The Burntacan gets INSANE 14 inch Wide Wheels and Tires!! 

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In today's episode we're test fitting our Rotiform HUR wheels, our Nitto Invo tires, and doing some body work while the engine is pulled.
Huge thanks to today's sponsor www.metalsupermarkets.com/ be sure to go there first for all your metal needs.
Thanks to Rotiform for the hookup on the wheels, check them out at rotiform.com
Thanks to Nitto Tires for the tires you can find them at www.nittotire.com/
And thanks to www.gomobiletires.com/ for coming out to the shop and mounting the tires on the wheels.
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Oct 30, 2019




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DrBrianFields 10 months ago
Hi Chris, this episode and the previous episode (the roof being repaired and first test drive) is missing from the LS Swapped Huracan playlist.
RyZe_X_Gaming Year ago
Who is rewatching in 2020. Do another 1 of these types of builds 4 SEMA if this stuff ends
Jeoffrey Sanchez
Finally the comment section is all in agreement with something positive for a change.the wheels are bad ass but still fix those non functional turbos
kristopher herbst
Damn, those wheels are HOT !!! Sweet choice...
Gaita Ponto
Gaita Ponto Year ago
These wheels are insane...very nice.
Whayne Padden
Whayne Padden Year ago
245 on a 10" wheel is a big no no, no legit shop would even do that. 285 would be more appropriate.
Ryan Lopez
Ryan Lopez Year ago
Wheels are crazy cool!!!
Wow!!! Love the wheels really sets the car off good luck with finishing the Car looking forward to the finish product.
Darkness Year ago
New wheels are sick.
IdealSound & Performance
"I dont understand half this machinery here" *sees tire machine, tire balancer, some dude*
Patrick W
Patrick W Year ago
The Rotiform link does work.
Patrick W
Patrick W Year ago
Doesn't ****
waiting for a new episode got me like a cracked out nancy pelosi after trump wins back to back elections
Brian B
Brian B Year ago
This is inspirational repurpose at its best 🤘🏻👏🏻
KLASIKS Year ago
Those rims.just wow
ElYonni Year ago
No quema cuh
Oscar is killing it, turbos still the wrong way around. cris is recording dumbass work and not filming the good stuff.....as usual...
Zarko Pecanac
Zarko Pecanac Year ago
It is insane the amount of talent you have and it's crazy that you are doing all this from your small shop. I salute you brother. Keep rockin.
Brandon9thGen Year ago
I think Murican is a better name
simon fawcett
simon fawcett Year ago
Those wheels look sik it's going to make that Lambo look so good
I’m new here after SEMA are you going to take the wrap off and actually paint it ? Because that would be some good content to that I would definitely watch so far I think this is the best build I’ve seen on US-first
Fawaz Abdulhamedd
Sick rims👌
MyMoparsToo Year ago
Wow, really cutting it close to Sema! I'm freaking out and It's not even mine.
itrpower Year ago
#Muracan 🇺🇸🦅
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Year ago
"Thats a fender" lmao
Chris D
Chris D Year ago
Love the tear down music. Perfect background.
Tobias Føste
Tobias Føste Year ago
Perfect wheels Chris 😍👌🏼 I really like your build and your channel. - By the way i'm watching from denmark (europe)
JAY3 CASH Year ago
This piece of art is going to be ONE OF A KIND!!💯🔥
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Year ago
Where is B for Boat? You bought it July, and after the 6th, no more.
Côme Thiburs
Côme Thiburs Year ago
this fender will allow gravel to hit the side windows when you turn. lip should continue on the door, but that's just me.
Jay Rev
Jay Rev Year ago
Coming a long nicely
VINMAD666 Year ago
#HATER I'm a hater once upon a time my mom told me if I got nothing nice to say don't say it ----- So
VINMAD666 Year ago
Still like n watch ur videos....... u sir r very talented........ be safe ...... keep doin what you do........ ~~~ PEACE
Nelson Ocasio
Nelson Ocasio Year ago
Wow the wheels look awesome
Mc- Dev
Mc- Dev Year ago
THAT'S called a fender...
Slider68 Year ago
I love almost everything about this build but have always hated features that, for the sake of looks, take away from performance and safety, especially if I also don't personally think they look good. I prefer features that look like crap but that provide gains in performance and functionality. Major stretching of tires to fit on ultra-wide wheels has got to be one of the worst things anyone can do to their vehicle. Not only do stretched tires perform and ride poorly but they also, IMO, don't look very good. To make matters worse (probably the main reason I don't like them) stretched tires are dangerous. A guy at my previous work had modded Honda Civic and installed ultra-wide rims. Instead of buying appropriate tires, he stretched the tires to fit. He thought those stretched tires were ultra-cool and kept boasting about haw much stretch his rear tires had. He had gone to several tire dealerships before finally finding one willing to install the tires on the ultra-wide wheels. I rode in his car with the stretched tires and the car wouldn't go straight (kept wandering left then right) and every little bump was a loud bang. About a month after installing the wheels, while cruising on the highway at 75 mph, a rear tire suddenly deflated and came off the rim. He lost control, spun the car, and bounced off the highway barriers. Every single fender, bumper and door was damaged and his insurance wrote the car off. I don't really know how far these tires have been pushed (stretched), but I'd be either finding some wider tires to fit those rims or I'd get rims that fit the tires.
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy Year ago
How much do you think those tyres and wheels cost 💀
ThaRealJules Year ago
Paint The Wheels Black More Aggressive 😈
Kilbrn Year ago
#37 on trending🤯 (11-1-19 @ 8:38 am EST)
Only Rise
Only Rise Year ago
What bog ( body filler) did you use all the big I’ve seen and used goes Green when you at the Hardner?
Bin hajib
Bin hajib Year ago
Very nice clip I hope to subscribe to my channel
Mann Domo
Mann Domo Year ago
make it happen men, sema is coming💪🏻
Those wheels are actually a design copy of the original Huracan upgraded wheels.
Melvin Harris
Melvin Harris Year ago
Amazing wheels for an amazing project
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant Year ago
Where is B for Boat? You bought it July, and after the 6th, no more.
Essa Almaqbali
BillyBob Bobbins
14" wide rear wheels. Christ this thing is gonna have so much traction off the line.
Tyler Strosnider
It looks kinda like a smaller version of the dark knight bat mobile
Ethan Macheras
Wheels and rims look awesome and can’t wait for paint!
RideThe6 Year ago
OMG. those wheels are bangin !!! WOW !!
NightHunter Year ago
Holy fuck
Bob Valenz
Bob Valenz Year ago
B is for oscar cuz hese the shitt
Bob Valenz
Bob Valenz Year ago
Oscar is the fuckin man
Morgan D
Morgan D Year ago
that much stretch is lame. i suspect you aren't going to take this car to any tracks with turns.
Ta'marcus Gill
Jarad Brown
Jarad Brown Year ago
That front bumper is gonna crack back out. You should have “V”ed the crack out and reinforced with some resin first
Black Tuner Car Club NO OuHtlet
I wonder if Chris still has the 5.3 and if he can donate it for my project
charles mcconnell
OMG!!! those wheels out lambo lamborghini!! simply amazing, beautiful, and well done!
Coolermonkey Year ago
Is he modding a car or is he building something original?
orion khan
orion khan Year ago
345mm on the back like a stock *Countach.*
Haha, a 245 on a 10 inch wheel. And here I was anxious about throwing a 295/70 on a 10 inch wide.
Dennis Year ago
The wheels are sick dude.
rogue warr
rogue warr Year ago
You pick a very bad ass looking rim .When you put the tires on ,it will look monstrous
Legend 167
Legend 167 Year ago
Yoooo those wheels are baller af!!!!
Patrick Madden
Drinking those truley I see...always helps
catfisher420 Year ago
Those tires look like ass stretched on like that.
Harris from Q
Harris from Q Year ago
it must really be nice to get everything free to build your projects. how about you sell that hurican after sema and payback all of the " sponsors " for all the free stuff you get? and you would still make a bunch of money. it sucks to watch you guys get all this free shit when so many people in this world are barely making ends meet. your builds i like but i would have so much more respect if you actually bought all the shit to build these cars instead of just being a freebee recipient. it seems like all you care about is sema and sponsors. what about your subs ? you make lots of money from you tube as well. dont take your subs for granted and cater to only your freebee sponsors. how about something for your subs ? you know like giveaways etc..you know, something for just us regular folks that have subbed to help you get where you are? "calling it like i see it" disclaimer : to any trolls, you can just fk off
NitroMonkey Year ago
Don't like it? Leave. Why leave such a shitty, bullshit and negative comment thinking no one would say anything with you pathetic disclaimer "to any trolls, you can just fk off". Calling it how you see it? More like saying some dribble that has no actual weight. If I were building something like this, I would also take all the help I could get in order to get the build complete. How is that less respected than outlaying for the whole project?
Matt Seigel
Matt Seigel Year ago
the stretch makes me want to hurl but sweet ride is coming along other than that.
Lloyd Banks
Lloyd Banks Year ago
Am i mistaken or was the rendering for the rear scaffolding that you showed done with pipe tubing and not the square metal Oscar used?🤔
Five dots Dave
Personally I detest stretched tyres, they are too ''ricer'' looking and unsafe, but the most of these builds are unsafe in general.....
TheCrazymicki Year ago
love the retro diablo style of the wheels this design could be use on a concept car rendering definitely a very good choice which respect the dna of the car
Double R
Double R Year ago
The wheels look sick, love the design. Can’t wait to see this car finished. Loved the 240 build last year.
zeake13 Year ago
That tire in the back looks 2" too narrow for that 14" wide wheel.
Gaz Jones
Gaz Jones Year ago
I love the work you put into your builds. Even when some of your DIY fixes are a little questionable, I can forgive you. Then you throw all that out of the window when you decide to run stretched tyres. Bellend.
Rich Stone
Rich Stone Year ago
Man i can't wait to see this car finished..... Its gonna be sick!!!
Steven West
Steven West Year ago
Sorry, but those wheels look suuuuper cheap and chinsy. The gun metal colour is just grey, and not even a very nice grey. The contrast overall looks like a plastic wheel.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Year ago
Looks like an old school AFX car with the body off.
Jack Pistone
Jack Pistone Year ago
jeezus those are gorgeous
Squishy Squad Adventures
Hope this is ready for sema
Longin Albu
Longin Albu Year ago
Got rubber?
Vogue Of Today
Nice This Video's Brother .i love you lot Your Video's.
Nick Sharpe
Nick Sharpe Year ago
Those wheels ❤❤❤
mike wright
mike wright Year ago
Swerve Year ago
looking gvreat. are you going to shorten or push that black hose on the rear end so its not covering it? i think the sesto elemento they painted the rear end red.
Santso Year ago
Its starting to look more and more like a Hotwheels car... And its awesome!
Ramandeep Singh
How tf is this 22 on trending
Vasiliy Dyrul
Vasiliy Dyrul Year ago
WAT????? 40 inch ????? You are crazy ! :D :D :D
siiil21 Year ago
love the rims o.o;
daniel0alma Year ago
Soooo stoked you didn't go with black wheels, the silver looks awesome!! Great job Oscar!
Brendan Prouty
Some day I hope they epoxy the floor in the "paint booth"!!!!!
Kenneth Porst
Kenneth Porst Year ago
Those tires crazzy they look like too seperate tires glued together
Bas e
Bas e Year ago
Greatbvideo. Feel for u Guys. Working during the day and editing: when!?:O
DJRuben GamingTV
And how about fenderLiner ????
PoweredByTim Year ago
love these shorter episodes!
Restos & Rebuilds
Front rims look good, not a fan of how the rears look though with everything recessed.
Perfect video before school here us-first.info/player/video/ftGsaqihh4CpZIE.html
Chris Year ago
DAMN, those wheels 🤪😍
Tobias Year ago
Am I the only one who doesn't like the look of the rear rims? They look far too much stretched out. The front rims look perfect.
Jim Mac
Jim Mac Year ago
Doesn't SEMA start on Nov 5th? Do see you guys making it this year.
Adam Bates
Adam Bates Year ago
Was hoping it would be those wheels!
Efrenboomin Year ago
What’s going on in the interior?
Eduardo Aguiar
O is for Oscar.