We Built our Nissan 370Z Drift Car In One Day! And Drifted It The Next! 

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In todays episode we're drifting the 370Z!
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Thanks to spirit peaks raceway for having us out, check them out here
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Mar 17, 2021




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Daniel Frankowski
Waiting for trasher car drift day preparation&drifts episode :D
Boosted_ brody
Boosted_ brody 3 days ago
Is there a welded diff in the rear end?
WeberGoogle 11 days ago
What electronic mods did you do with traction and yore
Boosie Stojakovic
Boosie Stojakovic 13 days ago
TURBO 500 14 days ago
Where's the boat content, and where is your one-off supercar project?
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 14 days ago
Do you still have you gtr? I would like to bye it
Drew Green
Drew Green 15 days ago
Says hot right as Chelsea is the background . . . Coincidence?? 😂
Antony Pye
Antony Pye 18 days ago
Even with a racing seat I've come home with Bruise on knee!!
Kou Vang
Kou Vang 18 days ago
Don't think that we forgot about your jdm supra mk4! Still waiting for that build!!! Can't wait!!
Spencer Fernandes
Spencer Fernandes 18 days ago
Need a hoodie “friends don’t let friends drive stock”
Troy sia
Troy sia 21 day ago
looks fk sick
adriann charles
adriann charles 21 day ago
You need to B is for build a warehouse with some lifts sell that boat and build that new shop...
Marvin De Bot
Marvin De Bot 22 days ago
Ok so what happened to the boat? We haven't seen anything for months.
KSE 21 day ago
I was really interested in the boat content. Stinks it didn't last long..
Aile Striker
Aile Striker 22 days ago
I'm still not understanding the aerodynamic advantages of a wing on the back of a sideways machine
Yaro Car Hustle
Yaro Car Hustle 22 days ago
gotta detail the interior though...(:
Yaro Car Hustle
Yaro Car Hustle 22 days ago
now that reminds me of old B is for Build series, quick mods, great results (: love the 370 !
Leo Hagman
Leo Hagman 22 days ago
How is it going with the yatch?
Dxb Bred
Dxb Bred 22 days ago
I love you guys but you suck at drifting
Oscar O
Oscar O 19 days ago
That was my first time drifting ever. I’ll get better for sure
Nissan Slut
Nissan Slut 23 days ago
Glad to see you doing nissan stuff though 👍 👌
Nissan Slut
Nissan Slut 23 days ago
You want to sell those seats 😂
Zakeaus Vertner
Zakeaus Vertner 23 days ago
hey you should get a longer gear stick on this 370z
blanco_z34 23 days ago
If u ever decide to sell your wing I will buy it
Austin Mayer
Austin Mayer 23 days ago
What exhaust did you use?
Austin Mayer
Austin Mayer 23 days ago
Oh nice, awesome time to make money on bitcoin and def not get scammed! Yall are so spammy
Logan Barker
Logan Barker 23 days ago
tyler colbert
tyler colbert 23 days ago
get 2 e36 bmws, do cheap angle adapters, weld the stock differential, raceland coilovers.
Nips Rewind
Nips Rewind 23 days ago
where did you get that exhaust from?
Brandon Giron
Brandon Giron 24 days ago
That wing makes you go so fast...
Brandon Giron
Brandon Giron 23 days ago
@Best Of Us Investors uhhhh I was joking but ummm ok don’t know where that came from
Meech 24 days ago
This is gonna be sick
Phil R
Phil R 24 days ago
What exhaust would that be ? eBay special ? Curious because it actually sounds decent for the price
khombol69 24 days ago
Boat updates?
Micah Schultz
Micah Schultz 25 days ago
Awesome to see you using your cars.
Woolly Cars
Woolly Cars 25 days ago
Loved the episode, it was a bit like your early videos with the BMW and I really enjoyed it
Eskil Devlin
Eskil Devlin 25 days ago
where the boat build to exspensive?
Chris F
Chris F 25 days ago
This is why I don’t watch your videos... you always have someone else to do your work I barely see you get your hands dirty
Brandon Panozzo
Brandon Panozzo 25 days ago
take the wing back off car looks way better without it lol
pic. tie
pic. tie 25 days ago
its funny how ezy things are to brake when your not purpusly trying to brake somthing but when you want to its made out of unitaneum
Y. Vek
Y. Vek 25 days ago
Woo a video that isnt lambo related!
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson 25 days ago
This gave me flashbacks to the brz project with the work being done outside. Love the sound of the vq. I did an exhaust delete on mine. Absolutely love the sound. The 370 is a solid platform imo. Nice video :)
Stephen Holder
Stephen Holder 25 days ago
That bouncy Huracán looks like the tumbler lurking back there
King Kong
King Kong 25 days ago
What catback is that?
Fixed ‘n Stoned
Fixed ‘n Stoned 25 days ago
What happened to the yacht??
RbN Design
RbN Design 25 days ago
N is for Nice 🤩🤩🤩nice video bro👌👌🤙🏻🤙🏻
Dog Life S.A
Dog Life S.A 25 days ago
What happened to "that race car"
Made Sanjaya
Made Sanjaya 25 days ago
How the hell nobody sponsoring u a lifter...
Austin Stuart
Austin Stuart 26 days ago
Pretty sure my old rb s14 was there that day. Was finally a nice day out
Brenden Lee Grant-mills
What happened to the apocalypse build and the boat
David Hughbank
David Hughbank 26 days ago
"Friends don't let friends drive stock" you need to make a tshirt with that saying!
Allan Janetzki
Allan Janetzki 26 days ago
Sooo Ls swap the 370 get a better angle kit and buy some drift missles
SuperiorRedneck 26 days ago
Boat update?
BenRittenhouse 26 days ago
Great job guys! Next I would get a smooth deep dish wheel, real angle kit (like Powered By Max), hydro brake with separate callipers and the car will drive itself.
james schramm
james schramm 26 days ago
Not sure if this will work on drifting but on your steering , it's called the shuffle. You never allow your right hand or left hand to go past the 12 on the top side and 6 on the down side on the steering wheel. You never allow your hands to cross over each other. It feels really awkward but with "practice" , it really works. Not sure if they still teach it today but it worked really well in a pursuit.You're kind of feeding each hand the wheel. Have your seat belt really tight. You have to also have reallll strong sidewalls on your tires, other wise, your tire will roll under touching the rim to the ground. Regular tires don't work....
Ferhat YILDIZ 26 days ago
Boat ep. İ Plz:(
Bruce Pierson
Bruce Pierson 26 days ago
Man, you look tired. You might need to spend more time sleeping at night instead of fixing cars.
KB9OAK 26 days ago
You need one of those massive ebrake levers. Call Cleeter.
Mike Blanchard
Mike Blanchard 26 days ago
I'm so pumped to see you actually do motorsports! 10/10 I'd love to see more!
Dino F.
Dino F. 26 days ago
Drifting is dumb. Stop it.
Jasta315 26 days ago
Oscar, put both hands on the wheel!!! 😂
Daniele Pellizzon
Daniele Pellizzon 26 days ago
Get an old BMW M3... ;-)
AMATOSPORTS 26 days ago
how did you turn traction off in the Z?
marko 26 days ago
very immature
E Clifton
E Clifton 26 days ago
@t Please make mention of this SEMA link for folks to sign the petition for the latest EPA regulations that would make this build and any other modifications ilegal on a federal level.
ConTourNext 27 days ago
Why not buying a hoist?
Ben Martin
Ben Martin 27 days ago
Love the vids man, that hurt an is gonna be a beast
AirDuerk420 27 days ago
Would love to see you and Oscar build your own thrasher drift cars!! Make it a little friendly competition! 😎
shrikelet 27 days ago
Who needs a rear wing when you can have SPEED HOLES?
Isaac 27 days ago
i have a 05 350z 250,000 miles on it manual selling it i used it as a daily still stock $4800
Nicky550 Ecoboost
Nicky550 Ecoboost 27 days ago
bo brooks
bo brooks 27 days ago
Is there anything Oscar can't do? Oscar did a great job!
Ken Conway
Ken Conway 27 days ago
seat time build!
TISTO 27 days ago
A drift car also needs a crazy livery
Triippy 27 days ago
Get an is300 to build into a drift car!
anima oblitus
anima oblitus 27 days ago
😩😩😩😩😩 this is perfect lil series, I lost my 370z to a drunk driver on new year's a few years back. Lawyer gave me the short stick and never recovered. Now I get to live vicariously.
Wilber Arevalo
Wilber Arevalo 27 days ago
Why does Oscar always have the hardest part of the job
Bill Sheley
Bill Sheley 27 days ago
Where do I go to find updates on the boat build with the LS swap motors? Is it a different channel?
Oscar O
Oscar O 25 days ago
There are no updates
UnderYourMother 27 days ago
you need rack extenders too to get better angle on the stock stuff
Taha Othman
Taha Othman 27 days ago
Look for a 350z they are so good and cheap
jakub cebula
jakub cebula 27 days ago
Bring out more vids with the mustang
Jay Maverick
Jay Maverick 27 days ago
Just dropping by to say I love the 370Z. Last Nissan outside Japan with an oldschool turbocoupe-feel.
Szymon Bojanowski
Szymon Bojanowski 27 days ago
i cant believe how dirty this car is. I see that he loves his car and becouse of that it is so strange
Josh Moistner
Josh Moistner 27 days ago
Hey Oscar, how many jack stands do you want.... Oscar: Yes...
Oscar O
Oscar O 27 days ago
As many as we could! Lol
Dark White Chocolate
Build an exo cage for the 370!!!!!!
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 27 days ago
you should get a set of fortune auto 500 series coil overs or BC Racing coils for the 370Z
pawilson1978 27 days ago
Nice little build and looks a blast. 👍👏🏆
SHANNON SPEAR 27 days ago
New exhaust or look at Taco maya be to see what engine is doing
colin g
colin g 27 days ago
Man that track looks super fun to learn on!
Nbomber 27 days ago
"Turn it into this" same car, but with a wing.
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett 27 days ago
I wanna see more of the shop fleet! The m5z is such a missed opportunity
Paul Echols
Paul Echols 27 days ago
Awesome watching y'all play and having fun🤠
Rafael Bustillo
Rafael Bustillo 27 days ago
Ádám Blazevic
Ádám Blazevic 27 days ago
Now you only need a knob on the wheel 😀
FJ. Tovar
FJ. Tovar 27 days ago
Yeap ... it shows that we are learning to run races, because in Drifting the handbrake is used for better entry into the curve. Y eso nunca paso LOL One purpose Oscar won
Justin James
Justin James 27 days ago
Where did you find the exhaust?
Rusty Wrecks
Rusty Wrecks 27 days ago
Don't care about your drift car wheres the lambo ?
Jose Angulo
Jose Angulo 27 days ago
Im completely bald now but I never skip one of your ads. You and your crew deserve every penny
Compton2ny 27 days ago
Who's got the R34 in the back?
luis rodriguez
luis rodriguez 27 days ago
ivan torres
ivan torres 27 days ago
It's so dark I though I was watching a GOT episode
Francisco Alava
Francisco Alava 27 days ago
Hey Chris a little more information on the spoiler tape transfer please ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️❤️❤️
Loose Wheel Films
Loose Wheel Films 27 days ago
Pls start driving all your cars... please
Oscar O
Oscar O 27 days ago
Working on it
chase weeks
chase weeks 27 days ago
B is for B Aggressive, B B Aggressive (death wheel noises)