 👀 looking forward to the next instalment 👍
Daniel Crain
Daniel Crain Month ago
That crane looks like a lego vehicle.
Perro Oceaniko
Perro Oceaniko Month ago
Riva is the Ferrari of the ocean. Or at least one of them. A century old brand. Done play fool with those engines. Rebuild them to optimum performance, professional grade and reinstall them. Other than that , its like put a 308 on a porsche 911 .....
JSmooVE3990 Month ago
I can't believe he's still pulling things with that raptor haha. You'd think he'd build a proper tow rig.
Sam Arora
Sam Arora Month ago
Use Detroit 12.6 455hp diesel engine its a bullet proof engine
Garrie Parsons
Garrie Parsons Month ago
Could you turn into a sailing boat ? That would be a first maybe? Easy on the pocket and you can sail far ???
zeake13 Month ago
I would have sold the sheeeeeeeeeeeeit out of that boat.
James Williams
James Williams Month ago
What happened with the one seat car looking forward to seeing it
Rosen585 Month ago
B is for Black Air Forces
MyPilot69 Month ago
DO NOT put some kind of weird engine in there! That is a beautiful boat and might even be considered a collector's item. It was designed/well engineered with those Cummins engines. If you put some other strange engine (electric, Ferrari engine, any big block gas engine) you are going to kill the value of that beauty and will be a "throw away boat". The Cummins VT-903-M engines in there are great. And they are the perfect horsepower to CID ratio for a marine engine so they will last a long time if properly maintained. If you have any questions on repairing those 903s, you should get an account at www.boatdiesel.com. They have forums on nearly every marine diesel engine ever made. Lots of data on those Cummins. Also before you rebuild the one engine, look for "running take outs" of that same engine on Ebay.
Graeme Dernbach
Graeme Dernbach Month ago
Remove the turbo;s and the other parts facing the aft of the boat,slide the motors back and lift the engines.
john balantes
john balantes Month ago
You should it electric so you can make the ocean your battery to charge Tesla battery then u got more power
john balantes
john balantes Month ago
I saw a guy name petersirpol do that small scale
c4mp3rd4n Month ago
Go visit the Goonies house
Eric Grass
Eric Grass Month ago
Why not just pull both motors and rebuild them both?
Caden N.
Caden N. Month ago
If you are worried about content to pay for the engines or whatever your plan is you could always just film the process of rebuilding the engines
Jason Mercer
Jason Mercer Month ago
I can't see there being much wrong with either one of those engines...
Kwabena Amoah
Kwabena Amoah Month ago
Chris:"oscar actually operated the forklift" Me: wat cant oscar do
TheMrAileron Month ago
Cheap rooms on the O coast smell like wet socks. Cummins has shops from beach to the Blues. Spokane has buhahh huge fact/shop. Saying rebuild is obvious. I've got 4000hrs on my '17 6.7 beat that sheet!
You should buy the owner's manual and maintenance manual for the engines. The coolant flow is wild on boat diesels
Norm Edwards
Norm Edwards Month ago
The radar arch held on with probably 8 bolts. Keep it simple.
RandomPig Month ago
The channel needs to be renamed to O is for Oscar! He does 99.9% of all the heavy lifting for the channel and has just as much of the collective knowledge it seems. He definitely needs way more credit for the channels success
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Month ago
Kt3406e channel good for diesel content, just a fan, Tips on how to build a big diesel
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Month ago
I need more !!! 😤😖😩😭🥺😤😫😖😟😭🥺🤒🤢🤮😷🙄
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Month ago
Divorce pain is real
Thom Ream
Thom Ream Month ago
Jeez dude. The same stupid music EVERY freakin time... I'm gonna eat my brain. I think you can afford to go shopping and get some different bumps. It's really cool to watch what you're doing (something I'll never have a chance to) but the dental drill to the ears is just not worth it.
Bahstonljo Month ago
I'm going to be honest here... I have no clue how boats work in the slightest from an engineering perspective however the fact that roughly 75% of the comments here are suggesting that Chris shouldn't swap the engines is telling.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball Month ago
what happened to the cars? i don't ever plan on owning a boat. this isn't why i subscribed. no offense, it's kind of interesting, but i am going to skip the whole boat build. see you in the next car build.
Barry Pontbriand
Your roof is called a radar arch, just saying
Roni Eisto
Roni Eisto Month ago
Ugh, not the raid shadow legends!
Michael Sylvester
Why do you have to rebuild both engines if only one failed on you
albert buca
albert buca Month ago
so much work wow
LfcForever1 Month ago
Age old rule if it floats flys or fucks don’t spend money on it
Paul Grimm
Paul Grimm Month ago
Now I know why mechanics are alcoholics
Paul Grimm
Paul Grimm Month ago
I’m worn out watching this
Donald Burbach
Donald Burbach Month ago
Texas speed
Will Harris
Will Harris Month ago
I was excited for the boat to come back and now I’m so excited for this content. It’s very interesting to see something other than just cars for a change. Specially a car guy getting into boats.
M Smith
M Smith Month ago
Glen packing holds the shaft and keeps water out .
Khalil Haykal
Khalil Haykal Month ago
These nuts!
David Elliott
David Elliott Month ago
That’s not an axle - it’s a drive shaft. If was in the solid back axle it would be called a half shaft.
AndreaoMartin Olsson
When we got our boat it was old fuel in it so put a water whose and let it clean the motor then clean the fuel tank put in new fresh fuel in it and some oil should do.its no reasson to replace it i promise its fine when you Have Cleen it.sorry for my english om from Sweden.😂
RichieT5 Month ago
These engines are so cool, loved watching this
Erlend Westbye
Erlend Westbye Month ago
great content! loving the boat episodes
Kyle H
Kyle H Month ago
Wow Twin 903s? Those are rare puppies.
Thembinkosi Khumalo
bro, I thought you sold the FJ, and please can we get an update on your BMW Z4 that you built with Tavarish
Mustured10000 Month ago
Fort George vortex IPA!!!
Humberto Lopez
Humberto Lopez Month ago
Stay with Diesel engine
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers Month ago
After watching these kinds of videos I began to realize why I don't have a girlfriend anymore. Take it for what it is,