We Road Tripped The Jumpacan To Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas! 

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In today's episode we modified our trailer to fit the Jumpacan and hit the road to Holley LS Fest West in Las Vegas!
Shoutout to Holley (www.holley.com/) for hosting us at such an amazing event, we cant wait to come back next year.
Emelia Hartford us-first.info/more/r47E3UYaFoKU7Mroevt4aQ
Alex Taylor us-first.info/more/WNh-oNlFaBj83CMnCagAxw
Rob Dahm us-first.info
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Apr 27, 2021




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Adil Khan
Adil Khan Hour ago
Shake Shack>in n out
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hour ago
That Corvette sounds absolutely phenomenal.
Brandon Caldwell
Brandon Caldwell 8 hours ago
What type of dipstick jumps on a fender thinking "oh thats strong enough" for a F-ing car! 🤦
M Miller
M Miller 11 hours ago
In and Out is not that good. I just don’t understand why everyone loves it so much.
David Ventura
David Ventura 14 hours ago
I want the motor.
Taters Garage
Taters Garage 21 hour ago
Naw we're from Whataburger land ❤
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hour ago
Try some Culver’s
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 22 hours ago
When in and out came to Colorado my ex from California took me so many times that I’m over the hype now😂
Kyle Lowrey
Kyle Lowrey Day ago
Why don't you be ready so you don't have to get ready? Lol..
James owens
James owens Day ago
In n out is the best burger in the world no one can change my mind
eioshen boboi
I'm so excited to see a boat update but I guess this will have to do
rafael perez
rafael perez Day ago
What this thing have left of a lamborghini?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 22 hours ago
0:20 good to see Rob got busted again lol
VolksDragon Day ago
Five Guys > In-N-Out....
Luxlarosa 2 days ago
If u ain’t try Whataburger in Texas in puts in n out to shame... dope car and video!
Jason Rainwater
Jason Rainwater 2 days ago
I love how i see multiple peoples whos channels i follow. New to yours but definitely a fan now.
eioshen boboi
In and out is trashhhhhh
Jason Rainwater
Jason Rainwater 2 days ago
NEVER had IN and OUT wow even being from Cali IN and OUT is best ever
Eduardo Espinoza
Eduardo Espinoza 2 days ago
Why can’t we see the time emilia did?
Jermey Dumas
Jermey Dumas 2 days ago
New Subscriber. Dope car build
John william Cataloni
I saw this on a Facebook page and I introduced someone to the channel
Dan and Yong
Dan and Yong 2 days ago
I still think "Bahacan" would've been a great name
Show No Mercy Gaming
Try some Culver’s
jimmy's Right
jimmy's Right 2 days ago
Most annoying guy on US-first. Does he ever bring a running car to any event? Anyone who thinks the Crapucan is ever gonna jump anything I have so tickets to the moon I can sell you.
Life Of a Personal Trainer
this looks like a remote control car
techno 3 days ago
Everyone know whataburger is the best burger
Frank Swindall
Frank Swindall 3 days ago
Nothin beats Bo&Vine in Salem Or.
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 days ago
0:20 good to see Rob got busted again lol
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe 3 days ago
I've only watched a few episodes of the turbo LS Lamborghini being built. Does he actually build anything, or is he just the creator and filmer ?
Zachary Chapman
Zachary Chapman 3 days ago
I'm from the east amd in and out was ok. Not even close to the best burger
myideasoffun 3 days ago
In and out is trashhhhhh
sniper279 3 days ago
Not that In-N-Out has bad burgers, cause they don't, but anyone that thinks it's better than Five Guys doesn't know the best burger ever lol.
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 days ago
Is this turning into a batmoblie build?
JuicyAssGamers 3 days ago
i ran into you at disney
Tony Stanley
Tony Stanley 3 days ago
Could you not have used a trolley jack to lift it over the arches?
LaPulgaM 4 days ago
Smash Burgers?
Ted Kidd
Ted Kidd 4 days ago
I think rich rebuilds did this for his sherp
Jerid Guenther
Jerid Guenther 4 days ago
You want a good burger you should go to big T,s grill in Stevenson Washington try the beast Burger
Put Em In The Boat
You gotta try Culver's burger
enkrypt3d 4 days ago
It's not drivable yet?
mark im
mark im 4 days ago
So dumb to black out speed when everyone else is posting them, lol...
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 days ago
There's a place called Freddy's SteakBurgers and it is my favorite place
HotRodder47 4 days ago
That rat rod truck is effing sick
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 4 days ago
HotRodder47 4 days ago
There are no in n outs near me I have to stick with bk and mcd
Jon B
Jon B 4 days ago
@11:50 or you’re from Tx, where whataburger is king
Joe Edmondson
Joe Edmondson 4 days ago
Gotta come to the Midwest and try Culver’s, some pretty good burgers, really good custard
Jarrod Barker
Jarrod Barker 4 days ago
I’m pretty sure Haltech make the best ECU’s in the world but each to their own.
Tarik Wright
Tarik Wright 5 days ago
Is this turning into a batmoblie build?
Tarik Wright
Tarik Wright 5 days ago
Is this turning into a batmoblie build?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 days ago
It's the modern meta: if you want to make big power, you need an Oscar.
Jay Wiz
Jay Wiz 5 days ago
I was so excited when I seen it at the event I wanted to meet you so bad but I can’t wait till it’s done
Martin Bragg
Martin Bragg 5 days ago
B is for Build's - awesome Rat Rod build? :) hmm, that has a nice ring to it.
Blue Robles
Blue Robles 5 days ago
Only clicked Bc I saw a nice booty in the thumbnail
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox 5 days ago
Five guys is definitely better then in n out
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 days ago
Yes officer. It's stock
trillrif axegrindor
next time use straps with the fork lift,lots of great mounting points
Marc Van Dam
Marc Van Dam 5 days ago
Christopher Gilder
There's a place called Freddy's SteakBurgers and it is my favorite place
A Dade
A Dade 5 days ago
Chicago Fan! Love the show! AND I FREAKIN LOVE IN & OUT BURGERS!!!!! #CisForChicago #Salute
Elbert konold
Elbert konold 5 days ago
I am from Cali, I still love In-Out
Shawn Staz
Shawn Staz 5 days ago
I used to live in ilwaco
Shawn Staz
Shawn Staz 5 days ago
Thats soo cool man goonies never say die
Michael W
Michael W 5 days ago
I like my 5 guys burgers. I've not had In n Out. peace
MrLotrecht 5 days ago
dont talk when women on the way to do.....bad guy 😋
MrLotrecht 5 days ago
why not rebuild the fender completely and just go over the tires?
jedia masterson
jedia masterson 5 days ago
Ni And Out, NOPE!
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 5 days ago
I don’t live in California I can say in and out is not the best burger
kboot658 5 days ago
Culver's all the way
Sirisha Kadiyala
Sirisha Kadiyala 5 days ago
Yes officer. It's stock
David McDougall
David McDougall 5 days ago
You should cross your tie down straps , it makes for a tighter load and it can't shift sideways.
Jaysplash 5 days ago
Five guys had the best burger
Dorito NACHO
Dorito NACHO 5 days ago
g-body 12s?
Dorito NACHO
Dorito NACHO 5 days ago
corvette running high 10s?
Can't wait for it to be finished 🔥🔥
ROBERT Romero 6 days ago
Try THE HABIT BURGER guys it will blow the doors off in and out
COCC 6 days ago
8:25 She's a thick girl 🤣😂😂😂👍🏾
Ryan Hammon
Ryan Hammon 6 days ago
If you pass through Redding, California. I wanna see that in person. That is badass
Jacob Hermann
Jacob Hermann 6 days ago
Culvers butterburger anyday
Jake's Variety Channel
I’m from California, had the burgers often, and still not tired of them. Best burger in the world.
Lance Miller
Lance Miller 6 days ago
Great video
Nicholas James
Nicholas James 6 days ago
Oscar trying things for the first time ever could be it's own series.
Troy Dawson
Troy Dawson 6 days ago
You didn't roadtrip it, you trailered it... I was hoping you actually got it running
Stephanie Fritsch
I used to live in Las Vegas for 13 years and I miss In-N-Out Burger’s because I live in Pennsylvania now.
Nico Brouwer
Nico Brouwer 6 days ago
Carl’s junior western double bacon cheeseburger CHANGE MY MIND
jeremy lancaster
jeremy lancaster 6 days ago
N and out is the worst one out of all those places you named . It does have the best prices though. Sick build
Logan Hite
Logan Hite 6 days ago
I never knew you guys were this close to me .... I want to drive down and see the jumpacan in person
Kwbrady sancho
Kwbrady sancho 6 days ago
Whataburger and steak&shake are way better
Devin French
Devin French 6 days ago
I'm from California and I think In N Out is the best burger for the price.
Iwanna gohiking
Iwanna gohiking 6 days ago
I personally think 5 guys has the best burgers
Eddie 6 days ago
Use a snatchblock and hook to the back no need any other cars to pull it
Shane and Heather McDowell
Jason Casini
Jason Casini 6 days ago
2:00 I started singing Sublime Scarlet Begonias
Jonathan Lunger2
Jonathan Lunger2 6 days ago
This could have a baller custom bodykit
scott moore
scott moore 6 days ago
Fudruckers! Best burgers eva! You didn’t say anything about them so try them out I think they have one in Vegas.
Pacific Northwest Adventuring
Cool shot out from St.helens I frequently go to Astoria and Oregon coast
Phill Harding
Phill Harding 6 days ago
No offence to Rob dahms Oscar but he ain't nothing on your Oscar 👌
Jay Adams
Jay Adams 6 days ago
When are we going to see an update on the boat project
Homegrown Machine
In n Out is garbage compared to Whataburger!!! Whataburger patti melt with grilled jalapenos is where its at!
gentlemen sheep
gentlemen sheep 6 days ago
In and out is just over rated. If your ever in Ohio come to lima and eat at KewPee hamburger
Daily dose of minecraft
The strip burger in Las Vegas is the best
superjan008 6 days ago
In'n'Out is BEST - Greetings from Germany !!!
Chris Shevock
Chris Shevock 6 days ago
Why block out the times?
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 6 days ago
Riley stair's Pontiac is phenomenal
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 6 days ago
you guys really like showing off unfinished products huh
Brad’s Crazy LIFE
Holy Shit 1.45milly. I have been a sub since 20k. Wow
Ciro Manganaro
Ciro Manganaro 7 days ago
Probably never have Apollo's Or Yellow basket in cail White castles is the shit tho