The Huracan is Back! And Makes Flames! 2 Step Activated!!! 

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In todays episode we're working on troubleshooting some of the Huracan's problems that crept up on us before and during SEMA.
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Nov 28, 2019




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Jae White
Jae White 2 months ago
I guess you can't take the Lambo out of a Lambo even if you remove any of the unreliable Lambo crap. It still wants to catch fire.
idalton99 5 months ago
2 seconds after I said the shifter is too far back, you said the shifter is too far back
Spitfire Last
Spitfire Last Year ago
You should rename the car "Lamborghini Inferno" as the car is meant to burst in flames.
W. J. Spies
W. J. Spies Year ago
Maybe test these vehicles b is for before, three blocks before signing off on it..
W. J. Spies
W. J. Spies Year ago
One unfinished non working b is for build something or other
Tom Kitchen
Tom Kitchen Year ago
Huracan or Huracon ??
Spin Moto180
Spin Moto180 Year ago
Klayton White
Klayton White Year ago
That car got some bad juju going on lol
Wan Wayne
Wan Wayne Year ago
man this car is Jinx is a piece of shit keep's givin problem, there's a saying if it ain't smooth it ain't yours man
mario duran
mario duran Year ago
This car loves to be on fire u should name her Kristine
Kenny Nakato
Kenny Nakato Year ago
Scared to death of fires, then messes with launch control to shoot flames😂 I love these builds I don’t mean any offense just thought it was funny 😆
Starter Garage
Have you considered running a LPFP in the passenger side tank as a transfer pump to the primary tank on the driver's side? And then have a HPFP in the primary tank ? LPFP can run dry for short periods of time. Basically same issue as saddle tanks (like the e30).
Could have just twin turbo the V10 instead of making this leaking LS build 😑
mysdoktorn Year ago
I can’t help but feel that this project is half-assed somehow. Maybe if they had another 2 months or something before the show, they could have made it proper legit.
Alouicious Jackson
U need an electric vacuum pump for the brake booster- this is a turbo car and doesn't always have vacuum in the manifold!
Jamil Mahmoud
Jamil Mahmoud Year ago
Does anyone know what is the song playing at 13:09? Much appreciated
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Year ago
"Kill switch for safty" err fail not insulated could of wrapped electrical tape around for safty and you would of had no issues. 10min and add 10secs for tape lol
Ja Tiyo
Ja Tiyo Year ago
Best looking Lambo in Sema IMO...
bob bob
bob bob Year ago
Who are your sponsors? Watch me lean hurt the thousands of dollars of shit you gave me. Stupid.
vello sepp
vello sepp Year ago
Damn this car is so ugly, do something about it
autotalon Year ago
For the vacuum system, you need an extra check valve for it to work. One to block boost from the brake booster, and one to keep the engine from sucking air through the vacuum pump. I have one on my car and had the same problem, adding the check valve between my T and the pump solved it.
lightning9 Year ago
Looks like the Frankenstein version of a Huracan..
Goodballa Year ago
Boosted Boiz just give it the beans full bore when they are testing two step. I recommend the same here, or at least don't show the baby two backfire clips. We wanna see that thing bouncin and poppin. #FullSend #LikeABoss
Thomas Vittetoe
I’m sure Texas Speed was like please don’t hurt the motor we gave you
RED HACK3R Year ago
Take the fabric off the seat and bend the aluminum. Easy fix.
Maholy Garcia
Maholy Garcia Year ago
It would had been better if it was 2jz swaped
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson Year ago
Great work, Chris. Have you seen Zyrus LP1200 on Shmee150 videos, similar to yours, but your huracan is more powerful and manual!!!.
#garage Year ago
Just plz dont make the channel like Dustin W. Before he started putting he's fiance all in he's channel steady 100k+ to almost 200k views on most videos now steady decline way down (see for your self) now only around 50-65 k views on most videos And yes I know you get way more views then him like 6× that
KIRBYSRPG5000 Year ago
So I know you build an Rx-7 awhile back. Loved it. What about.. hear me out. A miata, but you make it a hatchback?
Alexander Fields
brother you have lambos and a shitty laptop. please sir get a new one.
Mike R
Mike R Year ago
Where you at B?
Penthouse Exclusives LLC
DC Magneto
DC Magneto Year ago
B is for Build?? What is your email address??
DC Magneto
DC Magneto Year ago
Chris's email address???
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan Year ago
Burntacan wants to be “Burntagain”...
Alicia Clinton
OMG seriously you need to call this The Fire car!! But hey it looks good and is cool right...LOL - tinker with it till its good to go!!!
Eli Roberts
Eli Roberts Year ago
your next project should be a bmw
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Year ago
I yelled over at Oscar when he was fixing the belt LOL.
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre Year ago
sounds nutty...all kinds of shit rattle and shake on 2step lol
Are the headers still glowing red or did you guys figure out if its a tunning issue?
Will Tinius
Will Tinius Year ago
Sweet car man.. super impressive... but the vents on the over fenders are no feeding much air to the chillers as the fenders underneath them completely cover them. Might be worth a peek to gain better airflow with those vents! But super sweet ride!
sparkplug1018 Year ago
Oh you mean that starter solenoid, that isn't meant for continuous operation fried? CALLED IT! Dude, come on man I'm pretty sure you're smarter then this. What you need is a remote master disconnect. Painless sells them and a few other manufacturers as well. Do it right this time! Also cut the shit man, just rewire the entire car. You're not using any of the Lamborghini stuff at this point, rip it out and wire the car right.
Client1983 Year ago
T is for temporary fix
Galuh Wesskint
Kakean cangkem
Faiz Farooqi
Faiz Farooqi Year ago
YO YOU NEED TO BUY THIS GUYS Lykan Hyper sport shell. Its a 1 to 1 glass fiber model. us-first.info/player/video/gc6IYId_Za-md4U.html That is a project and a Half
Christine Frasher
I have to ask AGAIN...Is the intake on backwards and if so, how did you wire the injectors?
Darrin Murley
Darrin Murley Year ago
The car is sick great job every body
Norman Gallant
I was wondering if you guys loomed the wiring for protection
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg Year ago
Car was destined to be a burn victim, let her burn in peace. ....lol, hope you have 3 fire extinguishers 1 in cab 1 in trunk 1 under hood!!!
David Maye
David Maye Year ago
You should have a safety in place for the fuel pressure, that should also trigger a code in the ECU.
Lermabeans Year ago
Today on "B is for Burnt" : Huracan : Just let me burn Chris: Not if I can help it
Rex Year ago
Dayuuum 30 bucks for a t-shirt.
Eriy GoW
Eriy GoW Year ago
Tbh this thing looks so undriveable, ugly in a way & broken. :/
JJiG Year ago
hell ya brutha! Can't wait for the Cleetus episode. Probably a few months away, but it'll be worth it!
Yamayuki Rizky
DRIVE ventures
Most cammed motors don't pull enough vacuum for the brake booster,it would be best to get a aftermarket vacuum pump,then the brakes would be perfect!
Ntuned Year ago
Need to change the switch to a ground controlled switch instead of positive
KillerDave55 Year ago
I'm not sure if it's been said before but it is possible to use a feature in the 3d printing software to build a mold you could then use to build your carbon air scoops.I have this feature in CURA and it does work great!
Jason Year ago
Is it just me or does the car look better without the body kit
mantzini Year ago
Ugly bodywork and wheels...
Chris D
Chris D Year ago
For electronics, a 2 dollar fuse is better prevention than a 🔥 fire extinguisher.
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Year ago
Did you add Seat Belts yet?
William Marnoch
What happened to the boat? Any updates?
Mavrick Harding
the exhaust is like 2 feet long not exactly hard to get flames....
Thomas Mortinger
I know you were in the SEMA crunch but you should go back and watch TJ's super build and get ahold of the guy that did his carbon fiber cuz his shit was on point and he did it in no time at all
Terry Hollis
Terry Hollis Year ago
Burnticon vs Leeroy! Can’t wait to see it!
Jeremiah Joyce
Do you guys actually have an Instagram account??? Every one tags you but it takes you to nothing.
Sarge S
Sarge S Year ago
this week at B is for Build. The Burntacon is getting a fireproof system installed because this car, seemingly, just wants to burn again.
BillBoard Trendz
I think you shd rele change shifter location caz it looks a bit uncomfortable
Magee 4069
Magee 4069 Year ago
Hey B is for Build, bring back the raptor!!!!
cturnbull802 Year ago
show off a gated shifter dont hide it!
Dj.D Live
Dj.D Live Year ago
I like that car...B👍
Shawn VonPressentin
The vaccume booster will go weak after one or two brake uses. The booster pumps keeps a constant vac on the system so pedal remains the same. The new corvette uses pumps due to lack of good vaccume source on their new FI engines and even on my gen v l83 na doesnt have enough to maintain a good booster. They use a belt driven pump.
RockyRoads Year ago
it needs a proper splitter that's not made from paper
Nick Neely
Nick Neely Year ago
Car looks good but the carbon fiber vents and unpainted plastic front fender vents look terrible.
Jack Stokes
Jack Stokes Year ago
B is for back to work
Josh Lewellen
Josh Lewellen Year ago
Those turbos are big angry monsters!
Thomas Dorn
Thomas Dorn Year ago
So how will you ever get the paint booth clean again after running the engine in the booth.
BiB: we are very concerned about fire, see we have a fire extinguisher Also BiB: hey check out are car shooting flames indoors
Thibault Leroy
For your 3D printing parts combine with Carbone Fiber, you should check for 3D Printing Hollow Composites application.
E T Year ago
Anyone know if Chris mentioned what he was doing with the paddle shifts and why they're still there?
Affan Basith
Affan Basith Year ago
For Indicators
Hassan Sanawi76
Why don ' t you guys using the shifter
Marko Polo
Marko Polo Year ago
Have you tried loosening off the fuel filler cap, might be am issue with no air in the tank causing a vacuum? My brother in law had this issue with his car a few years back.
Izaak Ramsay
Izaak Ramsay Year ago
Y is for yikes
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. Year ago
Awesome vlog ones again my friend congratulations..
Jr Vera
Jr Vera Year ago
What ever happened to that twin turbo mustang gt you built?
MengeR Year ago
I know that you are not going to care as much as what I've got to say but on the secondary fuel tank why don't you just add another fuel pump and wire it alone with the oem hardness or the main fuel pump wire. Since you're US-first channel is all about mod and custom, this should help out than having fuel coming and crossing over from the fuel line from the 2nd tank. Lastly you still need to add the oil filter adapter plate... I have moment it on the other video but this adapter allows you to run two oil filter and it's really helpful. All it is, you connect the adapter plate to the main oil filter and apply the oil filter to the original place and the secondary will be mount next to it and you just add a 2nd filter.
Awesome Marvin Tan
B is for budget
EFormance Engineering
You should put an onboard jack system on this car. That would add to the awesomeness!
Nope not my name
Hasn't had it dynoed and sitting there running it to limiter ffs it's great when you don't hvae to pay for your shit
EFormance Engineering
Recaro SRD
Abhijeet Singh
Why are you doing all of this in the paint booth?
T M Year ago
That's a great way to glaze the bores.
j grom
j grom Year ago
Seems like that car really wants to start on fire again
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd Year ago
Maybe try it outside in some fresh air. It might be rebreathing it's own exhaust, causing it to run rich.
krisby55 Year ago
The wobble that the front canards have when the two step is engaged 😂
terryan244 Year ago
Could we just get the car running properly, not this 2 step shit pls
Brian W
Brian W Year ago
I agree, the shifter looks like it needs to be moved forward and down for easier shifting
William Boyle
William Boyle Year ago
Wheres all the membership content?
SaucyBegger25 Year ago
I’ve seen a few of these videos and to be honest. Everything has gone wrong and seems bodged. Not a good start for someone that’s a new viewer 👀.