Should We Facelift The Raptor? Gen 1 ➡ Gen 2 Front End Conversion 

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In today's episode we've got a ton of new parts and a interesting new idea. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: bit.ly/2L4cgAm ✅ ANDROID: bit.ly/2W4tazX Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program.
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Apr 26, 2019




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Comments 99   
Hunter Sorensen
Hunter Sorensen 2 months ago
What rims are those?!
Twaambo Mwase
Twaambo Mwase 6 months ago
where can I order those same exact tires?
chris ediedrich
chris ediedrich 6 months ago
Swap swap swap.
Peter J
Peter J 7 months ago
Whens the conversation gonna happen, i haven't seen anyone try. Is it actually possible? The front end looks so much cooler on the 2nd gen but the 1st gen is a better truck
SpAz_TaZler 7 months ago
Peter J I’ve been waiting for a year
Melinda Crowhurst
Melinda Crowhurst 7 months ago
It definitely needs to have a facelift
Christos panayiotou
Christos panayiotou 8 months ago
can you please number the episodes
Kunwar Khalid
Kunwar Khalid 8 months ago
As a safety measure when you are working under the car put some tires under it with the rim facing downwards. We here in Pakistan do it even when we're changing tires. This to prevent damage if the car falls off the jack or something.
lee lipford
lee lipford 8 months ago
Face lift it will look better
colin david
colin david 8 months ago
I was yelling at the screen when you were trying to reshape those control arm tabs GRAB THE TORCH AAHHHHH
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen 10 months ago
Yes do the. Facelift!
Flnka_Ur_Ace 11 months ago
Yessss !
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards Year ago
What is the length and height of a Raptor? I would need to fit it in a tight garage
Keep it original dude.... facelift...it is not a big deal...now wrap this best sure you got ..it is too blue lol.
bob m
bob m Year ago
Did we forget that we are fixing this truck? Find a truck that has been hit hard somewhere other than the right front, cut the section you need from it and bring it home and graft it onto your truck. Can we fix it before we worry about facelifts?
Noah Bartlett
Noah Bartlett Year ago
for the frambender 3001 you should make one end longer, that way it will stop when its straight
stephen partida
Still have the 2017 fenders? LF side?
Adalberto Soldevila
Random Impossible
Lamont Wilkerson
Do it!
Dre Hunt
Dre Hunt Year ago
You could benefit from a frame rack. Have a way to anchor the truck and tug on the bent parts. Like poles in the ground at 4 feet on all four corners. Then have a come-along pulling the bent parts.
VINMAD666 Year ago
HATE the BIG ford on grill........just me.........don't like badges or names on mine
VINMAD666 Year ago
New subscriber ~~~ so far so good....... thanks..............stay safe.. keep doin it..........PEACE
Thomas Hollingshad
a vehicle with original color holds better value
Hunter Blanton
Do the facelift
Zombie X
Zombie X Year ago
At 2.15 did I saw a 90's emblem on a GM square body??? 😐
GT King
GT King Year ago
Nick Puthoff
Nick Puthoff Year ago
Yes please facelift the truck
crazymarge1 Year ago
the hydrolic is a body jack ... thats how its called : body jack
Brad Noyes
Brad Noyes Year ago
We always called them a "porta-power"
Marius Eimstad
Face lift
Haveland Khuong
Hell yeah face lift the raptor it will be so sick...
Scott Donaldson
Dakota Lawhead
Portland! Hey it you ever get the chance.... My step dad owns Gresham 4wheel drive if you ever need lift kits or anything he's the guy!
Gary Varni
Gary Varni Year ago
I wouldn't facelift, I don't like to mix match
Gary Varni
Gary Varni Year ago
Good wheel and tire choice
Beast Boy
Beast Boy Year ago
Don’t face lift it it will look weird
Beast Boy
Beast Boy Year ago
The thing is I would just buy a new one cause the right fender is broken and most of the parts for the raptors is a little expensive to get cause these parts are specially made for the truck I have the 2014 Ford F-150 raptor SVT black edition if you know what that once is
Rombbb Year ago
welding in control arm mounting point, nope
Canadian KRISPY Bacon
Use a stick...instead if your finger that is directly in front of the sensor...I it’s a thing for US-first creators to stick their fingers in the shots but it’s really over done and annoying
chris macleod
chris macleod Year ago
Ye Ford call it a molding But you say it is not a molding ..... Ye what the Fuck do Ford know
davkenrem Year ago
Wood chisels???
Jake Year ago
Definitely do it
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant Year ago
Yes steering and frame geometry is so easy, 0.02mm tolerance in all planes. Should just take it to a frame shop before you started. Then do the bolt on bit's. Your way is going to cause castor and alignment issues.
Hell yeah do the facelift!
wil Young
wil Young Year ago
Fiberwerx or Mc neil racing kit is cheaper to convert front end. As far the LCA pockets that are bent if it is the rear pockets that cross member can be replaced. If ford won't sell the part put a lift kit from fab tech, which replaces the cross members anyway. If it is only the front the pockets your method should work.
echo 20
echo 20 Year ago
I think I found the owner of it. It is chasing rides
iziiimad Year ago
Face lift
US-firstrs seriously needa carry around water cuz it sounds like alot of u guys get parched af and jus power through it lol
Jaxson Steils
Jaxson Steils Year ago
Should have got a Chevy
Jessayesss Year ago
You should cement to your driveway for better stability
George Cicairos
It's called a Porta Power.
Hennry Grass
Hennry Grass Year ago
You really like being sponsered don't you No hate intended
The Christian Trucker
Yes, the Gen 2 looks great. Whish they'd have kept the 6.2L in the Gen 2
That Honda 420
Face lift 100%
its cadet time
Face lift yes do it
Zebadiah Alexander
Use your editing to point things out and stop using your fingers Lool 👉🏽🖍⬅️↙️↖️⬇️ 👊🏽👊🏽
Yan Blais
Yan Blais Year ago
You should have been sponsored by Reebok underwear! AHAHAHAH
dallaskl90 Year ago
Yes sherlock. ...that would be badass. ..
It looks fine as it is, dont hang a lot of plastic crap on it.
diazvlogs diaz
troy3518 Year ago
Porta-power !!!
Tyler Kinch
Tyler Kinch Year ago
Facelift it!!! The new front ends look so much better
BlurNinja 123
BlurNinja 123 Year ago
Don’t do face lift
Scott McKinnis
Porta Power
Michael Elkins
Seems to me if you do a little research before you start on something, you wouldn’t be chasing your tail so much, and that you would know what you are working on and working with!!, just saying.
Miked Media
Miked Media Year ago
Cole Brooking
Cole Brooking Year ago
If B is for build, Dynatrac axle swap and lever transfer case. That 6.2 sounds so sexy.
vidal ruiz
vidal ruiz Year ago
Hell yea! Facelift 👌🏼
Charles Mckinney
Yesss facelift, looks soo much better
Espoitis Year ago
I don't think you should. Keep the car factory. You may sell it one day and the new owner may not know that the headlights are a 2017 and not 2014..
Luis Brito
Luis Brito Year ago
B is for build favorite word: Metal. "Metal, metal, bent metal, mEtALlll" 😂
DR. DRAGON Year ago
2018 is Boring keep it a 2014 and raptor line it, thats actually interesting and would be fun to watch.
Ste Wilkes
Ste Wilkes Year ago
Oh yeah give it the full face lift an the truck will be a beast! Plus it will add value to it incase you wanted to sell it.... It'll look EVILLLLL!!!
Ben Dino
Ben Dino Year ago
get a bright laser pointer. no more fingers in the shot.
Florida mini bike racing League
Yes full face lifed
Timothy Crawford
Yes do it. The lights would look sick do it
Dennis Countryman
You must have printing press with hundred dollar bill plates in a back room. Either that or your girl friend is rich
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson Year ago
Why does the quality seem terrible
Brian Swett
Brian Swett Year ago
If the guy parting out the 18...has the front bumper still, hmu!!
michael dodd
michael dodd Year ago
Jared Chevraux
There are plenty of quality upgraded fiberglass kits available. ABV, McNeil, etc. that will give you a "facelift" without retrofitting oem panels.
Ali Juman
Ali Juman Year ago
No face lift use the parts you have
James McGuire
James McGuire Year ago
I still wonder if the frame/ impact frame is bent; the two tubes you see the one with the hump.
Justin Berry
Justin Berry Year ago
Yessssss do it
George Wallace
Do the face lift. You need duel exhaust ture duel
Franklin Oneil
I would face lift it
Kaden Rogers
Kaden Rogers Year ago
Face lift hell yea
make America great again
The hoods are totally different and lights
Craig Voll
Craig Voll Year ago
Hell yea new sub and the bronze wit the blue looks sooooo good
Cody Rebernak
Cody Rebernak Year ago
Think about going to a junkyard to cut off the frame piece for the lower control arm instead of fabricating? then just weld in. I bet the regular normal F150 frame is the same. it might be worth the junkyard entry fee to take a look at least.
Robert Secondi
No face lift, the older generations look better.
skidz 808
skidz 808 Year ago
HighStreet Killers
Your Raptor is already unique. Its a worthless wrecked Raptor. 7:00 unless you want to die behind the wheel trailer it to a professional frame shop. A welder isn't a frame guy
Dave w
Dave w Year ago
Agreed. Not being harsh but the only true way to sort this kind or problem out is new chassis. Or at least get to a junk yard n get the complete front end. Cut it well passed anything bent and get a pro to fit it. Don’t get me wrong it can be done this way. But seriously it’s not just yourself you’ve to consider! It’s your passengers and everyone else on the road. EVEN the DICKHEADS! anyway. Keep the vids coming let’s see how it goes. 👍🏻🤘🏻👌🏻
P U Year ago
I like the old one! Keep it same. Just love the work you do!! Hello from India.
Ethan Dobbs
Ethan Dobbs Year ago
No because the years don't match it will be a Frankenstein truck
Charles Pelletier
That hydraulic equipment is called a Portapower
efren santiago
roger davies
roger davies Year ago
I don't think it's worth the money
Robb M. Cupich
Yeah! You sould do that facelift 👍🏼 it looks Killer 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼