Raptor Instantly has Engine Issues, Off-Roading 

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In todays episode we're fixing a major engine issue and going off-roading!
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Details: In today's episode we are diagnosing a PB606 error on our Ford F150 Raptor, this is an error with the PCM circuit communicating with the knock sensor. In the end we found this was caused by the spark jumping out of the coil boot and grounding on the block. The fix was to replace the coil boots and internals to improve conductivity. And then were waterfall chasing and off roading at Abiqua Falls outside Silverton Oregon.
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May 23, 2019




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Kevin Stubbs
Kevin Stubbs 5 months ago
Just for c hate I’m not subbing
a j
a j 6 months ago
Clickbait, too bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Swapna Kumari
Swapna Kumari 7 months ago
When is the facelift happening??
Nicholas W.M.
Nicholas W.M. 8 months ago
Everybody is so butthurt about the clickbait. Get over it
Janes Fair
Janes Fair 8 months ago
Clickbait sucks man. Reds tight ass pants helped make it ok tho lmao 😂
todd kedzie
todd kedzie 8 months ago
From 12:12 to 12:15 - what happened to the spare we saw him installing earlier in this clip?
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 months ago
Everyone saying click bait, calm down boys. Btw, ford needs ford coils. The aftermarket ones will sometimes throw codes too.
B is for BS !
Joeybabbs .BABBS
ford garbage
SirW Harvey
SirW Harvey Year ago
10:57 mark dope view
zeus01504 Year ago
Is that a 9.3 MPG @ 9.17 !?
Get Probed
Get Probed Year ago
who's the babe with the beautiful ass?
Michael Benoit
The click pair was a deadly crime! Quit the music, the click bait, that’s why I gave you a dislike, & didn’t sub.
Michael Benoit
It’s a brand new truck, it shouldn’t have issues like this! But it’s these new fords I’m tellin ya. But man my old OBS truck is still going strong after 23-27yrs of abuse.
Michael Aniszewski
Dum move
Save your time folks, move on Bullshit video
Bro, get yourself either an 09 trail 4runner (factory rear locker) only year they had for the 4th gens. And sadly only v6. Or a v8 4runner. They are insane. And you can do so much more than that piece of shit raptor ever could. Like so.....(owner did an SAS to it though). us-first.info/player/video/mNOPjWx8e3lmgGQ.html Granted it's far from stock, but it's obviously worth it.
Ryan scaper
Ryan scaper Year ago
10:24 yeeeee
fiero11 Year ago
That thing looks like a major "B" to work on. I don't think I will ever complain about working my Cummins 6BT ever again.
benny taylor
benny taylor Year ago
I was thinking this whole time that this looks like abiqua falls. Right on!
Charles Dionne
Where are the falls at?
Jason Gregory
Jason Gregory Year ago
Any updates on this? Haven’t seen it in a while?
Leonard Ward Jr
Did he say he installed a new spare tire? Because I swear I saw the spare tire cable swinging during the ride
Dougie Fresh
Dougie Fresh Year ago
Best part of this was those fake leather pants
outdoor guinea71
Cool video
Fred Miller
Fred Miller Year ago
C . B
warren michael
better address that rear diff leak, might be pinion seal but diff is all wet when you showed the spare you never put on
David Sloop
David Sloop Year ago
You put the spare under there or not? In the action shot you can see the hoist dangling. And yes. Stupid clickbait title.
Jake Gatz
Jake Gatz Year ago
8:39 might wanna look at that pinion seal
Azael Estefania
Nice lady ummm so cute ? Is your sister brother... ummm ummm
Epitome Year ago
U for Unsubscribed
John van der Gaag
I love how the wife isn't even scared, and just smiles at Chris' "Oh shit"
Dragan Nestorovic
dam that thing sounds good.
Bobby Brummett
At least you didn't have to walk LOL
Bobby Brummett
I've always wanted to try to dig for gold underneath one of those waterfalls
Bobby Brummett
So I got to know do you think superchargers are better than turbos I think superchargers are better than turbos
Bobby Brummett
I'm an ace with carburetors I can rebuild any carburetor with my eyes closed I need to learn fuel injection I'm just old school
Bobby Brummett
Well what's your name B is for build
Bobby Brummett
For those of you who have no patience it's not clickbait if it's not done on purpose
Tobias Ramos
Tobias Ramos Year ago
It can be clickbait all you want but Dammmm That booty on the chick tho lol
Biggs4Life 530
I wish California had better laws and regulations for CoPart cars. I would definitely go for something like this but instead need a broker. My family needs a car badly and I see 15-16 Honda Civic EX cars that I feel confident enough in rebuilding for dirt cheap but instead it is required to have a damn broker. Can't catch a break.
Kirk Sides
Kirk Sides Year ago
Love that waterfall. What’s the name of it? Where’s it located?
Christopher Moya
Should of just put that smokin hot red head on the the opening for click bait, prob get twice the views lol 🤣
jack robson
jack robson Year ago
Definatley clickbait BUTT i did rewind to check out the chick in the video a few times so were even!!!
Curtis Francisco
Did you already loose your spare tire
Plate Year ago
Forget raptor, this thing sounds like a trex
Louis Jones
Louis Jones Year ago
can you clean that engine bay please also i subscribed lol
Stephen Dee
Stephen Dee Year ago
Good job learning how to use a wrench. I see you had adult supervision but that's the way to do it safely.
Geoffrey O'Brien
Link to song at 12:08?
Lion Heart
Lion Heart Year ago
Sean L
Sean L Year ago
B is for bull-shit 👎🏼
frances alaric
you rather introduce your companions than click baiting...
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
C is for Clickbait.
element 115
element 115 Year ago
jason jonilionis
knuckle busters, waterfall, backseat eye candy, off-roading. Looks good to me, but where'd the spare go?
jim Murihiku
jim Murihiku Year ago
Typical Ford
Dave Woodmancy
Awesome show. Keep them coming
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Year ago
12:11 You said earlier, you installed the spare tire, not there..
Emma CN
Emma CN Year ago
To the girl, it must be hard dating that guy LOL😂😂😂
Paiskii Year ago
Most click baiters don’t even get nudged about clickbait, even though everyone knows them and that they’re click-baiting. When this dude does it ONCE, possibly an accident, the comments go fucking ballistic
Big Jay
Big Jay Year ago
Driving fast in water never good idea.It will bite u in the ass one day...
Lonestar Bassin'
Wheel specs?
Reid McPherson
Does he even wash it?
Benji1982 Zhuang
I love it
Nestor Lugo
Nestor Lugo Year ago
That growl!
eric reanzares
He’s begging for viewers. Poor f*tso
HydroCarbons p
there is a weld underneath i saw on a previous video that scares me when you are trying to jump the thing
Max'd Out
Max'd Out Year ago
Zendail Year ago
I feel bated
MThee Year ago
Why not change all sparkplugs while you're at it? But other than that.... that's a really great car!
Sam Weyer
Sam Weyer Year ago
That a Minecraft waterfall?
mijo mcgyver
mijo mcgyver Year ago
Add me to the list of folks kvetching about the misleading title. That being said, congrats on having a pretty damn cool Raptor. One of the last of the big V8s with a Roush supercharger, to boot! BTW, you haven't even come close to finding its off-roading limits. Have a good time finding out exactly how kickass that truck is (both on AND off-road).
kathleen long
kathleen long Year ago
You never showed us the license plate you talked about in #7
Hhvx Sueus
Hhvx Sueus Year ago
It’s the worst car
Carl Mason
Carl Mason Year ago
Abiquia Falls, beautiful hike!
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill Year ago
If you have to use Massive click bait! To get people to watch this then you don't deserve my time so I unsubscribe you.
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Year ago
watch out for Edward and Bella n Werewolves n shit out there.
Bill Sheley
Bill Sheley Year ago
Is this a 2wd Raptor? WTF?
YooTooobJeff Year ago
Looks like the spare wasn't installed...
YooTooobJeff Year ago
You're supposed to clean and detail the engine compartment...
uvcoach42 Year ago
Don't go chasing waterfalls...
BuYaBC Year ago
No guys you're all wrong !!!! He instantly fixed the engine issue ! Even before there was one !
Damian Garcia
Damian Garcia Year ago
Dielectric grease is your friend with Ford c.o.p!!
Charles Degener
For God sake, put your hat on right what are you some kind of home boy? LOL!
Curtis Gregory
Forscan man.. You can get allllll the info you will ever need from your ford.. forscan.org/home.html
ZManMD Year ago
That intake air filter is atrocious - change it please.
carverboy carverboy
no spare tire?
Bill Year ago
chosen one
chosen one Year ago
Sorry man. I definitely like the chanel. But please dont do the whole click bait thing to us. You dont need to click bait us to watch the videos you put out. You have come a long way with subscribers. Dont run them off by getting into the habbit of that man.
Laco Year ago
That was really rough back there but were not the only ones who made it *points at dodge journey*
Monster KXF
Monster KXF Year ago
Solis Outdoors
Click bait alert. Damn.
Tim Rayburn
Tim Rayburn Year ago
More truck videos !!!
Alex tietjen
Alex tietjen Year ago
Raptor f10 50
Charles Rose
Charles Rose Year ago
You got to be the biggest douche bag ever in existence
Gerry H
Gerry H Year ago
Why did you not replace the spark plug while you were there?
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk Year ago
Not clickbait. You had a PITA engine problem. Then went off-roading. I don't see the problem.
Fixotech Year ago
So that guy in the other video said it needed a new knock sensor so I guess it really was his truck 🤷🏼‍♂️
Doug Snider
Doug Snider Year ago
Beautiful red head saved this video...😉