We Put A 1967 Mustang Coupe Body On Oscar's 2016 Mustang GT! 

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In today's episode we're putting the 1967 Mustang Coupe body on the 2015 Mustang GT!
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Jun 30, 2020




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resprotector 21 day ago
Couple of questions...First, would you recommend doing this with a Conquest /Starion? Second, is it easier to do this versus swapping just the eng/trans?
Shahan Amin
Shahan Amin Month ago
Hi, I'm big fan of u. I'm from Bangladesh. I 'll see u soon,......
CyberCPU Tech
CyberCPU Tech Month ago
How do you register a body swap? Would you use the 67 vin to be smog free or would you use the 2015 vin?
Minty 2 months ago
If that car has all the panels that would be a really cool missile
大塩GT平八郎 2 months ago
これは凄いです モノコックフレームを切って他のボディーを載せるとは
Shine Automotive
Shine Automotive 3 months ago
When you buying the drift car 30,000 likes :-)
Stephen Kasamis
Stephen Kasamis 3 months ago
do you sell this bodykit
Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
You know what the Iphone 12 got in common with a newer car that is packed full of a computer cluster? Replace a part that communicates through software with at least one of the computers and the car will protest. The solution is to throw out the propetiary restrictive components if not remove exactly everything digital all together with something entirely analog to make it more universally compatible with anything you want to use.
Miles Lane
Miles Lane 5 months ago
thirty seven thousand likes.... wheres the driftstang at????
Mike 5 months ago
I own the rights to the Mustang truck idea, 💡 please cease and desist from using those words in the same sentence. 😀
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 6 months ago
Hey! you're well over 30K likes on this video. Have you bought the drift car yet?
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
Plastic is GOOD.
Ryan Kunkel
Ryan Kunkel 7 months ago
Why would you do this this way 😂
breezebro 7 months ago
I thought I clicked on skip ads.
6sixty1 Gixxer
6sixty1 Gixxer 7 months ago
Whats more work....fitting a 5.0 into a 67 and modifying or fitting a 67 onto a 5.0 hmmmm🤔🤔🤔
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 8 months ago
I found it hilarious that they just rolled the car into the frame like that
Deven Jamison
Deven Jamison 8 months ago
I can not believe they sued you for building that last mustang did they take the entire car last time?
SPEED SHACK 8 months ago
thewhitemustang 8 months ago
Awesome project, but it would be nice if camera guy took 1 or 2 steps back. It's just a little too close for the majority of the shots.
How strong is this structurally? Is it going to flex when cornering?
Dave James
Dave James 8 months ago
Did they actually take the car?
Ian 8 months ago
Wouldn't it have been easier to just put modern stuff in the old body then motor swap ? .. cause this seems like the dumbest way to combine old and new
Chris Oso
Chris Oso 8 months ago
I thought you had to take down ALL of videos of the build, because of what had happened??? im confused now
Stuart Trapani
Stuart Trapani 8 months ago
Looks like you're getting a drift car, can't wait to see it🙌
Owen Bush
Owen Bush 8 months ago
Basically the best way to do a coyote swap lol everything is bolt in and it'll handle a whole lot better than the original Stang
540i 8 months ago
Did your ductwork eliminate the intake air temperature sensor or mass airflow sensor?
T Styles
T Styles 8 months ago
So why not just swap the interior and the motor 🤔
Frank Buck
Frank Buck 8 months ago
Looks good.
Motonetin mystinen varastomies
Name something Elanor and its Gone in 60 second.
André Ferreira
André Ferreira 8 months ago
how many hours of work did you put into this?
Seattle Basher
Seattle Basher 8 months ago
Over 36k likes... Time to build a drift car
Norlan R
Norlan R 8 months ago
OMG, actually i'm planning to do this. O want to convert a SN95 into a 1969 😍
AFrame 8 months ago
Name it Felonor
UltraNova HD
UltraNova HD 8 months ago
Where’s the mustang drift car lol
Bogdan Tita
Bogdan Tita 9 months ago
i wonder how much less rigid this is now
Rudy Hinojosa
Rudy Hinojosa 9 months ago
Man I heard about the other mustang from donut that's sucks man sorry to hear that I can inmagine the mone and time used on the project that sucks but now u got a new subscriber
Jason Baird
Jason Baird 9 months ago
Drift car incoming
Savage Clips
Savage Clips 9 months ago
I think it was originally Eleanor.
Bryant Partazana
Bryant Partazana 9 months ago
This looks really hard
No Thanks
No Thanks 9 months ago
Should name this car something like "Eleanor." Oh wait...
Catgod Gold
Catgod Gold 9 months ago
Strang but i like it
cossiedrifter 9 months ago
The "side skirt" area is like 3 times as high as a 67. How are you going to make that look right? 🤔
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies 9 months ago
The description says 2015
Oscar G
Oscar G 9 months ago
U got 30k now u gotta do the drift mustang
kyle merk
kyle merk 9 months ago
with what has happened with the Elanor car has blown my mind to the point where i hate gone in 60 seconds and the creators a once loved movie of mine now crushed by the creators best of luck to you (B is for build) in the future and all it has to hold lover the channel and love the content also sold my mustang and want nothing to do with them anymore crazy how ones attitude changes with others minimal input #fuck gone in 60 seconds
Jared Dinwiddie
Jared Dinwiddie 9 months ago
I feel like the structural integrity isn't there anymore. (Haven't watched the whole thing yet.)
Jared Dinwiddie
Jared Dinwiddie 9 months ago
Alright I see what was added :-)
Gilgamesh Union
Gilgamesh Union 9 months ago
Hope he learned his lesson cause assholes these days will do whatever to take free shit
Joe D
Joe D 9 months ago
Should have called Chip Foose
Squishy 013
Squishy 013 9 months ago
vivo ax1
vivo ax1 9 months ago
It would be sad if this one was taken too.
Richard Sully
Richard Sully 9 months ago
Awesome Subd
illest 9 months ago
Man people are going to hire you to do the "#oscarbuild " 💪👍👍👍👍
Bonecollector83 9 months ago
J Capman
J Capman 9 months ago
How much do you charge to do this for other people do you do this or customers for people or know how much would you charge to do this for somebody could you put a Dodge Charger on front of you like that with a Ford Mustang or some of that on to a Ford Taurus
Le Roux Jordaan
Le Roux Jordaan 9 months ago
Name the car ELEAMOR then they can't do anything
K Mastorakis
K Mastorakis 9 months ago
3:39 - Never leave the cutter down this way dude.
Ray O
Ray O 9 months ago
Seems like the hardest way to do anything. Should have just swapped components
Anthony Ocampo
Anthony Ocampo 9 months ago
I can’t help but think the structural integrity was compromised with all that cutting.
Branding Concepts
Branding Concepts 9 months ago
35k likes now! Lets see that drift car next!!!
Cody Meade
Cody Meade 9 months ago
ive never seen so many ads in my life
Ole-marius Bergesen
Ole-marius Bergesen 9 months ago
Then the copyright of Elanor happened.
Hasan Erdim Ateslier
the title says 2016 the description says 2015, what is it?!
Bryce deCastro
Bryce deCastro 9 months ago
blackwell75 9 months ago
Name it El Lenor
John Barron
John Barron 9 months ago
I can’t even imagine doing this with a tony hot wheel car. How the hell!?
Mr_Salamanca 9 months ago
Harbor freight sawzall ftw!!! Lol
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 9 months ago
I found about the loss of your "E named" mustang and I'm sorry that happened to you guys.
David Perry
David Perry 9 months ago
Looks like you are buying yourself a drift Mustang... 35K Likes
Ayur Badmaev
Ayur Badmaev 9 months ago
You guys are magicans
Joshua Hill
Joshua Hill 9 months ago
What they’re doing is awesome but why not just do a drivetrain swap?
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez 9 months ago
The point is to keep the modern suspension bro
stuart haddon
stuart haddon 9 months ago
wtf is the coffee shit at the beginning LOL
Tractorhead 9 months ago
Side skirts should be dummy lake-pipes.
Del Ha
Del Ha 9 months ago
RIP Elinor
Scott Neal
Scott Neal 9 months ago
Boredom during covid makes for great entertainment. A nice way to make an older look on the outside have a updated inside.
Todd Knight
Todd Knight 9 months ago
Fucking stupid. Taking the car?? What a holes. Keep doing what you're doing. I hate Mustangs but you guys rock.
Michael DeWitt
Michael DeWitt 9 months ago
Same thing that vehcor is doing
PR O 9 months ago
PR O 9 months ago
Looks sweet but missfire sounds a bit concerning lol
Lucas Hall
Lucas Hall 9 months ago
Mr. E
Mr. E 9 months ago
Your question about coffee (yes I know it’s a commercial but) black rifle coffee is the real answer
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 9 months ago
No one mention movie characters that could be linked to movies. Lol I wanna see the build complete lol.
Jeremy Georgia
Jeremy Georgia 9 months ago
Sometimes, it takes the computer a while to adjust, after the battery is disconnected.
isaac Bashor
isaac Bashor 9 months ago
This one doesn’t have a name right?
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 9 months ago
This seems so stupid
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo 9 months ago
I got to believe sat there won't be much structural rigidity after all the cutting. I'm just worried the engine is going to torque the whole body.
young11984 9 months ago
Looks like it would be easier to convert the 67 shell over to the S550 drivetrain, and put the dash/firewall in it
Sean murphy
Sean murphy 9 months ago
I wish there was cometary on the cuts giving the reason that spot is being cut. Just an idea
xopex industries
xopex industries 9 months ago
Looks like your buying a drift car
Camden Waite
Camden Waite 9 months ago
König auto sign? In Orem?
Dylan Stinson
Dylan Stinson 9 months ago
I feel like they cut a ton of structural rigidity out. I think I would just mod the 67 unibody to add the rigidity of the new cars. But what do I know
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 9 months ago
Elia Noris
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 9 months ago
Because nothing can stop it from happening !
Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown 9 months ago
This is not nearly as crazy as it sounds. I met the guy who was lead designer on "the Falcon floor pan" as it was termed, and they were literally all the same! This includes the Falcon, Mustang, Granada, the teardrop T-bird, the LTD-II, and I believe the Econline van.
D__HARDUNKICHUD 9 months ago
POV: "How to coyote swap a 67 mustang the hard way" LOL
Nasir Shaikh
Nasir Shaikh 14 days ago
Furhad Nasserjah
Furhad Nasserjah 3 months ago
@Karol Pasiut if you’re driving a classic car crash safety obviously isn’t your priority
Furhad Nasserjah
Furhad Nasserjah 3 months ago
@D__HARDUNKICHUD a majority of those kits still use classic style technology and most importantly classic car geometry. Definitely not the same. Massive difference and the kits that may be modern alternatives cost more than the 2018 gt for just the suspension alone.
Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé
The first generation design language looks a lot better than the 2015-201x design language that personally is the one I like the least mostly because of the shape the headlight have which doesn't look very mustang-ish.
Biff Wellington
Biff Wellington 8 months ago
@D__HARDUNKICHUD but where goes the modern infotainment system, proximity key, modern aftermarket options? The ecm/tcm tuning ability alone is worth the hassle. So many reasons that this is the RIGHT way to drive a classic.
Tomas Pakalnis
Tomas Pakalnis 9 months ago
Videos would look a lot better if y would put camera further away.
Tony Elknis
Tony Elknis 9 months ago
You should go get one of those rolling a frame cranes from harbor freight
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen 9 months ago
I thought all these videos were taken down?
Aglassact77 9 months ago
I know you guys put a ton of work and time into this . But why destroy an old classic with new/old infusion? It’s not cool or interesting, it’s destroying vintage. I don’t get it...
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 9 months ago
35k likes. Where's the drift car????
Ej 22
Ej 22 9 months ago
He still used a fastback body and not call it Eleanor
Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown 9 months ago
The only thing holding the front and back ends of this car together now is the transmission tunnel. Hang in their buddy! we believe in you. lol