We Replaced The Burnt Huracan Frame!! 

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In today's episode we're cutting out the bad burnt frame and replacing it with a fresh new one.
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Jun 10, 2019




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Viktor bæk
Viktor bæk 7 months ago
2020 gang
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Dutton 9 months ago
Reverse trace the wires
Ira Poex
Ira Poex 11 months ago
Miles Malone
Miles Malone Year ago
Oscar is a beast
GATO Year ago
hello congratulations for the work you are doing because you have not soldered to tig that a better job would have come more beautiful
marco Year ago
I think that it s a joke
Rick Lansdon
Rick Lansdon Year ago
I give you props. I'd take a look at that mess and get overwhelmed...
Lucio Rota
Lucio Rota Year ago
I have many doubts about the chassis repair. 1) How do you know the exact reference points for welding the rear frame without a template bench? 2) The central carbon shell is visibly damaged by fire. This certainly compromises its structural integrity. How did you think to fix it?
Ollie Walker
Ollie Walker Year ago
I'm watching this series with my 20mo old son, and after every montage he gives you a round of applause. So. He thinks you're doing great things. I am impressed as well.
Rusty Hauler
Rusty Hauler Year ago
Try specialized ECU repair, Samcrac used them in one of his videos to troubleshoot a Ferrari ECU. They have the engine bays from wrecked exotics they use for diagnostics. I bet they know their way around wiring harnesses too. www.ecudoctors.com/
Raab's Garage
Raab's Garage Year ago
I wouldn't follow anything the previous owner did. The fire started somehow
hellyeaOU812 Year ago
Looks like itallian sports cars should come with a fire suppression system. hell people are putting these into RZRs so I'm sure you could adapt that system
Xatxitor Year ago
This channel should be : Oscar and B for build XD
rob 49erfan
rob 49erfan Year ago
Gotta ask where'd you guys obtain frame dimension schematics. Dying to get this info for personal dream build.
5:07 I find it odd how he says coupe... it’s not like theirs a Lamborghini sedan
Lucifer friend
In your videos put number :( pleaseeeeee
rage5606 Year ago
Doublers... super smart. The fact that you could weld that frame on... freekin miracle. The firewall scares me.
Andrew Locke
Andrew Locke Year ago
Joe Andrews
Joe Andrews Year ago
What song do you use for your outros? Loving the build btw
Jody Green
Jody Green Year ago
Awesome peace
ALI Suroor
ALI Suroor Year ago
Hi After each repair procedure View the car for sale Provided that you speak with the buyer The buyer comes to check the car and pays the money They are all under photography I think it's more appealing So put price on the windshield for each car Thanks Ali suroor Dubai
Rombbb Year ago
Those lower beams had like inner reinforcements, how can you weld those back in place ? How to get the welding machine in there if the ends are already couple together ?
Russeroo Year ago
Brave project 💪🏻
BossaNossa1 Year ago
By the way what clamps did you use? Did they have measuring and bubble leveling? I can see how crucial aligning that rear frame must have been a fraction off here and there then you have motor and suspension issues... My hats off to you and your team!
json langton
json langton Year ago
Mike Green
Mike Green Year ago
It’s hard to tell with the video in fast motion, but make sure you PUSH your weld with aluminum spool gun. Better penetration and less black soot/contamination
Márk Varga
Márk Varga Year ago
B is for bible and bionicles
أبوعلي الجهني
God bless
Rick Year ago
Maybe here? www.manualgigs.com/manuals/lamborghini/2015-lamborghini-huracan-lp610-4-wiring-diagram.html
Clifford Keele
It looks like a fun build, and I'm excited to see how it goes. Quick comment as you were pointing to the valves. The Intake valve is almost always larger (or the same size) as the Exhaust valve. I.E. You got the IDs backwards. Because the Exhaust valve usually is a little hotter, I believe they have a bit of a crusty look, while the intake valves may have a more carboned look.
Justine Theobald
Still think you should use a proper jig for this kind of work.
Andrew Beach
Andrew Beach Year ago
Your my hero truly I do side work on cars but your out of the box b is for build has revamped me love this Chanel love you bro keep kicking ass
Mr Y
Mr Y Year ago
Can you give details on carbon fiber body parts? I want to do myself carbon fiber z4 gt3 body kit but im beginner on carbon fiber. Im trying to understand how to do complex parts like front bumper. It would be great if you upload carbon fiber tutorial
White Thunder
White Thunder Year ago
Would you still need a frame machine to check whether you guys were spot on?
How To Coffee
How To Coffee Year ago
Boy oh boy i thought the GTR OR THE GREEN LAMBO was gonna get you into the millions! I was wrong now this build is gonna get you into the millions !!! So exciting!!!!👌💯
Asher Cl
Asher Cl Year ago
you'll have to pay for it, but it is all available here: serviceinformation.lamborghini.com/portale/wps/wcm/connect/eu5/web/en
john kuckian
john kuckian Year ago
Ok so I want to make my PREDICTION for this build!! Chris will morph cheap widebody arches with the stock body when he makes the mould for the carbon fiber, leaving him with OEM style CARBON FIBER WIDEBODY! With a big wide CF wing! I think he will finish it with a high gloss clear finish and he will add electric blue and lime green accent lines/pieces!! this is just my prediction but I think it would be cool! 😂 Imagine a widebody CF hurrican with no bolts for the arches! you could sell the moulds for thousands 😂
BrotatoChip Year ago
...... wait wait... hes LS swapping a Lamborghini... is this real like right now??!
BrotatoChip Year ago
BrotatoChip Year ago
Im not a purist or anything... but thats definitely sacrilege in some circles
BrotatoChip Year ago
I wouldve just said fuck it and tubed the rear end
I'm not sure Why
It would’ve been better if you used a 4 rotor than an LS. Could’ve been something amazing.
Patrick McCarron
Love the build idea, but I'd like to see you work on the Camero paint and mods now that you're in a real shop..... .. kinda
N0ENEMIES Year ago
Dude stop being too cool for safety glasses. You're gonna get a piece of fucking metal right in your eye and be that D is for Dickhead.
01FozzyS Year ago
I'm having Evora flashbacks.
Kennith Medlin
Haider Ali
Haider Ali Year ago
You should Put a roll cage in the interior comment if you want a roll cage for the lambo
Oliver Y.
Oliver Y. Year ago
About those wiring diagrams can't you ask some help to LNC Motorsport ?
Aaron Bentley
Aaron Bentley Year ago
Will be amazing for a hour video
NarutoDestiny Year ago
Wow you have my attention....
Auto Tuning
Auto Tuning Year ago
Ali Fath Ollah Zadeh
Hey chris can u have a mazda RX-8 build??
Bill Lary
Bill Lary Year ago
You should be wearing masks when working with aluminum
Xavier Cruz
Xavier Cruz Year ago
Would that be considered a real lambo after he finishes it?
Richard Angelo Woods
OldSlowGamer Year ago
Apparently there are so many crashed lambos that if you have a youtube channel and work on cars, there's one out there for you to rebuild, too. They're almost common.
I'm just curious what sucker would actually buy this car.
Joshy David
Joshy David Year ago
Come on guys let’s get Chris to 900k let’s do it
Rob J
Rob J Year ago
Wonder what it would cost to ship that thing off to Arthur Tussik...
Maxx Excaliber
Found this from Goigle search - images.app.goo.gl/n3We6GMAxSPiZAar5
Stewart byars
Stewart byars Year ago
I'm getting confused between Goonsquads vids and yours. I don't know witch burnt Lamborghini Huracan i'm watching.
Mathias Underlin
its super duper simple, this guy dont say "dude" or "bro" as every fucking second word
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz Year ago
Bad ass!
Dillon Renaud
Dillon Renaud Year ago
Ask Tavarish (freddy) hes knows how to get the harness diagrams
logix7 Year ago
i thought the point of SEMA was to showcase new electronics/vehicle electronics. how does this fit in??
Ronaldo .B.B
Ronaldo .B.B Year ago
This car is/will be the definition of LS SWAP EVERYTHING
Donnald Duck
Donnald Duck Year ago
everything looked so good and nicely done,then to see those finished welds was so damm sad,osc could of lay his welds alot lot better
RG Year ago
first Lambo frame welded by Harbor Fright?
Jesus Gonzalez
Fkn heat wrap metal work work🤪😇
Daniel Echeverry Osorno
When finished, it should race rob dahms 4 rotor at SEMA
TunaNoCrust Year ago
Sick! This is one of the better videos you have done in a while! Good luck can’t wait to see the project finished. Glad you brought in a good welder for crucial frame repair
Damn im Excited for this..... This is my type of build
nick johnson
nick johnson Year ago
you should have got a 6.0 or a LSA super charged that it would be ready for boost already but im sure you alrwady have a game plan
Rui Kazane
Rui Kazane Year ago
Now this is the real thing
DV Year ago
They don't have the wiring harness schematics on skillshare? 😂😂😂
Gregory Fisher
you should also look into using lizard skin when you redo the carbon fiber to keep the heat out of the cabin.
Radiation Network
No matter what you do. It's still a burnt, totaled jerry-rigged salvage vehicle that's guaranteed to be a nightmare of endless problems down the road.
Remco Jacobs
Remco Jacobs Year ago
What an awesome project, we are following with whole of the fire dept from The Hague (The Netherlands), really nice car, little bit of paint and you are almost good to go 😂
Hiatus 16
Hiatus 16 Year ago
I would get in touch with tavarish for the wiring diagram.. He has went through the rebuild of a lambo so I think he would be a great go to guy..
zedeg94 Year ago
Cool job) Yet, can you explain one thing to me? Isn't there some yellow heat/noise protection on your firewall? I mean I see this yellow-ish coating and wonder, why won't you peel it off?
GoatHead Year ago
MOAR videos! Patiently waiting for the rest of this build.
Cobba02GAMING Year ago
if your watching on your phone in bed in the dark, beware of 7:00 onwards (welding light) as that shit hurts
Its Enkie
Its Enkie Year ago
Something to think about, unequal length headers on a v8 will make it not sound so “muscle carish” I’m not sure how much it would change with a turbo setup. But with an na setup they sound more exotic.
MxNation228 Year ago
Not gonna lie those welds are pretty bad. You need to make sure the welds are perfectly good so they don’t break under all that torque and horse power
He's smart to practice his welds beforehand. But since when is a spool gun better than tig?
El Batangueño
carbon fiber or fiber glass?
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den Year ago
I Really want to see what transaxle Chris is going to be using.
r4dius Year ago
That was FAAST, can't want to see this running
its not lawrence
i would put the engine in . an f150
Average Joe's
Average Joe's Year ago
You should get some silver carbon and have it cut like a "sticker" and inlay it on the bulk head "B is 4 Burnt"
Patrick azor
Patrick azor Year ago
That whole frame needs to be Disassembled and cleaned then Painted... before assembling and building again
Zed Zone
Zed Zone Year ago
Wish I had this guys skills... Loved that vid, very interesting and had me hooked!!! Looking forward to how it all progresses. 👍🏼
Gavin Helms
Gavin Helms Year ago
can I buy one of those old fuel pumps??
FunnyHunny Year ago
hiro Year ago
Hey just a safety tip aluminum dust is light thus it floats in the air for hours it's not good to breathe that nor carbon in get some paint masks when u guys are grinding and around it #savethelungs lol also that one guy is almost right if ur making it from scratch a vacuum is necessary however they make patches sizes could differ that don't require u to vacuum it down generally used for body repairs 😉
Anthony Stephenson
Looks like a junk block for mockup, why not get one of the plastic ones?
Pan Deer
Pan Deer Year ago
lol make a lambo UTE :D
John Raney
John Raney Year ago
Hey try emanual talk to tj he has used it on his 458
E60 Fasho
E60 Fasho Year ago
How much did you want for that M5 in the back?
Raymond R
Raymond R Year ago
Lambo fuel can´t melt aluminum beams.
Fabian Guzman
Fabian Guzman Year ago
Sell me your E60 M5 mirrors lol
Electric SuperCar
So glad that we are back to the roots
Egemen YILMAZ Year ago
Lambos are raining left and right here on US-first, Maybe i should try too...