We Painted Kyles E92 BMW And It Looks AMAZING!! 

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In todays episode we spent a solid week focusing on the new paint job for kyles 3 series bmw, and it came out amazing!
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Aug 5, 2020




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RubyXIII 4 days ago
what do all these E’s mean i’m always so confused with these names lmao
Timothy Meads
Timothy Meads Month ago
Oscar the fab god.
Deezy Too Sleezy
Deezy Too Sleezy 2 months ago
Hey guys great job! I’m just curious as to how you guys would go about taking off any riveted parts/ panels off for any future repairs/maintenance ??
Shawn Manion
Shawn Manion 2 months ago
Brad what happened to the single seater super car ? Been waiting for a new video...
Raits Hots
Raits Hots 3 months ago
Good 😎 👍
Gil Baltazar
Gil Baltazar 3 months ago
Um, what's wrong with BMW'S space grey?
Todd Aulner
Todd Aulner 3 months ago
Fabrication and welding and bodywork are all real sciences. You may know one better than the others.
Vherok 3 months ago
like watching my rim world colony build a car, excelent
Carter MacKenzie
Carter MacKenzie 3 months ago
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a model car 😂
CAA Co 3 months ago
He is really fantastic Man... This not easy doing by metal but is better than fiberglass.. Fiberglass is Brooking with used car some day not strong.. U job is very extant made
Kevin Figueroa
Kevin Figueroa 3 months ago
Boa Ngwenya
Boa Ngwenya 4 months ago
What did you guys do to reduce all that extra weight that you added? This build is so sick
Diy type of guy
Diy type of guy 4 months ago
Wasn't sure about the panels & rivets at 1st ....but turned out good
George J. Rockefeller
sieht gefuscht aus
Dave Lively
Dave Lively 4 months ago
And in our next episode: another 30 hours of wet-sanding the clear.
Person X
Person X 4 months ago
I was really on the opposite side of the fence the whole way through the video but I have to say I like it quite a lot! Even the dodgy bonnet/front arch line...I wish you cut the vents out made them functional and the clear could use a bit of correction but otherwise it looks pretty decent I look forward to seeing the finished product.
Dennis 1970
Dennis 1970 4 months ago
On the picture it looks good, congratulations! Only a few questions. Why did you only spot weld the rear fender plates, I think you better should have welded them all the way through before putting bondough on it. Now I think it mite crack eventually with those arches hanging on it and the rest of the kit mounted on them indirectly. And why do you guys prime the whole car in stat of only the bare metal parts. If you sanded the white paint and the primed body kit with 320/400 it would have been more than enough with two ore three clear coats. Now you create a orange-peal already before base coating it. And personally I don’t like it when you paint the car with the windows and the steel parts stil on it. You could’ve painted them separately and put black rivets in it at the and. Now all the drilled holes for the rivets and screws can rust easily because of the difference between alloy rivets and the unprepared steel holes. That will cause contact corrosion. Just som tips from my part for the next time. Enjoy the car!
talk to much
Jefriz Jurdas
Jefriz Jurdas 5 months ago
I think thats too much metal.... Hmmm..
Abregg 5 months ago
StBMW 5 months ago
Iam not sure about it....
shin chan
shin chan 5 months ago
What code this colour?
Александр Сабиров
Хуйня полная, что они хотели сделать? Навесили тяжести в виде металла
illuminosity 5 months ago
So awesome you guys! wow. I love all the custom fitment work with the steel.
aziz ba
aziz ba 5 months ago
You guys are awesome 👌
Denis Jovanovic
Denis Jovanovic 5 months ago
More rivets than titanic lol
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 5 months ago
I love body work...and auto body too lol
John Wayne
John Wayne 5 months ago
And they say you can't polish a turd
llanta Studio
llanta Studio 5 months ago
It's to much advertising every minute
Nivea Nivea
Nivea Nivea 5 months ago
there is 3D printer nowadays which save you time and the result will be better
Joost Vlot
Joost Vlot 5 months ago
its looks like shit! all that connektions and nails ofel!!
Joost Vlot
Joost Vlot 5 months ago
god dam what a lot of work on that bodykid! its better bay a bmw musselcar that save a lot of time and monny!
Scandal929 5 months ago
Did you learn to do all these things by trial and error? Can someone direct me to the story behind Kyle's car? Car looks great!
armando patane
armando patane 5 months ago
I used to work at earl shiebs and macco body shops and we had to fabricate everything
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 5 months ago
paint job is sick!!!
J Goody
J Goody 5 months ago
Piant it
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
J ai 55 ans et je peut toujours pas me payer une e92 m3 alors please donne la moi tu aura asser de vue pour racheter une schelby gt 500 sur et dieu tant remercira tu vera et avec un telle kit carrosserie il lui faut l aireon arriere sinon c est pas un M3 sport edition
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
Heureusement que vous habitez pas en france nous on compte pas le nombres de voitures françaises qui roule c est du racisme sa de préférer d autres marques rapport a celle qui y a les voitures c est fait pour aller d un point A à un point B c est tout bien sur tout dépend si tu veux qu on voie que toi
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 5 months ago
Vous etes aux courants que si vous l exposer devant des professionnels il vont voir tout les defauts jamais le bon et dur boulots
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 6 months ago
How in the world did y'all restrain from doing body filler on that dent on the front drivers fender?? Would have driven me insane to be paining it without fixing that lol
Gregory Kitchens
Gregory Kitchens 6 months ago
Y'all didn't sand the primer before putting the base coat down? I've always seen that done, what difference does it make sanding the primer vs not sanding it?
ilya pankin
ilya pankin 6 months ago
The car got some eyeliner
jessman1004 6 months ago
I like the colour and paint job, but the way you fixed the wide body, sorry no way....
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh 6 months ago
Nardo grey would have looked pretty awesome or Rivera Blue big bold colours. You dont wanna just blend in with a body kit like that.
Qwalay 6 months ago
I guess with a lot of work you can make an e92 ugly
keith banaybanay
keith banaybanay 6 months ago
hello I would like to know what is the paint code for this color., thnaks
Abhimanyu Sharma
Abhimanyu Sharma 6 months ago
11:23 That's an undercover (unmarked as some say) police car. ;-)
Alex K
Alex K 6 months ago
It looks almost like Holden VE HSV 😍
Owen G
Owen G 6 months ago
Looks fucking awful
Richard Denson
Richard Denson 6 months ago
Lol I’m starting to feel B for Bad for my man Oscar 😅
Cj House
Cj House 6 months ago
Kyle's BMW is my favorite of the 3 at the moment.
Yousef Barakat
Yousef Barakat 6 months ago
Thats a very awesome job... insaaaaaane look!!!
What you mean Thirsty?
Settings on the gun i wanna fix it so bad
Thane David
Thane David 6 months ago
Would have been easier to use that radius jig when applying the body filler as well.
Jaroslaw Dudek
Jaroslaw Dudek 6 months ago
Top part of headlights looks rubbish. Hood and fender not in line
Can It Be Saved
Can It Be Saved 6 months ago
I love the way it turned out! Only question/comment: why not make the hood vents functional? Maybe you did but it looks like they weren’t cut out for air flow. Very good bodywork and paint color!
Andrew Does Life
Andrew Does Life 6 months ago
Nothing beats B is for Build's time lapses
Alton881 6 months ago
Estetyka na poziomie 10 latka, z fajnego auto zrobić karykaturę huj wie czego, dramat.
Aaron P
Aaron P 6 months ago
needs a cut and buff from MATV
Marc Melendez
Marc Melendez 6 months ago
It looks terrible.
Earl Daniel
Earl Daniel 6 months ago
Do you rough the surface of the roof in order for the primer to stick or did you just paint over it ????
Tk mps
Tk mps 6 months ago
How much weight did all those parts put onto the car?
Jonathan Costa
Jonathan Costa 6 months ago
I’d daily that thing..
Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake 6 months ago
There has to be a European mechanical engineer that can comment in this. Clever.
Alex Horner
Alex Horner 6 months ago
U drove right by my work🥺
Max Landy
Max Landy 6 months ago
First video I have seen and already very intrigued. Only a few minutes in though and had to pause to write this. I will carry on watching after as the effort going into the build is amazing but the background music is grating and will definitely put people off watching it all. Dont lose all the hard work with a bad choice of music.
briiiperez 6 months ago
The thing must be a dyno
Driver Paulo
Driver Paulo 6 months ago
Body kit super ale ty spoje mezi komponentama(naraznik k blatniku a lemy) to je hnus strašný
ohiomoto 6 months ago
First, the Kia Soul is not the ugliest car ever made. For saying that, you have to buy one and make it cool. Second, the Patiantang looks badass!!! Only and idiot would paint that thing. Good work (as always)!
Jonathan Gomez
Jonathan Gomez 6 months ago
That was Beaverton Oregon
Euro Auto Enthusiast
Great video Bro! So much detail and energy spent 👍🏽🔥💯
Brandon Emmons
Brandon Emmons 6 months ago
That turned out badass. So are you guys in Portland? I live in Rainier.
Halfspec Garage
Halfspec Garage 6 months ago
Real ques. How sticky were yall after these booth sessions 😂
Howard Swing
Howard Swing 6 months ago
Taz Cox
Taz Cox 6 months ago
I thought this was a different channel when i saw the thumbnail!
Rhyan San Pedro
Rhyan San Pedro 6 months ago
That metal strip that goes around the rear arches and rear quarter kinda detracts from the overall look of the car.
waps7777 6 months ago
Hey where is the Supra you bought?
Floyd Bangz
Floyd Bangz 6 months ago
Sorry to hear about the mustang bro
Jack 6 months ago
Anybody else here from Donut Media?
Glen Peacock
Glen Peacock 6 months ago
New to channel about out to Nolan at donut media. The colour on the car wow!!
momo 6 months ago
This channel is sooo trash. He has knowledge on building trash cars 75% complete he calls it 100%. The cars aren't even put together well, wtf is this crap. "B is for bogus builds" he just needs to make quick Money for views. Soon his channel is going to drop in views and subs. Nothing against him, just crap channel. garage crap tbh.
Salah Hashim
Salah Hashim 6 months ago
a matte color with the same degree of grey would have been the absolute best fit for this car
Martin Kristensen
Martin Kristensen 6 months ago
Hey. Its a great job but i personally do not like the rivots pointing out. It look like a bad polish job at the garage home in the gravel. Like its been rusted away and that and easy fix. Sorry but everything else looks great.
Mark Kromeke
Mark Kromeke 6 months ago
Nolan from donut media sent me!
spencer lahh
spencer lahh 6 months ago
would be a shame if Chris redid ‘missing in a minute’ car, and named it Al Lé noir
Flatzoid FE
Flatzoid FE 6 months ago
Very nice work. Love the color choice. Are you going to do a buff and detail? Looking good non the less ☺
Just George
Just George 6 months ago
Hey can you fit an old defender body to the new Defender?
asick one
asick one 6 months ago
I just subscribed because I found out about fast back bs .good luck brother
not pewdiepie
not pewdiepie 6 months ago
donut media sent me...#saveeleanor
Mubaşir Zinoviy
Mubaşir Zinoviy 6 months ago
Who else is here from donut media ?
Me1ar 6 months ago
yyn ccc
yyn ccc 6 months ago
这得重多少 ,装甲车吗
skeelo69 6 months ago
It needs a rear trim spoiler to complete the look otherwise a good job...well done😆😆😆
Zensrx 6 months ago
You really should get the facelift taillights
Dzir Texas
Dzir Texas 6 months ago
The clear popping off all the body lines is just amazing
Samuel Siemens
Samuel Siemens 6 months ago
Is that Eleanor Omaze is giving away the one you guys built?!?!?!?
Charl Brookes
Charl Brookes 6 months ago
Your music choice used to be good
Aastanishing 6 months ago
Do you intend on correcting the panel lines around hood and truck? Great paint job!
Abdul Vahab
Abdul Vahab 6 months ago