Tearing down my Salvaged Raptor to find all the DAMAGE 

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In today's episode were tearing the damaged parts off the Raptor.
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Apr 24, 2019




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Cash Wilson
Cash Wilson Month ago
Won’t work if theres any check lights
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty Month ago
Just at a glance I'd think one might use the old control arm to at least roughly pull the mounting points back where they belong.
Drive YT Brand
Drive YT Brand 4 months ago
That thing with a little hose on it I think that's the hub actuator thingy to lock the hub when it goes to 4x4 mode.
Drive YT Brand
Drive YT Brand 4 months ago
I think it's activated with vacuum, controlled by solenoid valves in engine bay 🤔
Wolfman1974ify 4 months ago
I just wanted to say your not the only that says car when you meant to say truck .... lol ... I know lot people who has cars most of their life and called their truck or SUV that they just got and and got the habitat of saying car. I got two trucks and one car and sometimes I catch myself saying let's take car into town and I will be walking towards one my trucks and my friends would say that's not a car that's your truck your car is back there?
redneck wreck
redneck wreck 7 months ago
I think you forgotten to talk about did dust shield that got completely smoked as well
Christian Demarcus
Christian Demarcus 7 months ago
Other than possible hidden damage, and suspension it looks great
Rodney Cavallo
Rodney Cavallo 7 months ago
Why not paint it yellow or white as I don't like black because black gets to hot in the summer and it shows the dirt as well
Mohsen Raghian
Mohsen Raghian 8 months ago
This is how remote start works on a Ford. Press the "lock" button once and then press the start button twice and it will start.
Felipe Acosta
Felipe Acosta 8 months ago
I have a tuxedo black 2013 Raptor. EXACT SAME DAMAGE! Same side. Everything. What a coincidence. Hoping this helps save some cash while I try to get it fix. facebook.com/flip.aguilar.5 Felipe87acosta@gmail.com If possible, send me any info that could help me through this process. Thanks guys!
Allen Poe
Allen Poe 8 months ago
As a former tech myself, I have to say that you lost me as a possible subscriber when you said you even thought about welding that piece in place. Also the mention of a CV boot repair kit! uuuggg!
Braxton Beckstead
Braxton Beckstead 8 months ago
"OMG, I'm so not used to a truck. WOW these are huge. Going to take me awhile to get used to this." So annoying, quit talking so much and do some actual work.
David Sloop
David Sloop 9 months ago
Liner is a cheap fix for cars with bad paint. Liner has also been done to death. Repaint it to March the blue.
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 10 months ago
That ratchet strap lov3
Bradley Dunagan
Bradley Dunagan 10 months ago
Dan Canady
Dan Canady 10 months ago
11:25 is the hub actuator (4wd) the line that runs from it is your vacuum line to lock the front drive lines and make the 4wd work.
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens 10 months ago
I can tell you what you're doing wrong you're talking too much just work on the car
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens 10 months ago
If they're half of the video of talking now he makes a video of taking the battery out will let's watch that
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens 10 months ago
I don't know if I was watching a talk show or a car repair Show
Jon G
Jon G 10 months ago
Needed a jack stand
Dark Charizard 31
Dark Charizard 31 10 months ago
How many times has he said Car in this video I lost count?
CRYPTIC IcyDoom 10 months ago
No raptor liner
Daryl Torraville
Daryl Torraville 11 months ago
I think idiot should stick to paint..........did not even replaced obviously bent inner tie rod end, what a fu%$%$ hack job
Mike C
Mike C 11 months ago
You lost all credibility after referring to the TRUCK as a car.
Bob C
Bob C Year ago
What makes you think waving your hand in front of the camera does anything. Have you ever seen a professional do that? Just stop it. Slow down and stop waving the camera around. If you can afford a Raptor you can afford a tripod. Great video though. Another note. You need to slow down. You sound like you have had 8 cups of coffee. You are not going to make it to 40.
The Savior
The Savior Year ago
the thing you think is a wheel speed censor is the locking hub
The Savior
The Savior Year ago
my blower will build boost in N ...
Marfoir0303 Year ago
Do you need a dealers license to buy vehicles from the auction; thank you love the show 😎
Big GoODLIFE Year ago
You can drive around with balls hangin. And people can say ya got bluballs
Cole Abney
Cole Abney Year ago
You she to hit it the lock button twice then double tap the 2x button
Yisroel Birnhack
Press the lock button 2 times and the press the remote start
Samasoni Faatiliga
click lock then 2 times
On Time Services
lock then double press
ron B
ron B Year ago
RealDriver Year ago
Sounds awesome!
UploaderNine Year ago
LOck and double tap
Thor Thunder
Thor Thunder Year ago
You can see a forging defect in the metal on the break.
VINMAD666 Year ago
Glad to see jack stands.........lots auto channels DON'T use them..... STAY SAFE.....NEVER STOP........new sub ......thanks bro
Gonna crab down the highway!
User xx12
User xx12 Year ago
B is for Blue
jack DagnelsTWO
That big thing that came off the axle is the vacuum engage for 4x4. the small one is the abs and speed sensor.
Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross Year ago
13:31 ..... dude I'm pretty sure the fj was blue until it got raptor lined lolol
Dylan McCraw
Dylan McCraw Year ago
hit the lock button once the hit the other button twice and itll start
Ed West
Ed West Year ago
Why not wrap the back of it in dinosaur skin. Do what want to the front half of the TRUCK. From the rear half of the body roof, sides and bed wrap it in dinosaur skin. After all, it is a beast. Isn't it?
HM3 Al
HM3 Al Year ago
This is why you don't try to jump the damned things
Gunner Roberts
You have to lock the truck then remote start it
Ben Revitt
Ben Revitt Year ago
Even though it would ruin the truck raptor liner would look pretty sick
Astref Year ago
3:09 For those of us that likes to go "grocery shopping" 😏
jonthus1 Year ago
Hi do you source your cars / trucks from Copart ? what's your experience with them if it is .
Andrew Locke
Andrew Locke Year ago
what make and model is the detector
PopulistMonk Year ago
The small sensor is a wheel speed sensor for the abs and traction control systems. The much bigger "sensor" is actually the 4X4 actuator that "locks" the front hubs to the front differential in 4WD. It's a vacuum operated actuator. Check to make sure the housing isnt cracked or it will keep the hub "locked" in 4WD effectively lowering fuel mileage.
Damian Garcia
Damian Garcia Year ago
The line is vacuum actuated hub to engage the 4x4
Lucas Year ago
You half to lock the truck and then double tap the power start
Busa rdr
Busa rdr Year ago
Hit lock button first then press the start twice.
Willville Year ago
stop ads
Willville Year ago
no ads
David Mclean DAM recordings
Places that sell parts often loan tools.. the ball joint press in particular.. its easy to do with an impact hammer.
Christopher Moore Jr
You have to lock it before you 2× press
dirtshower250 Year ago
Boy thinks a f150 is big 😂, take a look at any 3/4 Tom truck and realize how much heavier they are built
Alphatrion 001
No! Leave it blue.
Golfnut Bruce
Golfnut Bruce Year ago
Frame shop! The lower control arm mounts should be in tolerance
Alyssa Donato
Alyssa Donato Year ago
You have to have the truck locked yo use the remote start
Kactapuss Year ago
No Raptor liner - I think it looks like boogers.
chris macleod
chris macleod Year ago
The color is the last thing you need to think a bout and you should have pulled that chase in to place with the old wish bone be for taking it off to get a line meant
davkenrem Year ago
Where is your shop? Why are you working outside?
Mighty2ThaMax Year ago
Raptor liner black
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin Year ago
The”sensor” isn’t a sensor at all it’s a IWE or integrated wheel and and those are vacuum lines. Used to lock in the hub for 4wd
Not a truck person either but I like the blue and black trim combination. Enjoy your video's.
electrohacker Year ago
The wire is abs. The hose is a vaccum hub disconnect. Disappointing ford is still using vacuum.
Robert Ordewald
The round part with the gear like teeth is the ABS, the other is either wheel speed or tire inflation sensor. Is the lower control arm an aftermarket part? To straighten the frame take it a small body shop with a frame machine. I doubt it will more than $350 to staighten the tabs and fix any other minor bends that are in the frame - otherwise it may look fine but it will likely wear tires. I realize that I'm preaching to the choir but it's better said and not needed over unsaid and needed. Also, check the rack, it's likely damaged. One last thought. I bet the truck was sent out to be detailed and someone took it for a joyride. Thanks for your video, Bob Ordewald Staunton Va Ordewaldb@yahoo.com
Not Available
Not Available Year ago
You can borrow a ball joint press from just about any autoparts store. Super simple job. Much easier than replacing the control arm.
Herman Smith
Herman Smith Year ago
Raptor liner
7112newman Year ago
For the love of GOD please stop calling that awesome truck a car please! LOL
Khadar Deek
Khadar Deek Year ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂other wise we will unsubscribe nd stay away
Jacob Year ago
A lot of those remote start cars/trucks need to be locked before the double click. It’s to prevent auto thefts.
Jacob Holloway
Double lock then you press hand hold
Jaxson Steils
Jaxson Steils Year ago
Should have got a Chevy
igmer barahona
You double tap the lock button to remote turn on
1979 Hellcat
1979 Hellcat Year ago
Unless u plan on keeping it till the wheels fall off - DO NOT change the color - it will decrease the value a lot. I work at a body shop so I get ppl all the time wanting to do it n I will advise against it. If u plan on keeping it till the wheels fall off then by all means do what you want.
1979 Hellcat
1979 Hellcat Year ago
On remote start double tap lock n it’ll honk then double tap the remote start. Give it a few seconds and it’ll start.
Andrew Hockaday
It’s cause you just put the new battery in
Cody Foley
Cody Foley Year ago
Your check engine light is on it will not work
420_ GrindersClub
Why will radar detector tell u where grocery auto doors are
Fmd269 Ludwig
Fmd269 Ludwig Year ago
Im a 30plus year collision tech ford at a ford dearler that truck needs racked a frame straitened but not a bad hit easly fix able ive done way worse
Jay Blaze
Jay Blaze Year ago
That looks like a radar jammer not a detector. It jams the radar signal so you can speed and police wont get a radar or lidar reading.
Jay Blaze
Jay Blaze Year ago
@Ayee joseeXD they work and are worth the money I can do any speed and never get pulled over
Jay Blaze
Jay Blaze Year ago
@Ayee joseeXD rocky mountain radar. They have a new one called the judge if you get a ticket for speeding theyll pay for it no questions cause its guaranteed to jam all radar and lidar signals. We put them in the grill cause there illegal to have and the cops and cant find them in the grill we put a toggle switch in the dash to turn it on and off most semi drivers and otr drivers have them.
Ayee joseeXD
Ayee joseeXD Year ago
where do you find these
Zachary Burney
11:15 pretty sure that's a 4wd driveshaft sensor thingy and it's what engages or disengages 4x4
djdellon Year ago
Wow it sound good bro.
Addicted4Life !
Spindle=2wd Knuckle=4wd Dumb I know lol
Henry Fu
Henry Fu Year ago
3 presses, 1 press lock then press the remote start 2x in that order
frankie james
frankie james Year ago
To remote start it, you have to lock the truck. Then double tap and hold. Simple lol.
Joe H
Joe H Year ago
Codex Year ago
Oh Kyle can talk, who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
T'airn'KA Year ago
I wonder if it's possible to layer wraps with designs to create a 3D effect? It's a continuity error when you do something (@3:03, headlight unit removed) but it's not been done moments later (@ 4:04). ;-)
James Dudley
James Dudley Year ago
Hit lock button twice the hold the x botton.yw
Ohialehua Crozier
Sooo much talky talky
Jose Victoria
Jose Victoria Year ago
What i don't understand is why would they charge so much for a truck like this and not have push to start??? Same goes for a Mercedes no push to start. Hunday has push to start lol nice truck tho
Jacob Hinshaw
Jacob Hinshaw Year ago
yeah...a raptor is sexy enough with that stock look... it doesn't need that matte black look
Charles Reohr
Charles Reohr Year ago
Zach Meyer
Zach Meyer Year ago
So glad you started calling it a truck and not a car! I’m a Dodge guy but that’ll be a sweet truck.
joseph barany
joseph barany Year ago
This dude is dumb
Chris Allen 383
I'd stick with the blue it really pops
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Year ago
Leave it blue!