The New Battery That will END GAS CARS by 2030 - BIFB SCIENCE (ft. my boat) 

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In today's episode we're talking about new glass battery technology and how it will change the automotive scene.. if its real.
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Nov 23, 2019




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What a joke. I was gonna sub, till I realized you are dumb AF. you have no idea how much it takes to mine lithium and how much energy is required, when coal and nuclear are limited. Not to mention. Emp attacks. Democrats are so brain dead.
Kyle Lingerfelt
Kyle Lingerfelt 8 months ago
Don't forget about the new graphine batteries they are working on also supposedly double the power, a quarter of the charge time and way cheaper to make
Ian Budnick
Ian Budnick 11 months ago
12:57 This hitting different now
joe hayhow
joe hayhow Year ago
us-first.info/player/video/iqZ7nmR1lZd6i3E.html solid state battery updates chris
Tim Brison
Tim Brison Year ago
Great video, but there is a glaring omission....new battery tech is all very good, but where is the energy coming from? For many, it will come from burning oil and coal....and yes, the cars will be cleaner but at the cost of a massive increase in fossil fuel consumption....so it's either being burnt in the car - or at the power station. Unless of course, we can get it from more renewable sources? The battery technology is great, but it's where the energy is coming from that is the real issue, surely?
Dr Dimmer
Dr Dimmer Year ago
But I wanna work on my car
Auben Design
Auben Design Year ago
I can't be the only one who is planning to not drive electric as long as possible because my daily is also my build... lol #💸🔥
RubCuber Year ago
Watch engineering explain's video about gas engines staying alive... You will feel better XD
Eryk Kilianek
Eryk Kilianek Year ago
Eryk liked that, Eryk didn't think he would like that. But he did.
Eric MacInnis
Eric MacInnis Year ago
Next project: Widebody tesla
phuquehoful Year ago
my new electric motor requires no battery.. & i can tell you how to keep all ur orig.. transmissions & crap.. aka jyst swap motor.. it would power real cars with motor swap.. keeping it simple stupid tesla fake.. give the old man orig findings.. Elon got it wrong..like Edison
phuquehoful Year ago
minus:"ful" of this name @ g mail
phuquehoful Year ago
build my new version of my 1984 electric motor.. no gas needed.. jyst need 1 to help me convert it to brushless.. runs itself.. battery optional if not use a capacitor
phuquehoful Year ago
also.. they stole my work cuz microwave gun i made was for agriculture.. and batteries get hot. like motors.. but must be brushless this time.. spark depletes ozone like welding & lightning does.. eliminate it all together sparking
phuquehoful Year ago
also.. best on boats cuz i used it for my rc boat.. screw Elon.. he not do it right.. requires a plug.. emergency in my design. but what if i get rid of the battery all together i am keeping it from gov cuz they not help back then.. but they know i am good at solving problems
ZubuTV _
ZubuTV _ Year ago
Lambo to yacht...
Felix Wankel
Felix Wankel Year ago
Electric cars will never be fun.
phill Year ago
*forgets rimmac concept 1 and concept 2 exists
King Ave Garage
This all just sounds like a bad idea...
Tom Year ago
Im just gonna pretend that the affordable base models will have 1000 range .
Grant Arnold
Grant Arnold Year ago
You’re right about competition on features and integration... I’m hoping for more like Bolinger (basically: no coding or integrations, just the electrical/mechanical machine to enjoy)!
Jay Davis
Jay Davis Year ago
The guy is 97 years old n waits till he's nearly dead to make another breakthrough! eermm, that there is suspicious I think he's someone who's either had that tech for time or it has been given to him by some shady person within government, who obtained the tech from 👽. For this guy to drop this new tech now is way too convenient and suspect. With all the governments of the world committing to reducing carbon footprint it's funny how this comes out now. I think it's too convenient and because it's him it makes sense it has to be him, is how it looks to me. Ironically he's a well established inventor... ok lol yeah ok. I don't think he invented this, I think the tech was given to him by someone needing his name on it.
Mr400zx Year ago
Have been loving all your other videos, but not this one... Bunch of popular internet 'science'. I'd much rather see the more typical build videos you do so well.
Until the specific energy reaches about, ill say half of gasoline, there will not be mass adoption. Gasoline= 44Mj/kg Li Ion Battery = 0.95Mj/kg. This is why electric cars are heavy af and have limited range. Upping battery specific energy will be what causes wide-spread adoption. Still a long way to go I think....
Just a Guy
Just a Guy Year ago
Ev powered boat??
RG Year ago
. Nuclear Power Plant coming to a ghost mall near you. .
Ripe Melon
Ripe Melon Year ago
An electric build would be sweet!
Logan Grilliot Vlogs
Nooooooo I want gas cars to stay 😥
MrFrank107 Year ago
the same thing happened in the 1970's when the quartz technology thought it would kill mechanical watches, today, people only collect mechanical watches.
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke Year ago
Great video Chris! all of your points of view make a lot of sense, i enjoyed listening to you talk about the automotive tech
Broken.Bimmer Year ago
Im trying to find the video where you said you’re selling the M5. I didn’t have the money when I watched it but i hope i do now and that you still have it 😅
Mark Pascual
Mark Pascual Year ago
j b goodenough the tech genius man
Patrick MacDonald
I like the deep dive. You just made me hope that this battery dilemma (ie taking too long to recharge, they don't last long enough) has been solved and we can start to get away from our addiction to dino-juice.
Tahir Rana
Tahir Rana Year ago
Nothing new under the Sun, all 'so called' Nuclear Submarines have these batteries !
P Mag
P Mag Year ago
Congrats on living the dream
Dumber Than Dirt Brothers (DTDB)
And I gotta say... NO.. Diesel is the way of the future. Electric cars are not going to take over. There will still be fewer Electric cars than Diesel powered cars by 2030. Chris, I like ya, but you're an idiot and the money has gotten to your brain.
chajcu Year ago
really nice talk, loved a lot of your observations plus the pictures ofc xD
sean mcgonagle
NASCAR won’t die it’ll just turn into cars 3
LocalDevin Year ago
Ok... i already thought you were an awesome guy, but now I feel like we are brothers from completely different families... like soul brothers!! I totally needed out on this episode!!
LocalDevin Year ago
*nerded 🧐🤓
Giannis Tsoupakis
Beautiful content.. thank you
Oscar Iglesias
Wow! you are really talking a lot of BS that you don't fully understand, and the result is a sad rant. If you want to know about the chemistry of a lithium battery you can have a much better understanding of the issues with BOTH solid state and liquid electrolyte.
Mal Young
Mal Young Year ago
The Solid State Battery is a reality and within a very short space of time it is going change our lives dramatically.
Joseph azariah
Unsubed just cause of this.!
Joe Freitas
Joe Freitas Year ago
Yes! Electric conversion project car please!
Gscalenut Year ago
When airbags were mandated there was talk of legislation putting a defined lifetime on the devices requiring replacement. This would have effectively killed the resale value of a used vehicle approaching the airbag replacement time limit. Similarly replacing LiFe battery packs that are approaching the need for replacing them effectively lowers the resale value. An internal combustion engine can be reasonably inexpensively reconditioned to give the vehicle a new lease of life. I believe that you are being a little too optimistic in announcing the extinction of the polluting IC engine. The demise will come about through legislation. In the near future surely hybrids utilising smaller less polluting IC engines will be the saviour of the motor vehicle. Personally, I would love to see all electric cars replacing polluting IC powered cars, including hybrids. However, politicians fearful of the backlash will not take that giant leap and outlaw the IC engine. Any announcement will need to be a worldwide consensus and third world developing countries are not going to agree. Multinationals choose third world countries because of lower pollution laws enabling greater profits. Governments are run by corporations and they do not view the future only the current market share value.
Gscalenut Year ago
NEWSFLASH (not really true): inventor of glass battery technology found dead under suspicious circumstances. Oil industry executives deny any involvement.
Gregory Fisher
I'm just going to leave this right here. us-first.info/player/video/Y8irgZ2ffGyKhZc.html
Tony Regalado
Tony Regalado Year ago
The oil 🛢 industry/petro 💵 is going 👋 👋.
perseverance8 Year ago
Electric vehicles are definitely going to be dominant however gas / diesel powered vehicles will be around for many decades to come, EV’s are going to be even more infrastructure dependent than gas / diesels & in developing parts of the world will persist for some time to come.
XHANSX Year ago
OK, energy density is per unit volume (holds 2 to 5x more power). Weight is per unit volume (lighter weight per square inch). Recharge time is per unit energy (charges faster!). These three parameters will have to be balanced, especially against cost, to be effective. Soooo the same size battery can hold more energy and be lighter but could recharge SLOWER but less often. Hence the balance....
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent Year ago
Tesla recently bought Maxwell Technologies, I think Elon saw something that may revolutionize the battery game. "Battery density, charge times, weight, safety and range" all need improvement.
What do you think about 4x4 and off-road vehicles? Basically, should I ditch the truck and lease for the next ten years?
C Jam
C Jam Year ago
symmetric Pagani
UnknownEvent Year ago
Alon musk is just a face...
Luke Ado
Luke Ado Year ago
When this stuff comes out (the glass battery) you should electric swap your boat and make it an EV. You’d be one of the first in the world....
Anthony Glodowski
what about a military application???
jonathan murray
Don't you think solar can recharge battery so bsttery can be charged as they go down the street o point energy or better pretty scary I love it but will the deep state let it happen
DaneyC Year ago
I just want to say that of all your videos this one has given me a renewed optimism for the future. Electricity is the future and It’s why I ordered a cybertruck.
haiqu Year ago
I doubt it. Lithium took 25 years to take hold. Manufacturers usually wait until patents run out before adopting new technology.
as a gear head i support electric cars because once everyone else has electric cars my gas will be stupid cheap
8163 Year ago
Actually it will be stupid expensive, along with all the parts we bolt onto our cars to make them go stupid fast. If production of gas cars drops like he predicates that means gas for cars will have a very small demand. Mainly gear heads and rich people. With a small demand for gas, production will be cut way down, which will drive the price for what gas there is really high to the point we probably wont be able to afford it. The future for gear heads is looking bleak
bufordarchery Year ago
Thermal runaway can happen with more than just lithium ion batteries. DC power is what I do for a living. That being said..... I wanna know how much you want for the mean green machine :)
Izzy Romero
Izzy Romero Year ago
NASCAR Will probably become like a vintage type sport. And take a look at formula E
Willy H
Willy H Year ago
Look at MotoGP, they have electric bikes now like what?! And they are fast af
David Beever
David Beever Year ago
Chris - you need to work on your boating glossary! :-) kitchen = galley, toilet = head etc etc
Senapspiser Year ago
I think people are celebrating too early. So where is the electricity supposed to come from when everybody has switched to electric cars? The elite-greenies would go crazy and NEVER accept any new nuclear power plants, which we will absolutely need, and the price for a kW/h will go higher than a gallon of gas today. Everyone knows where this is heading It's all planned by the elite-greenies and everyone knows how nefarious they are, and if you don't, you should.
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago Year ago
Sailing Long Winded
I have been in the automotive industry since you have probably been in diapers. Having said that I have had a successful career in it because of being able to be ahead of the trend. In 2017 when I first read this I had made this very same prediction. I had told the company I was working for it's time to start shifting gears. They didn't listen to me and I left. 2 years later the company that did listen is ahead of the game and my old company is playing catchup. You are on point with your thoughts. Keep passing the word along.
joel Flaugh
joel Flaugh Year ago
Still have the problem that wind and solar power isn't viable currently and you have to burn coal to make power not to mention if millions more cars will need to be charged.
Huzzu Year ago
And heyyyy you should not take your exotic cars to drive through car washes
Huzzu Year ago
At the very beginning of the video he ripped off Jason from Engeneering Explained
its gonna be epic when all vehicles will be rwd and awd
Zero to hero
Zero to hero Year ago
petrol engine muscle cars will be the new vinyl.
Ross Beamish
Ross Beamish Year ago
Taking salt out of the ocean sounds like a good idea. But, depends how much you take out. If you take too much it will affect the ocean currents and ultimately the climate. So like most green options there is a side that most people won't ever tjink about or consider.
Piece Bombs
Piece Bombs Year ago
Fuck electric cars, they are soulless!
Fred Pinczuk
Fred Pinczuk Year ago
Quick note: When comparing car sales per brand nationwide. Please take into consideration the fact that Tesla is the only brand restrained by most states to either 1 or 2 dealers (Colorado, Virginia), at most 5 stores in others. And banned outright for their direct sales model in 11 states. Including banned on having service centers (Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, ect) . A better model would be in a market where there are no restrictions on EV direct sales (such as Socialist Germany), and were you'll see an increase of 450% in the 1st Quarter (Q3 2019). Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_US_dealership_disputes and www.best-selling-cars.com/germany/2019-q3-germany-best-selling-car-brands-and-models/
Mik Cun
Mik Cun Year ago
You need a sheet that says "B is for booty" for your bed in your boat.
Mik Cun
Mik Cun Year ago
To supply high charge speed stations they are going to need way more dense energy than these windmills Americans have.
Prolific Lamb, Sent By Hymn Godspeed.
H.H.O should have killed the battery industry, but these controllers like to push technology in the opposite direction...
Eric Price
Eric Price Year ago
Fascinating subject. Will be amazing when it happens. Love your videos.
Lxindo Year ago
let me drive the boat
Ari Josino
Ari Josino Year ago
convert your huracan :p
Mark Chippendale
This comment is an APPEAL to ALL automotive- and youth-enthusiast viewers on US-first. I have just watched Casey Putsch' video, "I'm finished, zillionaire hypocrites, and the Genius Garage future", in which he lays out all the crushingly repetitive times he's been asked to travel and pitch for "promised" support for his youth-based Genius Garage, where young people learn engineering and automotive skills for a career. And time after time Casey was simply ignored or "ghosted" thereafter. All of these lazy, fat-cat millionaires, often from the Boomer (my!) generation have promised the earth and consistently delivered NOTHING!! My request is that WE ALL copy and paste this comment onto the comment section of each of the automotive and youth channels we subscribe to, in the hope that these US-first channel creators might either act together as a group, or use their access to "people that count" who won't just make empty promises, to get the support flowing so that this idea can grow and spread. When our favourite creators get multiple copies of a comment, they might start to get motivated to act. Please help spread this message! Casey's video is here - @ Watch it, then copy this comment and send it to your favourite US-first channels!
Anttvtec Year ago
Gtr update
Jprovence02 Year ago
I thank Gas will just be cheaper. We can have both.
Glenn P
Glenn P Year ago
I dont know actual numbers but you would require a very large supercharger bigger then any thing used right now to charge that battery in a few minutes.
Howard Torch, CSR
This is old news. You are speaking of ENERGY DENSITY. The glass guy, major corporations and universities and others are working hard on this.
Rusty Rides Garage
You forgot to explain that after the battery life is done are these batteries recyclable 100% or not
Joshua McGarity
Clickbait trash. Do your research.
ther1kid Year ago
People still pay lots of money for mechanical watches that a chuck e cheese digital watch can outclass in accuracy. I'm not too worried about fun interesting engaging ICE cars
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders Year ago
Gonna need some good roads...now we need To float about half a foot over the atrocious failings of our masters
Fred Azzarello
Battery/Electric is the future. But I’ll keep a V8 too😁 Did you guys know that more cobalt is used by the oil industry to refine gas than is or will be used to make batteries? Check out Cobalt Institute.
BeetrootBunny Year ago
ahhh ... ye, abaout your boat, with the new teknolegy you can turn your boat in to a frikking monster! ;)
10001000101 Year ago
Great video, one I didn't expect from this channel. It all rests on the battery working at scale.
MIke McC
MIke McC Year ago
When they make a battery that can make more noise than a nitro methane dragster that hurls smoke & flames then it might have a chance.
Made YouLook
Made YouLook Year ago
You need to talk to Uncle Rich.... Rich Rebuilds
radarw64 Year ago
When you do that electric build, Make it a 1957 Chevy, and race against Finnegan.
hard for me to believe that all the lithium mine owners and everyone that profits from them will allow that to happen.
Pierre Boone
Pierre Boone Year ago
your car in a movie from foose... us-first.info/player/video/pJugd4WBeXp7gZs.html 1.40 min :-)
jimmy bundic
jimmy bundic Year ago
Omg thank you this battery ideas will give me a a+ in geo bc we are talking about power sources and better alternative that won’t ruin are earth
radradroadbot Year ago
No this doesn't mean electric aircraft. Even this battery isn't even close to the energy density of jet fuel. It's about 20x the energy density so, no 2.2x doesn't get you there.
Marcus Lindberg
Demolition man is coming true? They have electric formula 1 racing already it's called formula e. Still I think combustion cars will exist cause of electric cars exist, it will just be more for enthusiast but not die. Think of a hybrid electric combustion car that drive around the world on 1 tank that will be a record to remember, e powered but charged with combustion engine.
P Jay
P Jay Year ago
You can go camping and take a big screen tv with you....Chris, dude you totally didn’t get the point of going camping in nature 😂😂
Edward H
Edward H Year ago
You talk about a backpack sized battery for camping. I picture a tribal kid in Africa walking 20miles one way each day to recharge the battery for his village to have lights and a radio.