Tearing Into My 14L Diesel Boat Engine To Find The Damage 

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In today's episode we're tearing into my Cummins VT903M 14L diesel boat engine to see how bad the damage is and if we can fix it.
Huge thanks to Texas Speed for partnering with us on this one, check them out at www.texas-speed.com/
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Oct 8, 2020




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Nickolas Davies
Nickolas Davies 3 hours ago
you may know engines but you don't know marine engines yet, hard way to learn that marine engines need regular impala changes, at least you found where the bits go.
Damian Bright
Damian Bright 23 hours ago
Opposite of what you want... short term savings for long term pain, sad to see.
nitrosavy Day ago
Who’s gives a crap what negative people say, I’m happy to follow the journey with you. Funny how all the fastest power boats still run gasoline cause they rev so much better. Thanks for keeping it interesting 👍
Donald Emery
Donald Emery Day ago
I would love to get the those , the 903 would go in my Dodge 350 , Thank You !
Bill Bird
Bill Bird 2 days ago
Ronald Walker
Ronald Walker 2 days ago
Bye Bye
Robert Laird
Robert Laird 3 days ago
metalboatkits.com/ is a great place to get everything you would need to build a boat. They offer the plans, the metal, the cnc cut metal, a full or partial kit and they can even build the hull for you. They are located in BC, Canada right off of the I-5 and south of Vancouver, BC.
Robert Laird
Robert Laird 3 days ago
That plastic stuff looks like an impeller which should be changed out every season with a new one.
Minnesota Q
Minnesota Q 4 days ago
Torque moves Mass not HP. You'll replace 3 Big block chevys (x2) in the next 30 yrs when your Cummins needs another rebuild. I'll stay tuned to watch though. I have over 3 million miles on a 3406a Cat, but what do I know.
Golfnut Bruce
Golfnut Bruce 5 days ago
LS engines! Bahahahhahahha... Uhmmm nope! It'll probably still float but you better add ballast. Don't count on cruising around in it. It won't happen. It's clear that you know zero about boats
John Krystowski
John Krystowski 6 days ago
If he’s going to ruin it with gas why doesn’t he modify a used Mercruiser 496 HO or the new 8.2 MAG HO? Their Chevy, fuel injected, and already marinized. In fact why isn’t he using any of Mercury Racing engine for consumers?
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders 8 days ago
Richard Wallinger
are you crazy! taking potentially 4 tons of ballast from low down in your boat is not going to do a lot for comfy cruising . just see how quick it flips when hit by a nasty wave .
GusCRG 8 days ago
Your videos are so good!! Regards from Macao
Sterling Slayden
Sterling Slayden 8 days ago
Get a whaley boat
Sterling Slayden
Sterling Slayden 8 days ago
Or make one way bigger.
scott doleac
scott doleac 9 days ago
Oh dear no
mark mesic
mark mesic 9 days ago
You are so clueless.
Taluvian 10 days ago
Really should talk to Gale Banks about Duramax L5P, stock engines with cam swap, injector swap, and bigger turbo will do more than 800-900 HP and tons of torque.
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 10 days ago
Oh Man this all sounds so Exciting I cant wait and yes i know im way behind your Vlogs but since the first one I don't want to miss any i love how you explain it all for us awesome Vlogs love them
David Bar
David Bar 10 days ago
Long story short, if you plan on keeping that yacht, I would take the time and rebuild those Cummins. Once you swamp them out and go alternate you'll lose in the long run, the resell value will plummet, the market for a alternately powered yacht will be almost non-existent. Unlike cars, yachts/boats in general are waiting games, basically money pits. When you jump into the class you're in, they're mostly maid for people who have a lot of money and like to throw it at stuff to fix it. In fact that's in general almost all boats/yachts. Once you rebuild those Cummins, with proper preventative maintenance they'll last for quiet some time especially if you're proactive. Either way good luck i do like watching this.
rabukan 58
rabukan 58 10 days ago
My friend, I just restored a 1992 Riva 50 Superamerica HP. These boats are top of the line in every way, superior quality. No way would I put gas engines in a Riva 43 Tropicana unless I was willing to give it away for a fraction of the value. My Riva 50 has twin MAN 510's, and they are also 30 years old, but they run like new because they were maintained properly and only have 500 hours on them. They are expensive engines to maintain, but they make the boat. Riva uses diesels for a reason. Why not just rebuild your Cummins engines? My good friend, Riva Guru, is a Riva dealer/restorer in Ft. Lauderdale: rivaguru.com/contact/ I am sure he will tell you that what you are planning to do is a really bad idea. I believe top speed on the Tropicana is 35 knots.
Tony Fox
Tony Fox 11 days ago
"Kathunk It" , love it
James Dobson
James Dobson 11 days ago
Do the old Riva the justice she deserves. Get the other engine out, make the bilge mint. And do the rebuild with help from knowledgeable folks on here. If they wernt good and bulletproof the parts would be discontinued. I mean 3 weeksfor parts against bespoke untested parts??? Mint engine bay with 2 rebuilt originals is the only way to retain any value. Sorry mate your taking the wrong path.
Steve C
Steve C 12 days ago
Boats don't need Horsepower. They need Torque. That is why the original spec for the boat was diesel. Boats need longevity. That's why the original spec was for diesel. Efficiency matters in a boat. That's why the original spec was for diesel. You are making a HUGE mistake! You are putting serious time and money into this boat, and that's commendable. But, you are doing WAY too much GUESSING on what to do! Get some knowledge before you make these decisions, and you'll be happier in the long run. You say one reason to replace those big engines is because they are too big. Too big. Oh, poor me... my engines are too big in my 20k pound yacht. Does this make sense to anyone? Talking about fire hazard... another major reason you use diesel in a large boat is explosion. Gasoline explodes, diesel does not, and you are going to carry hundreds of gallons of gasoline. Besides, don't you have a diesel generator? Now you have to add another fuel tank. You could rebuild those diesels for far less than replacing them. And, what you save in fuel cost with diesels in the first year over the gassers would cover the rebuild cost. I'm sorry, man... but you are doing all this work to "restore" the boat, but the engine decision is ruining this boat.
tom schauer
tom schauer 13 days ago
I never heard of these guys before today but.....they need to stay away from boats! especially diesels! So sad to see someone trash those big cummins engine from pure ignorance. they are going to need at least four of those 454's to push that boat anywhere near what the cummins did.
tyler storm
tyler storm 15 days ago
SBC 350........that is all
Larry Dunson
Larry Dunson 16 days ago
Killer channel. Hope you’ll continue with the boating videos.
Mage Etherios
Mage Etherios 16 days ago
I can't say I agree with LS here.... The best thing about LS engines is they're cheap, everything else you get what you pay for, I don't think he's going to want to have to do all the continuous maintenance LS engines require on a boat that takes so much time and expense to pull engines out of. But hey, at least he's having them built aftermarket, that should help him a lot.
Samuel Sykes
Samuel Sykes 18 days ago
And that, my friends, is why you condition the coolant in a wet sleeve engine
Mark Wybierala
Mark Wybierala 19 days ago
Have you considered diesel-electric? ...a pair of Tesla motors but driven by a generator. You could choose to employ batteries or not but if you did you’d have a sneaky stealth mode. But then there’s the added cost of a lot of black paint.
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett 19 days ago
Yet it's been over a month and the boat it still sitting no engines.
D Roman
D Roman 21 day ago
Another interesting project. It’s been my understanding, albeit limited, that Diesel engines are more durable & more reliable for big boats.
Eric Fermin
Eric Fermin 22 days ago
@26.50 you don't use "begs the question" correctly. You don't use "that begs the question" to state a question. You'd use beg the question, for example, if you were told the new engine is pretty because it isn't ugly, that would beg the question of well what is pretty.
s brown
s brown 22 days ago
The dude should stick with cars, and beaters at that--or maybe go backwards a bit and start with a 18-foot runabout with a 188 hp Mercruiser to learn the basics. Don't have enough time in the day to watch another car fire on the freeway--have unsubscribed.
Skipper Richman
Skipper Richman 24 days ago
as I know about water impellers on many boats. The one you have is a short vein impeller and should be changed yearly. Use triple guard grease to cover coat the impeller before installing it. Where they brake is the root area on the veins.
PeayUp Motorsports
PeayUp Motorsports 24 days ago
oil cooler cracked?
Chris Bible
Chris Bible 24 days ago
two things - Don't paint zinks and your oil cooler zink failed and started your oil leak into the water
Larry Snedden
Larry Snedden 24 days ago
Love it....cant wait to see the results.
jensenmekk 25 days ago
2X skyline engines or 2X toyota supra engines
peteb2 25 days ago
Having been round boats all my 60 plus years, you have some huge gonads going over to gasoline on a vessel this size... the issue is carrying what will be a fairly large amount of fuel onboard and serious very strict management needed to take care of the evaporates during fueling etc.... I've heard the sound & been witness what wasn't really an accident but a choice to cut corners only a small amount on just that one occasion that resulted in a fatally bad outcome....
danunk 25 days ago
Don’t do, I will not watch boat related content. I’ll still watch the car content though.
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 26 days ago
Hey did you ever think about gas turbines I know they’re expensive but there are some military surplus from Hury helicopters...
Keith Brown
Keith Brown 26 days ago
Oh man I’m not saying I’m not happy to see you build your own boat from scratch but we all know that’s a hole in the water as the saying goes but I wish you the very very best of luck my friend seriously I look forward to seeing your success and I think you will succeed
Jaguar66 27 days ago
And I have to admit though I think its a mistake not rebuilding the Cummins I cannot wait to see what you churn out of Texas Speed for a gas replacement and all the fabrication this will take to re fit the boat. I honestly think you are going to go way beyond what a rebuild cost of the Cummins would cost you in the end to this gas conversion but I have to admit it will be entertaining to watch if you have the funds to just go through it anyway! Lol..
MASON STORM 27 days ago
This idiot is gonna take a beautiful cruiser with a fine pair of diesels that could have been rebuilt to perfection.. for half of what he's gonna spend.. !!! What a fool... !!!
MASON STORM 27 days ago
Man this guy is stupid.. !!! Gezzz christ... !!!
MASON STORM 27 days ago
See there a diesel tech would have went strait to that oil filter first and would have been able to tell you that engin needed a complete refit.. !!! No No No... Do not put gasoline engines back in that boat.. ??? Vary stupid stupid move... !!! Holy fuck dip ship its a cruiser not a god damn speed boat you damn fool... !!!
MASON STORM 27 days ago
That engine should be on an stand so you can roll it over and pull the oil pan off.. You will find out a great deal of imformation doing that first.. ????
Jaron Gulla
Jaron Gulla 27 days ago
At least we don't have to listen to you say diezel anymore :)
Hard working Canadian citizen
The 903 Cummins was used in 900 series versatile 4wd tractor , it was never popular due to expensive repairs.
Scott Piette
Scott Piette 27 days ago
Two turbo fans...
Scott Piette
Scott Piette 27 days ago
That’s is why they just dumped the work ..
TheDiecastguy 87
TheDiecastguy 87 28 days ago
Mike Ramsey
Mike Ramsey 28 days ago
If you aren't going to use those 903's then I'd suggest donating them to a Diesel engine repair school were they can use them as a training tool for future diesel mechanics. Personally I think that going to gasoline engines is a mistake for a nice Italian boat, but I can understand the economics of the decision.
Kellyboy 28 days ago
I'm sorry to tell you an LS block cannot handle the steady torque needed to be reliable on a long haul in your big heavy boat . Why do you think that big Cummins is so heavy ? Please keep.it diesel Big 9 litre Cummins out of a big RV will get you 400 to 500 horse 1300 lbs Common Man, If you have the money stuff two XB 15s in there and close the hatchs and haul ass. You can get those engines out of wrecked semis , Its for long haul expeditions not a drag race . You may need to learn the hard way . All the best .
Robert Adamson
Robert Adamson 29 days ago
Is there a chance you could do more video of the work and diagnostics and less video of you explaining/hand waving and pointing? Most of your videos are your hand waving in front of the camera and explaining whats wrong.
Richard Hybels
Richard Hybels Month ago
Wasting time trying to find oil leak. Take it to rebuilder and he will figure it out. Seals are not you4 problem. Motor has to be rebuilt. You ran it ou5 of oil for Christ sake
mack man
mack man Month ago
What are you going to do with the old engines.. selling them?
Don Rougeux
Don Rougeux Month ago
Heavy duty industrial grade editing is definitely going to be needed before this fiasco goes to the bottom!!!
lawrence beeler
lawrence beeler Month ago
I am glad you understand the hazards of gasoline engines but dont forget that the weight of those diesels may need to be replaced
shakey Month ago
I know we all prefer what we know...... but.....you should talk to marine specialists. Mechanics, designers and sales people. Your engine is fixable, removing that much weight will change the design specs/performance/safety of the boat, it may send the value of your boat into negative territory. If you make enough on the US-first videos to make it worth your time then great......I’ll watch.
Ben Sta
Ben Sta Month ago
I don't understand the community - Why are gas engines a terrible decision? Nearly all american boats were and are gas powered - the older ones mostly natural espirated. We own a 36ft Regal commodore from 1990 with two 7.4l Mercruiser with each 340hp. We love it! A friend of us owns a 40ft Sea Ray with cummin diesel engines - it's just louder, it's vibrating more and it is much slower in acceleration and top speed. We had a diesel boat before and we were happy, but we love our new boat with gas engines!
freebuilder007 Month ago
Dude, those rubber pieces are water pump impeller vanes. That is why you change impellers in your sea water pump Every Year!
JOEB JOEB Month ago
I never heard of a Steam Line on a diesel engine? 13:20 I don't think that engine would get hot enough to make steam except in the exhaust and that is cooled by water? I am not trying to be a know it all here? Maybe there is such a thing?
H - M
H - M Month ago
This isn't the first video re. these flexi-type rubber water pumps and the bits they shed. To have to wait a month from any marine engine manufacturer isn't good regardless of engine age. Interesting video.
Paul Powell
Paul Powell Month ago
You will need to put blowers in compartment to remove the gas fumes. I would never put gas in a boat, there is just to much chance of a fire.
James Kruk
James Kruk Month ago
What a colosul bad decision made
Tom Summers
Tom Summers Month ago
At 8:30...”very bizarre” . Not bizarre at all. Old brittle impeller disintegrated. Everybody knows that. What’s bizarre is me wasting anymore time watching these petrol heads mess with a diesel. B is for Bizarre.
Scott Littlewood
This is a ridiculous error.
Mike Yadrick
Mike Yadrick Month ago
those rubber pcs look like an impeller that has com undone---might also be an old impeller that the previous owner left all the broken pcs inside when they changed impellers in the pumps!! Mikey, in Sequim
silly oldbastard
Gas engines are for cars and ski boats not 10-12 ton boats. Your boat will be worth hull value which on a 30 year old boat will be SFA. If you rebuild those engines you will get much of your money back
Roger Lord
Roger Lord Month ago
Every single person has told you not to do away with the diesel motors and why! How did you ever get this much money in life when you don’t listen to anything anyone tells you?
I have run into owners like this . They dont know what they are doing an then try to get me to put it back together. Laughable. Hope they get the boat fixed though.
owen leon
owen leon Month ago
Why people hating this video the man has a dream to build something crazy he had the time and skills to do the work so let him do his things cause alot of you people are stuck doing the same thing over and over again he's doing something new for the love of it
The Reel Angler
The Reel Angler Month ago
A boat isn't a sound investment. Ever.
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom Month ago
Personally, I would ditch both motors and replace them with something better, lighter, more efficient, etc. Those engines are too old and inefficient to worry about rebuilding.
Alex Gregorewsky
I’m stunned that you had no idea those rubber pieces were old impeller blades. Wow!
RC Ryder
RC Ryder Month ago
Dude, toss those heat exchangers. You can srew any math you want, you can not screw thermodynamics. Gas engines throw out 30% more waste heat than diesels. You want more horse power... Your heat exchangers will be for sure too small and you will cook your new engines. Do the math first, than the build...
Chuck Allen
Chuck Allen Month ago
You are way down on the learning curve. If you do the gas conversion this will be the best lessons learned for future boat owners in a similar situation.
A Pick
A Pick Month ago
You had cylinders knocking of course there's metal flakes. The rubber was old impeller blades from a previous failure that was never cleaned out of the coolers. It caused an overheat eventually, or high oil temps and hot temps. Should be able to get the crankshaft spun welded back to own spec. I don't think gas is going to be a great option and def will drop the value a ton. You'll affect the boats stability by removing that low slung weight which was asking as some ballast.
B.A. Gage
B.A. Gage Month ago
oil left through the seawater heat exchanger? lots of rubber chunkage.
potato lew44
potato lew44 Month ago
Those pieces of rubber at the 8 minute mark is the impeller fins from the raw water pump. Most likely either from a previous failure and was replaced by an armature.
Bad Santa
Bad Santa Month ago
Chev it....LOL. Just order a dumpster now and get it over with. Make sure to put a fire suppression system in now because your insurance company will make you put it in later.
charles lindsay
charles lindsay Month ago
you should have checked the filters before starting the first long trip
VT903 is the same engine used in the M2 and M3 fighting vehicles and their variants. Good stuff there.
Ann Trautwein
Ann Trautwein Month ago
One question you couldn't get a tow from the slip to the hoist
Jean Couture
Jean Couture Month ago
I also disagree about going gas. Big mistake. Second mistake is going with a company that does not specialize in marine engines. Although I have a 454 (7.4L Merc) in my boat it does not use the same parts as a car 454 at all.
Rainer Gimenez
Rainer Gimenez Month ago
I hope you have $100,000 lying around. That's what it's going to cost to get these things properly rebuilt. Trying to do this in the backyard with people that have zero experience isn't going to cut it. That impeller was never changed because there was no room to get to the front of the motor.
Boop Boop Globetrotters
I DONT AGREE...WITH NOT REPAIRING THE ENGINES..Why on eartth with you guys and the equipment you have and the money you all make, DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DO THIS, when a 3rd world country like the PHILIPPINES can literally do that repair on the side of the highway without breaking a sweat, with welded pipes as an engine puller and a large come along and have them drop the crank right there.....[IVE SEEN THIS DONE WITH MY OWN EYES BECAUSE THE COMPANY THAT OWNED THE TRUCK WANTED IT REPAIRED ON THE SPOT BECAUSE IT WAS MORE FEASIBLE THAN TOWING IT ....it was in a remote region], Personally i could repair this engine by myself in my own house and i dont have A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS...smh.......people here pull V10 ENGINES ALL DAY LONG [much bigger and heavier than these] with come along hoists and manual labor and the peeps here weigh 129 pounds [thats filipino men] and they manage to repair that said engine within weeks.....getting the parts from China..[IM JUST BESIDE MYSELF HOW U GUYS QUIT BECAUSE ITS NOT YOU TUBE FRIENDLY.] Then why work on boats if your not equipped or prepared for it.......smh...DONT GET OFFENDED im not busting your balls but im just shocked how you all think doing this work is harder than doing a RESTOMODDED MUSTANG....i dont see a difference....
Jean-Pierre Germain
Rubber in your cooling system is disintegrated impeller... get used to it... you must change these every year and pull the heat exchanger if you find any impeller blades. You are a babe in the woods, get a good Cummins mechanic to advise you. You have insufficient knowledge to make a good decision!
Jean-Pierre Germain
A car guy who thinks diesels can be replaced easily in a boat... NOT. Rebuild these ...
Gene Martin
Gene Martin Month ago
Loren Forslund
Loren Forslund Month ago
Drop both engines at a Cummins shop. Two weeks later pickup your warrantied engines. Now you have several years of trouble free cruising.
Diesel Ramcharger
boats going to be a fucking TURD with a gasser in it.
Diesel Ramcharger
B is for Broken......
Juan Fangio
Juan Fangio Month ago
Two gasoline engines will kill you in a explosion. This makes only sense if you are a Drumph voter. In that case go ahead.
ComputerJohn Month ago
As user 28cruzin had greatly detailed in his comment and is 100% correct! It's a boat "Break Out Another Thousand" and any work done on it will always be expensive. When you bought the boat did you have it surveyed & did a marine mechanic check the engines? Me just looking at that engine I can see red flags. Green corrosion on the water pump & other areas. Flaking rust in areas where you don't want it. The amount of oil that you had loss, I doubt it came from where the water pump gear assembly. Seeing the color of your oil on the oil filter my guess you may have an issue with your oil cooler & I'd suspect you having issues with the aftercooler "heat exchanger" with all the fragments of rubber from the impeller are a tell sign it hasn't been serviced. I'm sure the anode is completely gone too. People in the boating industry do swaps from gas to diesel for a reason & not the other way around, for torque & fuel economy. So get ready to replace the whole fuel system including the fuel tank, transmissions, shafts, stuffing boxes, cutlass bearing, props, & gauges. Plus with gas you must install at least 2 bilge blowers. That's a heavy boat for gas engines, you better install a large fuel tank you're going to need it. Regarding the value of the boat, it will be gone. She is worth more with 2 used diesels engines than 2 brand new gas engines. Just the word diesel on a boat gains massive interest. Here in New England, any vessel that is 28' or more and has gas engines, you can't give it away. The only exception would be speed boats, then again they don't weight that much & built for speed. You're going to be on drydock for a while. Looking forward, on seeing the challenges.
stimproid Month ago
Steve Rose
Steve Rose Month ago
Wrong move DUDE.
Arden Kroesbergen
JH diesel is disappoint.