We Put Lambo Doors on the Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan! 

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In today's episode we install a vertical door kit on the off-road Lamborghini huracan AKA the #JUMPACAN
Huge shout out to Mullins for sponsoring us on this build. Check out their autoparts here: www.ebay.com/str/mullinsautoparts
And follow them on IG here!: mullinsautoparts
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Jan 14, 2021




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Moto Nugget
Moto Nugget 22 days ago
Looks like wings, going to take off and fly after it jumps!
Moto Nugget
Moto Nugget 22 days ago
Need to install a leaver that flips it back over on its wheels battle bot style :P
fasttunningcolombia 2 months ago
GUT BOI 2 months ago
Can't wait until the car ready.. :D
Aleksi Soukkala
Aleksi Soukkala 2 months ago
coudunt you get huracan specific hinge kit. because i have seen specific door kits for gallardo. so i woud think there woud bee kit for huracan too.
John Freitas
John Freitas 3 months ago
I thought this lambo truck thing was an original idea, apparently not.
Paul Chinniah
Paul Chinniah 3 months ago
Love seeing Cardboard Aided Design in action.
Streamline Garage
Streamline Garage 3 months ago
B is for Bilarious. Used in a sentence: We put butterfly door kits on our offroad Lambo as a joke, we thought it would be bilarious.
Chaz *
Chaz * 3 months ago
How do you guys not have a CNC plasma? Go cart guys have them! I see you make templates a lot, scan drop in software cut, no more jagged edges. Just an idea....looking sooo AMAZING
thanedogg 3 months ago
16:35 lol
Stephen Gutsch
Stephen Gutsch 3 months ago
That’s a wonderful idea, having the doors swing upwards so that you can get out quickly, oh but wait you’re flipped over your on your roof so how do you get out now?
Zachary Reinhard
Zachary Reinhard 3 months ago
What song do you use at the beginning of the video? Like it’s a piano jazzy vibe.
Cost Delta
Cost Delta 3 months ago
Careful. Don't get copyrighted for this one
Rich Bentley
Rich Bentley 3 months ago
LMBO alot of work to put lambo doors on a lambo
lifebeginsat190 3 months ago
only at 5:10 but door fitment seems like its gonna be more of a "tire sand vacuum" than a door
OutOfNameIdeas 3 months ago
Looks way sexier than a real one hhaha. Seriously, it looks amazing!
rednecknation270 3 months ago
Doesnt steal and aluminum not mix
BRS RC 3 months ago
Too freaking awesome!
Mid-Night Modding
Mid-Night Modding 3 months ago
why didnt you just make the doors, you still have the molds from the over project
Jack Mossman
Jack Mossman 3 months ago
The fact you are focusing on doors, shows this thing will never make it to the mint, let alone even make it pass tech....
Droog Vehicle Division
Yes. Yes. Yes. 🔥😏🤘🏼
mark bones
mark bones 3 months ago
Where is the video, been way too long and checking daily, hooe the guys are ok
BcnPop nando
BcnPop nando 3 months ago
resources badly invested so that stupidity takes technological development three steps back, and for what? to have some horrible scissor doors.
Edvan Kemper
Edvan Kemper 3 months ago
Take the burntican to pikes peak and see what you can do but you would need it retuned for the altitude
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 3 months ago
You gotta invest in new shop soon, will really help raise the quality of the videos and builds, the background clutter and lack of space just isn’t a good US-first look
Dangerzone 3and4
Dangerzone 3and4 3 months ago
Just curious, what ever happened to your single seat race car build?
Nick Timar
Nick Timar 3 months ago
Woulda been cool if ya built Jeep style doors that come off
CUBEoneVX 3 months ago
Remember the door is empty, has nothing on it, you should add the second piston because when you add panels etc to the door, the weight will increase and the door wont hold with 1 piston.
Kevin Senesac
Kevin Senesac 3 months ago
I seen an other Lamborghini trophy truck like build their channel is wheeler builder they are Russians
Blind man In the Wired
ur one of the last youtube guy that keeps getting better with time
FaastEddie 3 months ago
This is already my favorite Lamborghini of all time! Part of what made me click on the video was that you have the wheels sitting there with no rim. I thought you were using plexiglass see-through rims. ---> PLEASE USE CLEAR RIMS!!!!!!!
Lodgey_ 3 months ago
More on the boat ?!
E46Kyle 3 months ago
I can’t wait to see how much mud gets flung through the windows any time you turn
MoeandPeteFaceoff 3 months ago
When is it going to be a rolling chassis?
Steve Stumbaugh
Steve Stumbaugh 3 months ago
You need to be able to do what the TRX with 44's can do. us-first.info/player/video/fqalqXmEe6-rZ3E.html
Oddball Dynamics.
Oddball Dynamics. 3 months ago
I seriously think y'all could have easily fabricated some lambo doors. Y'all got skills. Loving this build.
Brando765 3 months ago
Forget this car boat content is more important
Avil Georgescu
Avil Georgescu 3 months ago
not bad
andrew diges
andrew diges 3 months ago
What the fuck happened to the boat did you shit Can that job or what?
Euro Shane
Euro Shane 3 months ago
U guys quiting youtube? Lol Its been forever since this vid dropped! I wanna see whats new on the Jumpacan!! Drop a vid!!
Denston Groenewald
Denston Groenewald 3 months ago
We need some lexus content pls
Andrew Royal
Andrew Royal 3 months ago
Why not just get gas struts with less force??
Erik Torell
Erik Torell 3 months ago
So how's about that single seater super car you're allegedly building?
violentblue123 3 months ago
and then?
lester palacio
lester palacio 3 months ago
Ajá, pa cuando el otro video? 😔😔
no oneherre
no oneherre 3 months ago
Did he just say, "batmobile-esk"? Come on man!!! Didn't you learn since last time!?
Lee W
Lee W 3 months ago
Hi. When we will be seeing the next yacht blog ?? Ta
dave jones
dave jones 3 months ago
I'm unsubscribing from your channel because US-first doesn't support free speech, please start posting your videos on Rumble so I can continue following you.
Brian Hood
Brian Hood 3 months ago
I’m sure that Bush beer had nothing to do with that car tipping and those doors not aligning lol
Brian Hood
Brian Hood 3 months ago
Lol add more struts and it will just flip the car back over lol that was a good one.
Drew Goody
Drew Goody 3 months ago
This build is coming along friggen baaaaaad to the bone .....
Spider Innovations
Spider Innovations 3 months ago
Those hinges suck. I've got them on my Infiniti. They were like $10,000 for the pair and they're weak and flimsy like those. You should try to get factory hinges!
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 3 months ago
You need to add a mechanisms so the doors when you land on the roof they come off or eject so you can get out easier.
Captain -A
Captain -A 3 months ago
This is a crime and I love it!!
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher 3 months ago
Mint 400 was just moved to December
Jsprad#13 3 months ago
Boat update?
bighoss44 3 months ago
Loving the build you should reach out to the premier off-road custom parts builder www.proamoffroad.com the owner is an awesome guy and knows his racing
Pranav Somayajula
Pranav Somayajula 3 months ago
It would take more time and work but it would have been cooler to use some aventador hinges, but I still love these. 🤣🤣🤣
Pete Callaghan
Pete Callaghan 3 months ago
Let’s hope you don’t put it in its roof with those doors 😂
Ghouse Khasim
Ghouse Khasim 3 months ago
Eh, the only way you'd be crashing is when you try a pinch weld on the airplane windows because they don't actually the seating.
Brent Meyer
Brent Meyer 3 months ago
I heard they just postponed the mint 400 until December.
Jon Polo
Jon Polo 3 months ago
The Mint 400 just postponed til Dec1-5th 2021
Ian Dalton
Ian Dalton 3 months ago
Wouldn't the gas strut been a bit easier to install if the door was in open position?
TheFilthyMarcus 3 months ago
If this car flips over, those doors are now unusable for escape. The passengers will have to climb out of the the front which sounds very hard. Not sure if this was a great idea from a safety perspective
Charles Troutt
Charles Troutt 3 months ago
That jab at rob, hahaha
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 3 months ago
Don't name drop other fils cars bro remember the last mess when that happened lol loving this build though and hopefully we get a hotel room beer roulette!
budget boost
budget boost 3 months ago
So this is another build that will be hopefully completed and only used for a week then never seen again like all for other cars.........
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 3 months ago
Please name it the batmobile
James Keenan
James Keenan 3 months ago
the doors make the build
Mark Giles
Mark Giles 3 months ago
You spend $4000 for one or two door yet you cut two thing pieces of metal and weld them together to make one piece. Why would you do that; to save money, not to waste materials, save money? Please let it be a design process.
Chris Depth
Chris Depth 3 months ago
This is going to be such a crazy ass buggy
Fastestaventador 3 months ago
Lambo doors on a lambo that never had lambo doors LMAO
Kelly Ho
Kelly Ho 3 months ago
what's going on with your Riva boat?
Andreas 3 months ago
Still waiting for the Supra build. Any update?
OpenEye Automobile
OpenEye Automobile 3 months ago
10:18 Anti 2020 2020 Club. I guess the 2020-1 Club is coming soon.
Thomas Oosthuizen
Thomas Oosthuizen 3 months ago
You could always put an electric actuator so the doors open completely automatically haha. Great job guys.
Skiridr22 3 months ago
Auto bots transform. 🤣
Skiridr22 3 months ago
I think you should have built a door out of tubes with aluminum panels with the lift hinge
YB no limit Yt
YB no limit Yt 3 months ago
your boat what happend to it
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones 3 months ago
i want more on the boat
Jeff Savage
Jeff Savage 3 months ago
GET A CAMERA man even 2 it will give you a much more professional vid
Chiller 3 months ago
You guys so need a plasma table
Simon Coleman
Simon Coleman 3 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/pMl7loVjeKdzZmA.html Saw this and thought of you instantly, these Russian cats scratch build accurate fake sports cars
Jan Korecky
Jan Korecky 3 months ago
X D 3 months ago
So what happens if a lambo rolls over how do u get out🤣
ssgtslick 3 months ago
Why am I thinking "The Tumbler" from the Chris Nolan Batman series?
Victor Varela
Victor Varela 3 months ago
Why would u try to put it in while its compressed 😂😂😂
Jakub Malinowski
Jakub Malinowski 3 months ago
that is so cool lmao
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich 3 months ago
That is an idea? Why don't you make it look like the Batmobile of sorts? It would look Totally Bad Ass! Everyone would be shocked and surprised!
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras 3 months ago
Lambo doors look great lol
Kameron Blankman
Kameron Blankman 3 months ago
Why not install it one bolt at a time uncompressed in the the open position....
Will Nicholson
Will Nicholson 3 months ago
tizzlin87 3 months ago
B Is For Adverts every 5 mins 🙄
RustFreeMotors 3 months ago
I think we need an offroad lambo build too!
CodeKube 3 months ago
How are you going to get out if you flip upside down
Adrian F
Adrian F 3 months ago
By this time if this was a ferrari youd have about 70 Cease and Desist letters by now
John Dallas
John Dallas 3 months ago
This thing looks Insane!! Hell ya!
Philip S
Philip S 3 months ago
The more I watch your videos the more I love our German TÜV...
Steve Hewitt
Steve Hewitt 3 months ago
So... you don't *have* to have doors fitted to race, and you'd be saving weight too but you want doors so you lay out $4,000.00 Crazy...
Rick Ems
Rick Ems 3 months ago
Super disappointed on the choice of Chinese Lambo hinge kit . How could you? Hack away , I guess. They'll be par for your junkacon. I hope you got your wood screws, cuz , your doors are gunna fall off.