Rebuilding A Totaled Lamborghini Huracan In 10 Minutes 

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Watch as the B is for Build team turns a burnt up cabin into one of the world's most extreme Lamborghini Huracans.
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Feb 10, 2020




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Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić 11 days ago
Whos here before 1mil views?
DankH EF
DankH EF 14 days ago
I loved this car I watched all the video last year
WhatLuck 150
WhatLuck 150 20 days ago
Got a question, how much would you say you spent on the car in total, for every last thing on the car, including the frame, wires, engine, etc.?
Chandler Whitley
2nd law of thermodynamics in action - there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state . . . The lambo gets better and better and the shop gets worse and worse :)
Pretzel Castuciano
This is a clickbait
ice man
ice man Month ago
why does the engine site uncentered
Trippy Gaming
Trippy Gaming 2 months ago
Dream come true
Ellie Brooks
Ellie Brooks 2 months ago
i know i’m 7 months late but i can’t even express the want to just have been in the shop while this car was being built..
Ivan Arguello
Ivan Arguello 2 months ago
Y’all got wayyyy to many fast forward scenes. You guys have to add shit in it. This shit hurts my headdddd
EVOLUTION DRAG 2 months ago
unos crotos
Riva Jazwiec
Riva Jazwiec 3 months ago
B is for beautiful
Gayan Madusanka
Gayan Madusanka 3 months ago
Hard work
Achyut Raghugunan
Achyut Raghugunan 3 months ago
Anyone else got a headache from watching move that fast?
Sharpie Boi
Sharpie Boi 3 months ago
How did you guys do it in 10 minutes??
NBTV 3 months ago
clean title
A Russian Beast
A Russian Beast 3 months ago
Wait it only took 10 minutes to rebuild it?
Grant Scott
Grant Scott 3 months ago
Bruh where are some new vids on this thing
legends magnificent troopers
fast car
K_V_N 4 months ago
Zachary Pacheco
Zachary Pacheco 4 months ago
These dudes really built off of half a frame 😳
Beng Aprecia
Beng Aprecia 4 months ago
Lier it,s 12 minute,s
Mikelortiz05 4 months ago
I hope everyone who sees this has a great day and your dream crush falls in low with you. :)
Calvin Aleto
Calvin Aleto 4 months ago
Did anyone else catch the Texas Speed and Performance?
My Name Is MattY
My Name Is MattY 4 months ago
if you bring an Italian back to life, I'm proud of you🔝🇮🇹❤
robert webb
robert webb 4 months ago
Not finished then
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger
Why rebuild when you can convert it to a super trofeo
Katjuscha 4
Katjuscha 4 4 months ago
Why would you build a V8 huracan I can't get over that fact bruh
Reiwas 4 months ago
Is there gonna be more content with this car? We haven't even seen it driving right yet
AARON VILLA 4 months ago
None of your cars are ever complete and it’s only half a Lambo where is the other half ??
LOUIS PH OFFICIAL 4 months ago
Is that a lambo engine? I think its not
khayelihle mthembu
khayelihle mthembu 4 months ago
I would like to see it drive man
The infamous Pj
The infamous Pj 4 months ago
I had hoped to see this thing on some sort of track by now
Tristan Rauch
Tristan Rauch 4 months ago
Ffs you put a v8 in a lambo
Eshdh Hdhd
Eshdh Hdhd 5 months ago
What kind of LS did you use?
Mc'Coy Babaev
Mc'Coy Babaev 5 months ago
Any updates for the burntacan please???
Salvador Ramirez
Salvador Ramirez 5 months ago
Still remeber when this channel had only hundreds of subs... nothing much has changed 👍
N 5 months ago
Insane amount of fabricating! 😱
충의심 5 months ago
I think that car would be fragile
Gio Bow
Gio Bow 5 months ago
Natter Lee
Natter Lee 5 months ago
Love you build
2JZRulz 5 months ago
I agree it's not the best looking lamborghini I've seen, but damn is this build impressive !
Noah VH
Noah VH 5 months ago
Somebody give that guy an Oscar
Willys RC
Willys RC 5 months ago
painting panels in different colors makes it look unfinished to me. would love to see it in all white or black.
Mantarego67 5 months ago
But what the hell have you done with a Lamborghini? ....... Poor car. To build that spawn, you better have left it in the junkyard. You have no forgiveness, it is sacrilege
KW Garage
KW Garage 5 months ago
Another mustang body swap!!
joseph huntley
joseph huntley 5 months ago
nice tig
joseph huntley
joseph huntley 5 months ago
when he said totaled he meant it like damn my as well just build ur own sport car like the vaydor but make it one of a kind that is special to you
Mr. Lopez
Mr. Lopez 5 months ago
Damn why would I chase girls when I can get one of like this baddie 😍😂 Amazing work! 🔥🔥
Pironda 04
Pironda 04 5 months ago
Che merda cazzo, l'Italia ti odia!
contradicsean 5 months ago
B is for Oscar
John Holland
John Holland 6 months ago
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 6 months ago
I just saw the Lambo on Facebook watch and I'm pretty sure that out of 2000 comments i was the only one who watched you build it.
Jorge Simmons-Valenzuela
How much did you have to pay to rebuild it? I was thinking about rebuilding one.
Nasruloh ruloh
Nasruloh ruloh 6 months ago
Jay Huss
Jay Huss 6 months ago
It's not a Lamborghini, it's a kit car.
Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta 6 months ago
Who is Oscar? Everyone on the comment section is talking about him... This is the first video I am watching on this channel so please tell me who is Oscar?
eduardo hb
eduardo hb 6 months ago
Otro Nivel
MrMike 6 months ago
So, when you gonna finish this build?
Danil Jacob Andal
Danil Jacob Andal 6 months ago
Youre not rebuilding it... *youre building it...*
Jeremiah Caliguia
Jeremiah Caliguia 6 months ago
Too much fast forwarding this video I can't see anything
Thelonious Monk
Thelonious Monk 6 months ago
The video is very interesting, as well as the ending! But the music will provoke murderous impulses while you watch the video in fast camera
عبد الهادي خصيم
Glaxii 6 months ago
Who the heck is Oscar.
Sarah Azure
Sarah Azure 6 months ago
Building this one is like buying a new one
Cole Lee
Cole Lee 6 months ago
so.. did the car hit 1000 wheel horsepower?
Racing Data Systems
Racing Data Systems 6 months ago
Did he explain what they did with the output for the front drive shaft? He references it during mockup! but I don't recall hearing him speak about it again on the new engine.
wachulator 6 months ago
engine bigger than my bed
Soumisy 6 months ago
Sorry for my question, but i want to know, this bulding lambo is considering like a real or Fake Lambo ? Great Job guys 👍🏾.
ioew poer
ioew poer 6 months ago
Ade Reeves
Ade Reeves 7 months ago
That was quick...😂
我Dreamer 7 months ago
and how much does it costs? i mean rebuilding total crashed lamboghini huracan
abdul rasyid zulkefly
How long make it? Wow amazing guys
L Money
L Money 7 months ago
I love it felt like we build the car together lol...great job guys!
hafiz ibrahim
hafiz ibrahim 7 months ago
DaNinja Wolf
DaNinja Wolf 7 months ago
No one: Not even a single soul: Music: yum yum yum yum
MrPanda - Virtual Driver
Syed Masood Danish Shah
That’s just too fast to understand anything meaningful.
ReaperGTR JJ
ReaperGTR JJ 7 months ago
Most satisfying video and perfect music.
James Bond
James Bond 7 months ago
Feel sick watching this. Pictures would ha e been bettet
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis 7 months ago
You really should do some update videos on this wonderful car! So many of us watched the series of the build and wanted this magnificent car to do great at sema which I don't remember being told if it won any awards or not but it deffinately should have! I wdtjd really love to hear more about it and hear about what it's like to drive! I miss the huracan !
Lightning 312
Lightning 312 7 months ago
I was inspired when a lambo tub was transformed into million dollar show car in sema
Yamid gallego
Yamid gallego 7 months ago
Subtítulos en español
Tanish Garg
Tanish Garg 7 months ago
UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I binged the entire playlist in 1DAY so awesome
marquez 93
marquez 93 7 months ago
u can make ur own supercar bos
marquez 93
marquez 93 7 months ago
superr team
Robin bowman
Robin bowman 7 months ago
Can I use this song for a video that I’m creating?
Jason ZHang
Jason ZHang 7 months ago
me slowing the video to copy everything*
Мистер Твистер
Gik 2501
Gik 2501 7 months ago
My eye can't take this video.. Very fast
Paolo Barrameda
Paolo Barrameda 7 months ago
vehicle virgin: I BOUGHT THE NEW HURACAN B is for Build: Bitch I built mine
احمد سليمان
These guys are heroes
Moch Indrie al Qarni
Good job bro👍 i like it
Oscar Hettema
Oscar Hettema 7 months ago
If only my dad getting milk from the gas station would be this fast
Arrasya YT
Arrasya YT 7 months ago
JeremTheGod 7 months ago
please change the rims
Александр Иванов
so speedy
Андрей pure speed
Vera Andini
Vera Andini 7 months ago
Oscar did a great job
James Hong
James Hong 7 months ago
that aint a car dude , you click baiting. it should be “building my own car in 12 minutes", everything u got is wrong !
James Hong
James Hong 7 months ago
Call Me [M]
Call Me [M] 7 months ago
Honestly.. the time lapse it TOO fast. It makes the clip transitions look really bad. To really enjoy the time lapse, I slowed it to 0.5 playback and muted the music.