We Transformed Oscar's Mustang With A Few Simple Parts! 

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In today's episode we're working on Oscars body swapped 1967 Mustang with a 2016 Mustang GT underneath. We're switching back to the classic wheels, changing the fender flares, building a front splitter, adding some accents in the hood, and finally rebuilding the side skirts in a different style.
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Jul 16, 2020




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Mannn Fuck corona
Mannn Fuck corona 2 months ago
Rip elanor
i think they the guys who copyrighted you was just greedy and wanted to ruin you and i hope they die
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner 6 months ago
diamond plate would be nice on your running boards.
MrJeeperJay 6 months ago
Does anyone know what company makes the new wheels? Looking for something similar to fit my 2014 Mustang (without the spinners!).
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 7 months ago
I really hate those front "fender flares"
scaroz 7 months ago
Just for an advice, your camera is to close
scaroz 7 months ago
Just for an advice, your camera is to close
G-MA's MOD GARAGE 8 months ago
Hello everyone. I'm wanting to do more videos and make one or maybe two of my dreams come true. I want to do a US-first series of my dream car build. In my older videos I had a 2012 Ford Fiesta I'd like the help of my subscribers and new viewers to help me with this dream. every little bit helps. www.gofundme.com/f/j4jqx-my-dream-project-car?+share-flow-1 If I am able to reach my goal and start this series I will be regularly uploading and keeping everyone in the loop. Keep in mind that I am doing this on my own (no sponsors) I'd like the people to help me in this journey to success. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read this and even helping. Have an awesome day Cheers
armando patane
armando patane 8 months ago
Y’all should paint the car. Gun metal grey
armando patane
armando patane 8 months ago
Oscar is quite the fabricator
JGARAGE 8 months ago
Check out vtuned, he is building the same mustang from scratch with an s550 Donor
Julius Roberts
Julius Roberts 8 months ago
Love the "never before seen" comments lol legal advise
Nishant Verma
Nishant Verma 8 months ago
The Bodylines of Front Fenders doesn't matches with the Doors at all please sort that out 😢👍👍
Nishant Verma
Nishant Verma 8 months ago
Let's see how Vtuned build his car
Alan Poland
Alan Poland 8 months ago
🔥Oh MAN!!🚘. Where is the last episode?? I became TOTALLY ENGROSSED in this project this morning, SAVORING the anticipated finished product!! I gotta say Tho... YOU GUYS ARE GENIUSES!!!!! Oscar (MVP) IS 𝐓 𝐇 𝐄 MAN!! You got a new fan today!! I’m LOVIN my Mustang...and ADMIRE THE HELL OUTTA YOU GUYS!! You🚘ROCK!!
5pb tv.
5pb tv. 8 months ago
alr game plan we find out where the e stang is we do a heist alr boys we get it back and we get more videos yay us if they try to take the stang back for a second time we just take them hostage
Flare Rage Vortex
Flare Rage Vortex 8 months ago
jam the exhaust through the fender
Calvin Honeycutt
Calvin Honeycutt 8 months ago
It looked better 2 videos ago
Vern M
Vern M 9 months ago
Hello is this the Build you had to stop building, because of the Eleanor copy right's?? doesn't even look close enough, I mean your's is a coupe, your front end doesn't have the R style valence. your interior is totally Diff. I don't get it.
Thane David
Thane David 9 months ago
The steel rear arch looked much simpler and much better in my opinion
Eastcoast Flex
Eastcoast Flex 9 months ago
Soooooo they put running boards on a car. Putting the old mustang on newer mustang frame was a good idea but everything after that looks like a mess
Ashton Siren
Ashton Siren 9 months ago
A molded widebody would look so mean yet so clean
mike 9 months ago
What about boxed flares that tie into the crease on the fenders?. e30 m3 or lancia integrale are good examples
11secondeclipse 9 months ago
That’s it? There’s not another video of exhaust, build finished, driving? Wtf
Q512 8 months ago
Eleanor Licensing, the copyright holder for the name "Eleanor" deemed that the build was infringing on their copyright and the vehicle was taken away from B is for Build.
EastBay 9 months ago
Donut Media sent me
Dwibbert 9 months ago
why dont you call this one the alienor
Mandatory Monsters!
Mandatory Monsters! 9 months ago
Wish you would've painted it.
Ricky Green
Ricky Green 9 months ago
I wish they would have just kept the original look of the fast back and not done wide body. Then paint it read or somethin would’ve looked way better then this apocalyptic theme. In my opinion no hate still love the car. #stanggang
Murentions Dement
Murentions Dement 9 months ago
Wtf is this car. This is not a mustang.
Axel Shark
Axel Shark 9 months ago
Put a logo on every side of the car saying "Eleanorr" with 2 rr. Can't get sued for it.😂
BCHIDOWORK 9 months ago
Please name it “not Eleanor “
Brent Mcneil
Brent Mcneil 9 months ago
Is the body not going to be too heavy? Since there isn’t any fiberglass or plastic?!??
SNK Drone
SNK Drone 9 months ago
Wheres the finished car?
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez 9 months ago
The more things you put on the Mustang in my opinion, doesn't make the car more attractive. More is not better is just that, more. And let me tell, that things that you put at the bottom of the doors looks terrible.
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 9 months ago
Cherish Potluri
Cherish Potluri 9 months ago
It's sad what happened to your previous car. But keep going man!!!!
Justin Trapping Jonson
looks just like speed suspects mustang
Matthew Bittenbender
Not gonna candy coat it. Oscar has a shitbox. Those fender flares (front and back) are a terrible look. Soooo wish they had a better solution, but to each their own.
Oliver Jocher
Oliver Jocher 9 months ago
I wish you'd change your mind on the front fenders again...not getting it.sorry guys. 🤔
Ringo Ringo
Ringo Ringo 9 months ago
Hi there, I'm doing something similar. HOW DID YOU GET VIN OR PAPERWORK GOING?
Hector B
Hector B 9 months ago
Whos here from donut media?
LIGHT BULBZED 9 months ago
The comments are ridiculous, it’s his car , they’ll do what they like , and after what happened who wouldn’t want to try this again and do it fast , they were so close last time
LIGHT BULBZED 9 months ago
And so much time and effort twice I mean man I can’t even imahine
Abdullah Gönenç
Abdullah Gönenç 9 months ago
I heard the story of you guy's from donut and feel sorry for you. That copyright infrigment story is sad. But happy to see you build another one. Best regards.
Jorge Guerrero
Jorge Guerrero 9 months ago
Do u sell ur projects?
Michael Mathew
Michael Mathew 9 months ago
How did no one knew about the most hardworking US-firstr ever? thanks donut media for this, it’s amazing.
Dxb Bred
Dxb Bred 9 months ago
wait you're going to leave it like that? What a let down...
Jaybruhh 9 months ago
Anyone else here from *_Donut Gage Garage?_* Car copyrighting is such bs
Wicked Snake
Wicked Snake 9 months ago
I wonder if I named trash can "eleanor" would that one also be taken. My god 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep building car AND NEVER STOP ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Xxxsnoweyxxx1 9 months ago
Name it Pelonor
skullbrier Productions
They missed the chance to have the exhaust come out the upper side of the front fender right under the body line and come down and go across the bottom like the Shelby a/c cobra exhaust, where it comes out right before the rear tire, I can see it in my head on the car and it would look completely bada$$
majobis 9 months ago
At first I thought you were going to leave the clean lines of the original mustang alone, but then all those garbage pieces went on and lowering the car. You would have only changed to a different wheel offset to tuck the tires under the fenders if you left the original lines alone. But that is your choice and in my opinion the original lines were better for the cars appearance.
Jeff Gehring
Jeff Gehring 9 months ago
Glad you got a Lawyer who is a car guy. Giving advice on how to build side skirts and all
Eyck Heppner
Eyck Heppner 9 months ago
Now it would look better if you paint the car forest green, the roof flat black and those fender skirt looking things black, and maybe the hood.
Bryant Moore
Bryant Moore 9 months ago
How about a custom front and rear bumper, instead of a snow plow? 🤷‍♀️
Alegs 9 months ago
What if you put Bondo to blend the quarter panel and the fender flares to make it smooth like factory
Jeremy Georgia
Jeremy Georgia 9 months ago
Maybe, it could have been slightly wedged. Some of those early sheet metal experiments looked promising. Take a cue from the front & connect all the pieces... Perhaps.
RevrendPD 9 months ago
I watched all these mustang videos beginning to end and now there's no ending!?! Get Oscar back here and finish this ride! I can't wait to see how the finished look turned out to be! I kinda want to do this now....
Matt Denson
Matt Denson 9 months ago
I subbed to your channel because I watched Donut Media's coverage about bla bla llc seizing the other car. You should call this one Eleanör!
Buddyreis 9 months ago
Should definitely paint it a nice matte black...
Hani 9 months ago
Make a camero with mustang looks and call it eleanor :D
J T 9 months ago
Call it LNR. Verbally it sounds the same and they can't prove anything if you textually refer to it as LNR
Rohit Shinde
Rohit Shinde 9 months ago
Shittiest Build project ever on Planet earth! 👎 Too much effort for a crude job. There was no need for a widebody. Should have kept it to true 67! Totally spoiled the classic & oscar buddy your taste sucks man.😅
Jacob Roach
Jacob Roach 9 months ago
“For any lawyers watching” Get a life
bighoneybun 9 months ago
I heard someone took your car. That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen
imoliere 9 months ago
That was rather disappointing. I loved the idea of using a classic Karosserie on a new model. But I think that was really disappointing the outcome. It was sloppy and unimaginative. This project had a lot of potential but.... anyway. I just wished I was the one doing this project... but as an artist and and former bodyshop guy... this is rather disappointing...
Chrison Joseph
Chrison Joseph 9 months ago
Why didn't you guys name your car Elanor?
Aryff zaini
Aryff zaini 9 months ago
hey...i've seen this part before,hmm....dejavu?🤔🤔
Maza 9 months ago
Apocalypse theme is just an excuse to do a “shitty” job imo
Zac Price
Zac Price 9 months ago
it doesnt feel like an apocalypse theme. I mean, if you're gunna do apocalypse go full boar with it. AT tires, ground clearance, offroad wheels, thick metal mesh over the windows and lights... Really just seems more like an excuse as you've mentioned. Too many things done with care mixed with shit slapped together. Like the massive flat spot on the front fender extension.
adam rutledge
adam rutledge 9 months ago
Yeah I agree. I like the build but not a big fan of the apocalypse theme. I think it’s a way to just rush through the project to generate content quickly for the channel. Making it nice would take longer but I would appreciate it. I’m way too particular for a build like this.
Jugglingloser 9 months ago
Tbh i cant tell if youre being serious or i just got r/wooshed
Spiro 9 months ago
i get that it's his choice of the design, but he made a bad choice let's be honest
Tayo Kaiser
Tayo Kaiser 9 months ago
Why didn’t you paint it 😔
THE CARTER KID 9 months ago
Should’ve called it a car/horse with no name.
thamojster 9 months ago
I wouldve trimmed the framerail(adding a piece of tube steel to put the support back in if its a real worry) then radiused some steel in to more closely emulate the factory 67 rockers
Anonymous 9 months ago
I love this car, but at the same time hate it. Its janky in both a good way and a bad way.
November_ Victor
November_ Victor 9 months ago
I would make sure its fully sealed from the rain and everything from the modern mustang functional. Then send it off to get a professional paint job. You would never get me out of that car. I thought the side looked best without a skirt just painted. I love this build it is wicked awesome.
Chi Mas
Chi Mas 9 months ago
Donut sent me
Jake Babyak
Jake Babyak 9 months ago
Why would you go through all the trouble of putting that body on that chassis, and then make it an "Apocalypse Build"? A legitimately good looking widebody, or even just making the splitter tie into the front flares and making more natural side skirts would look way better. I feel what I'm trying to say, is that it needs a little bit better fit and finish, even for an "Apocalypse Build." I also understand that its not my decision, but it still looks stupid af.
Tom Davis
Tom Davis 9 months ago
Will there be another, or final video on this car?
hthompson9 9 months ago
xotic86 9 months ago
Joseph Small
Joseph Small 9 months ago
We need to see the finished product
MrSlayer250 9 months ago
Side skirts are atrocious.
tia lkr
tia lkr 9 months ago
I'm sorry, I heard about the gone in 60 sec replica built. Any ways G/L n best wishes .
DosTaps 9 months ago
running the exhaust out of the hood holes would be cool
Kendall Foster
Kendall Foster 9 months ago
you should name this one "Not Eleanor"
Starry Dynamo
Starry Dynamo 9 months ago
Boby Offical
Boby Offical 9 months ago
really wish It Finish Fast with Some Beautiful Colours and all💕💓
Captain Cabbage
Captain Cabbage 9 months ago
Who’s here from donut?
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
Who is here after watching donut media's new video?🔥
nichodo 5 months ago
It still sucks that the Gone in 60 seconds people took the previous Mustang Body Swap build...
Chris M
Chris M 8 months ago
negative ghostrider
Michael Cencula
Michael Cencula 9 months ago
Me too. Watching this, I’d sue them too
NYF GROOVE 9 months ago
@Abdullah Gönenç hey
captain supermaket
captain supermaket 9 months ago
Blue Duck
Blue Duck 9 months ago
ARGH. Should have kept the stock rims!
Leslie Theunissen
Leslie Theunissen 9 months ago
That side skirt is a no from me... make it flush.
George B
George B 9 months ago
Nolan sent me here. Sucks what happened to your mustang project car.
Ayrton Soobramoney
Ayrton Soobramoney 9 months ago
Donut Gang
C 9 months ago
Every team needs an Oscar. Bad ass job.
Guitars by ATOMIX Custom Guitars
you should have just tried to make it as stock '67 as possible. would be much cooler as retro .
Peter C
Peter C 9 months ago
Maybe a good build for a Mad Max movie... for the rest meh....
Rishi v
Rishi v 9 months ago
I'm here from donut media
C Chungkham
C Chungkham 9 months ago
Came here after Donut Media about lawsuits on ur mustang
Geo T
Geo T 9 months ago
Too much modification and you lose the original concept. And for my concept I would have preferred a 68.
Coolbuddy28 9 months ago
Who misses Eleanor
Austin Hansen
Austin Hansen 9 months ago
Call it Elenory to piss off the LLC they can't do shit if you add a Y 😂😂
Bob Ggg
Bob Ggg 9 months ago
My dads got the same car
Tee Shark
Tee Shark 9 months ago
Went backwards imho... reset and start over on the wide body fabbing