We Bought A Dyno and its AWESOME!! 

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In todays episode we travel down to California to buy a dyno!
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Aug 14, 2020




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Rob Loch ,jr
Rob Loch ,jr 17 days ago
Love these Guys !!
THONTY Month ago
what engine is in the lambo, cuz u built it from scratch pretty much, it looked like a v8
IMNOTA Month ago
Why would you get a dyno with no knowledge of tuning ? Is he planning to learn tuning ? Or is he gonna pay a tuner to come to his place ? Either way, not a good idea to buy a dyno, if you're gonna learn, learn on the streets or on someone else's dyno.
Jasmine Waaka Aaron Jackson
best part is they are made in New Zealand, hell yeah
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 2 months ago
that was awesome and can't wait for full send on the dyne for max hp!
rekleif 2 months ago
How strange, a broken Ford?(looking out seeing my own broken Ford Mondeo) Money pits for masochists who enjoy pain....
JDM_Pilot 06
JDM_Pilot 06 2 months ago
Just build a new pc Intel celeron G4930 dual core 3.21ghz Msi h310m m2 pro plus Gtx 750 ti or Rx 560 2x8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram 500w psu 500gb ssd All with windows 10 and that whole system is cheap to build and way more than powerful enough to run your dyno for many years
Isaac LeBlanc
Isaac LeBlanc 2 months ago
You guys should get a really nice new computer try to install the old software, and make a shop gaming system....
Arnozi 2 months ago
Damn I wish I could inspect thier computer, Im a Missouri State tech student. Wouldn't be surprised if the graphics card is going out. With how old it is it shouldn't cost that much to replace it. At most it would probably cost 50 bucks. Im more worried about the hard drive on that damn thing.
Andrew 2 months ago
A dyno? You should be getting a new workshop for gods sake.
Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster 2 months ago
I ain’t spending 35,000$ for a dunk that only is capable of 1300 hp
Hanif Mulia Hutama
Hanif Mulia Hutama 2 months ago
My grandma PC's better than yours bro
Creative Space
Creative Space 2 months ago
Dude you were in my neck of the woods! You should say wassup to Damon from Dauly Driven Exotics US-first channel he drives a Huricon from Canada to LA routinely. That dyno is sick!!!
WrenchiT 3 months ago
You didn't show evacuating the HVAC system? Wonder where that freon went? LOL
Mike Schmalz
Mike Schmalz 3 months ago
OMG, Windows 2000... came out around the beginning of my career in IT. I built a computer in that exact case back then! I feel old! Don't put that on the network! Also, you should take a clone of the hard disks ASAP to protect your investment. Those HDDs are running on borrowed time. I have been recovering some of my old hard drives from that time period for fun, and it's tough to get 100% of the data off, but I have some tricks.
John M
John M 3 months ago
Chris - take the hard drive out and convert it to a virtual machine (P2V).
Ideas on channel good. Execution terrible.
Bas e
Bas e 3 months ago
Loved seeing you guys again. Since the Burntican and the 'stolen' Mustang I was away for a bit. Missed the music and the laughs:D
Tommy Bennett
Tommy Bennett 3 months ago
Does your dnyo take floppy disks lol
___ninyo ___
___ninyo ___ 3 months ago
You can just replace the computer with a new one for $1000 and have dynapack install thier software on that pc
Sylarzx 3 months ago
engine at 15:45
DMC Is me
DMC Is me 3 months ago
Plz no cusing
cheezeisgood555 3 months ago
Love the old v8 supercar screen saver
Stormcaller King
Stormcaller King 3 months ago
That's crazy I'm from southern California
Damien Foote
Damien Foote 3 months ago
Churrrr brother kiwi made only the best in good old little new Zealand 🇳🇿
Richard Magnano
Richard Magnano 3 months ago
Hello, First and foremost, CLONE THAT HARD DRIVE ASAP NOW AND DO NOT POWER THAT COMPUTER UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THIS ASAP NOW I CANNOT STRESS THIS CLONE THE DRIVE DUDE DO THIS K? Buy an SSD from Crucial, they'll have a trial software called Achronis with it that will walk you through how to clone the drive. When you buy a new computer, drop this new Crutical SSD into that PC. (PC Nerds, I know there are more better drives on the market, they do not come with a trial of Achronis which is very simple automated software). Do this. Please. You will not regret this advice. On to my rational post. The expense from Dynapack will be the software you'll need to upgrade to make it work on a new operating system if the version you're on is not compatible with anything beyond 2000. You have options: 1. Buy an old Dell off Ebay that is windows 2000 compatible (or build your own PC that's windows 2000 compatible). Don't ever put this PC on the internet. Ever. 2. Build a modern Windows PC and use a virtual environment to run windows 2000 (this is more complicated) 3. Invest in the latest software from Dynapack and buy a more modern PC. The hardware will be cheap, the software ???? 4. Something I haven't considered.
Petar Pavlovic
Petar Pavlovic 3 months ago
Are we gonna See a b is for boat video?
Fanateck 3 months ago
**Buying a 610HP Huracan** **Engine swaps it into a TT v8 ls with 450HP and weighs 200kg more**
Badger 1
Badger 1 3 months ago
Yall should do a body swap of an old mustang on to a new mustang! You could call it Elen.....
Bobby Mariwa
Bobby Mariwa 3 months ago
dude your content recently a bit disappointing. your building three cars and ironically the content is taking longer and barely any progress on any car. like wth?
John Durham
John Durham 3 months ago
Unless you have the original software, I would recommend that you immediately 'clone' the hard-drives on the PC's for the dyno. Good luck with the new toy.
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 3 months ago
You guys have perfect weather..
Royal Galaxy
Royal Galaxy 3 months ago
I would be eclectic to just receive $5. I would enter but I ain't even hot money to get food or fix my car😭 corona crap is kicking my @ss
Gino Vieto
Gino Vieto 3 months ago
Dude where the hell did you stay!? Lmao thats the worst room ive ever seen! The saran wrap was probably because the last people were smoking inside bahaha shit we used to do in highschool.
Rainin 3 months ago
You should’ve built it 😂
TheCrazySquirell 3 months ago
Please weld the clamp on the dyno O2 sensor the other way around, it's making me twitch. You have the pigtail coming out of the sensor right in the middle of the exhaust gas flow...
liljonthetrack98 3 months ago
When’s the next single seater super car update
Draelren 3 months ago
I have some old computers and parts, somewhat local to you if you need spares for your PC.
CutLeRoc 3 months ago
You dont see mighty car mods calling car breakdown services - just saying
Christopher DuBrul
Christopher DuBrul 3 months ago
US-first says its only been 4 days since this video was uploaded but it feels a hell of a lot closer to a week and I'm like "where the hell is the next one guys"
McGem Mac
McGem Mac 3 months ago
Omaze giving away your eleanor?
Markenson Pierre
Markenson Pierre 3 months ago
Maybe just buy the DynoPack software and buy a newer PC
Spencer Dominick
Spencer Dominick 3 months ago
Have the guy that tuned it before remote tune it.
Island cooking with Denise
Come on man ,increase the hotel budget damn!
faded racing
faded racing 3 months ago
Here comes the comedown... is sad
justin j
justin j 3 months ago
with 2 drivers why stop at motel for business trip.
That Guy
That Guy 3 months ago
Hilton is not that expensive. Lol Why y'all always staying in roach-tels?
Kies Motorsports
Kies Motorsports 3 months ago
Dynapack is the way to go, we just got one 🔥🔥🔥
slim jim
slim jim 3 months ago
the owner overheard you talking trash about his motel and sabotashed your truck lol
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 3 months ago
My man making moves god damn!
the propelas
the propelas 3 months ago
10:06 make me laugh
Vance Cook
Vance Cook 3 months ago
So could you please explain further why you cannot build a new computer and install the proper dynopack software onto it?
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
how old is the dyno its self that the computer is that outdated
Nathan Summers
Nathan Summers 3 months ago
I find these same PC systems with same "dyna pack" sticker on them at local electric parts junk yard for $5 per unit they had like 15 of them. I looked at it and I think they where AMD K6 like 300-500mhz
Texas Speed & Performance
That Texas Speed Engine just wants to make POWER!
Ksawery Tęcza
Ksawery Tęcza 3 months ago
4:22 a polish youtuber made a trip around poland on frying oil and at couple last km when he turned on the ac it worked just like brakes
Aaron Wolk
Aaron Wolk 3 months ago
Collaboration with Jayztwocents.
TheDemobus/Auto creator's
if it's a AUX belt driving the ac compressor then just remove the belt
A G 3 months ago
Copy the data off the old hard drive, try to emulate it on modern hardware.
Umberto Gobbi
Umberto Gobbi 3 months ago
that o2 sensor is getting TOAST if you guys don't move it out of the way of the exhaust. cool addition to the toolbox, btw.
Braedon Shick
Braedon Shick 3 months ago
what about the boat?
Sascha Fuchs
Sascha Fuchs 3 months ago
Jeez all those pseudo tech pros need to stop crying in the comments about "replace the pc" - "clone the drive"... You guys should do some research on what ancient hardware most of our world operates. Talking about everything from power plants to national defense systems. You think they update and re-develop on-premise made software every year? Keep dreaming. That PC is perfectly fine as long as the hardware does not break. And if it does: There is tons of replacement parts for those old computers.
Palerius:VODs 3 months ago
A night like that must be horrible. But let's be real here: Looking back at it sometime later those stories are what makes great memories.
Chan3x 3 months ago
copy this hdd to ssd and plance in 250$ modern pc it will work 4ever,
Aj W
Aj W 3 months ago
im tripping on the price for the dyno vs the price of the hotel. Yall killing me with this huracan man. FINISH IT lol.
Fishy Fingers
Fishy Fingers 3 months ago
Nz got the carry lesh gooo bois
Aaron Hill
Aaron Hill 3 months ago
Why not image the OS drive and run it as a VM on your laptop? (EDIT) I would definitely recommend at least grabbing an image of the drive as a backup in case the drive fails though, if for no other reason.
Dj Ds1
Dj Ds1 3 months ago
The neighbors are gonna love this
Duglz 3 months ago
Possibly look into virtualizing those older computers, or at least take images of the hard drives. Sure he knows this with a computer background but didn't want him to lose his new 35k dyno.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 3 months ago
Why do you not answer your email?
Matheus Leite Péres
Copy the files from the old hd , put in an New Pc , and execute the system in emulation mode from the system as an administrator on your New Pc, It should work.
Blue Yoshi
Blue Yoshi 3 months ago
Awesome work!!
4x4 Texas
4x4 Texas 3 months ago
Hey if you build another mustang name it ellie
Ding Dong Drift
Ding Dong Drift 3 months ago
has no one noticed there's no S on the Oreilly(s) sign? it's called Oreilly auto parts, not oreillys lol.
Dane Worthen
Dane Worthen 3 months ago
Yeah I would be downloading that software onto a virtual machine. You could just run it off a laptop or something instead of using the old PC
What you mean Thirsty?
Careful with those connectors. Drive over one and youre going to be sorry.
NYC_Streets718 3 months ago
Hey Chris, I have a way to copy the windows image of the computer and install it onto the newer computer or any hard drive. very simple and I can get you the software needed for it.
moed al garny
moed al garny 3 months ago
you guys needs linus tech tip help with the PC 😁
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 3 months ago
I may be wrong but I thought you had to go from 1st to 3rd on idle then give it the full thottle in 3rd gear when doing dyno on a car, only going by what I have watched on YT over the years.
Nathan C
Nathan C 3 months ago
Oh man, awesome buy! Your neighbors must love you.... hahah! Hope you all get a shop sometime. I'd love to come by and check it out. Just across the river from you.
Kent Lee
Kent Lee 3 months ago
dont you just love fixing your cars in the middle of a parking lot almost every road trip? no? me too.
MsJob13 3 months ago
wtf is that pentium 4?
CountJugular 3 months ago
We see a lot of those old desktops have blown capacitors (look for the battery looking things on the motherboard) they should be flat, if they are bubbled or leaking, that will be the issue .... they are cheap & easy to replace
Cory Shields
Cory Shields 3 months ago
$35k for a dyno that you'll barely use, but can't afford a plasma cutter.....
GARGAFLARF 3 months ago
You know you’re life is cars when you call a light stand a center console
Josh Fick
Josh Fick 3 months ago
you can run a new standard computer, clone the hard drive and run a virtual machine to match the specs of the old pc. that allows you to run old software on modern hardware.
Robin Tenghult
Robin Tenghult 3 months ago
Were is the new old mustang :/
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega 3 months ago
IMO You guys dont need to get ANYWHERE NEAR a Dyno!!!!!! I mean..........
M. Beltrán
M. Beltrán 3 months ago
1:13 3rd Lamborghini? 🤯
krisby55 3 months ago
Hell yeah New Zealand made Dyno!
Jason Day
Jason Day 3 months ago
My guess, the cling wrap on the smoke detector is to stop it from going off due to excess steam from the shower.
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 3 months ago
cut the accessories belt and go
Nicholas Lombardi
Nicholas Lombardi 3 months ago
BRUH.. When are you going to get a bigger garage...
Frankie H
Frankie H 3 months ago
Power supply has taken a poo on the computer. If unplugged non essential hardware points to me psu. I’d upgrade psu and graphics card.
BastAudio 3 months ago
D is for Dyno!
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 3 months ago
At least update the computer, like new gen stuff. Will make the dyno process a lot better. Could get a modern system for $500 running on an SSD too!
Taka 3 months ago
Could be worth it to use a cheap pc for the dyno and buy the software from dynapack.
Ajani Williams
Ajani Williams 3 months ago
Hey i wouldn’t mind your videos being longer I love to watch it and I’d love to see more if it’s not a hassle
Eastman Research
Eastman Research 3 months ago
I had that exact PC case in 1997... those are old machines.
B G 3 months ago
Dynapack Dyno from Wellington, New Zealand. My home town. :) :) :)